Signs from the Universe

how to trust your intuition Mar 31, 2022

Signs from the Universe 

Last night I woke to the sounds of the Cats mucking around which I wasn’t happy about (don’t interrupt my sleep!) and took my feet warming bed socks (it’s already cold out here at nights now!) and threw at them trying to stay half asleep so I wasn’t properly woken. 

Nope! That didn’t work. Cue me grumpily getting up to tune the light on to see what is the racket going on.

Microbat 🦇 Inside. With all windows and doors closed - how on Earth did it get inside?! I guess they are micro - like a mouse with wings and can get through any tiny gap?! And let’s be real, these old Queenslanders are not properly sealed windows! But still, inside?! 

Of course I put it back outside and went back to sleep. 

About two weeks ago I was deeply contemplating something more seriously than before now and driving home, I pulled into our street and 3 big black crows were sitting in the middle of the road. Surprisingly I have not seen crows out here in the country like I would in town all the time in the past. So it was very attention grabbing lets say.

About the same time, I was walking with my dog and cats one morning and down at the creek whilst we were checking everything out, a huge ‘crack’ sound as a massive gum tree branch crack, broke and fell to the ground. Picking my jaw up off the ground I was like, ‘Woah! Again?!’ Looking around, yep, nope, no one but me and my animals to hear and see it. 

Again - I heard a huge gum tree crack, break and fall when I was down at Victoria and 3 weeks later we left. No one, but me heard that one either. 

Tree branches represent life, hope and new growth. To hear and see one crack, snap and break off falling to the ground (have you ever before?! It’s a sound and a sight that is for sure, especially those big old gum trees!) to hear and see one crack and fall, represents death of a relationship usually connected to family, however, death rebirth, none the less. ‘It’s time to go,’ is also another meaning of the tree branch cracking and falling. 

Crows are a sign of death, rebirth and of Divine Magic.

Bats are deeply connected to the death rebirth cycle and that this ‘time is done’. 

Crows deeply signifying a yes for my more serious contemplation. 

It wasn’t until the Microbat appearance in my room last night with just mind boggling how it even got in, made me realise this is the third strong sign in less than two weeks - I’m deeply curious what the end of this chapter is about. 

I know but I don’t know.

But I’m being led by the Universe. By God.

Sometimes we need to push and make shit happen. 

Sometimes when we are trying to make something happen and it’s not happening, it’s not that your intuition is wrong - you’re definitely right.

It’s just sometimes, there is a divine alignment of other pieces out of your control that need to also happen for the correct alignment of everyone involved and of course, your Life Purpose to take you where you’re meant to go. 

The question is, do you give up? Trust the flow? 

Or surrender to divine will and let God take you by the reigns and be a servant to your Divine Live Purpose even when you have no idea where it is leading you - but brings excitement and joy to your Heart every time you think about it and you KNOW you have to do this? 

Do you? 

Do you understand the way Animals - your pets and wild animals, let alone the Universe - speaks to you? 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

P.S. Do you love animals as much as I do? 😍 I have something coming for you in the coming days!! Keep an eye out! 😍

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