So. Much. Peace.

So. Much. Peace. 

A huge comparison where I was this time last year, the year before, or every year prior. 

I never used to do anything for my birthday. I even worked it this last few years. I have CHOSEN to make my birthday beautiful over these last few years. Yes, you can wish me Happy Birthday now 😉

I used to get disappointed, waiting for people to step up to the plate to make it a beautiful birthday for me - which you can imagine, never happened. Over the recent years, I have chosen to make my birthday special, for me, to me, all about me. Taking radical responsibility for me and what I WANT. 

This last 9 months, I have been dedicated to taking time for myself and actually letting myself be comfortable in the space, I have chosen - to take time out from my work schedule. I have chosen to have time. I know it might be a no brainer for some. But after the last few years of go go go (which I still LOVE) I have learnt to have space - within the GO and I love this new way of being. 

With all my changes, I feel more Peace than I have in a long time.

"The more Peace you feel, the more on path you are." - Reigns true. 

I have a feeling our trip to the Gold Coast last week (part of my Birthday Month activities), showed me, where we want to be. This, is big after years of 'where is our Home?'. 

SPACE has brought up some of the most confronting and uncomfortable feelings and once faced - to be on the other side, is so... profound. 

I have stepped into being in control of my life. 

I say no more readily. I create space for me in my schedule. I step into more trust in the space that everything always works out, that I get everything done AND have space AND resources left over for me and what I want to do. 

I control my time and energy. I control where I spend my time and energy. I control my finances. I control my life. 

Control - was always such a 'bad' word to me, and with my mentor session a few weeks back, the biggest shift ever - in being able to control my life (that we went deeply into specific aspects that I didn't think of prior - that's what mentors are for right?!) - She helped me to take back CONTROL of my life. 

And FUCK it is EMPOWERING to be here. 

Coming out of 'bad control' from domestic violence situations 10 years ago and more, I stopped, 'being in control'. Sure, there is 'bad control' and 'good control' - but I had forgotten to take control of my life and now? 

Most powerful feeling ever. Control - with deep conscious awareness, brings a whole nother ball game to the table that... has enabled me to have direction, focus, clarity and all the things again. In a much more grounded, 'whole' way. 

It feels FOCUSED, GROUNDED, CLEAR, DEDICATED, DETERMINED, RESILIENT - I feel SAFE within the Control. I can flow FREE within the Control. 

For this, I am grateful. So, so grateful. 

There is a big difference of controlling out of fear.... and controlling for empowerment of making your life happen - two very different energies. 

You can deeply feel it in your core the difference. 

Perhaps I needed to experience both aspects, to come back into this space of empowering control from a grounded space to now enable the foundations to GROW, EXPAND and FLOURISH - like I always saw them in my visions, right from the VERY start and has ALWAYS been the motivating drive for every single thing I have EVER done in my entire life. 

This dedicated, focused, clear and brimming with FIRE space... THIS is where I belong. I think I'll stay here and BURN BABY!

Where, can you take back the reigns of your life, take back control and step up to the plate to do what you do best in your life - in ALL areas of your life? 

Where does your FIRE call you to FOCUS and bring Passion, Service and ALIVENESS to everything you do? Everything you touch? Every word that leaves your mouth? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. When the fire BURNS you know you are ALIVE. 

When you are ON you can FEEL it in your SOUL that calls you forth in every single moment, in every single action, you are clear, focused and dedicated to what you are called to do here. 

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