Sacred Solstice 2018

ascension symptoms energy update sacred rituals Jun 19, 2018
There are Earth changes, the Earth is shifting beneath your feet, realities changing right in front of your eyes - are you holding on - or do you trust in the shifts and where they are leading you right now?
Where - you're being pulled right now?
It is Solstice tomorrow (21st), 8:07pm AEST/11:07am BST/3:07am PDT.
This means the darkest/shortest hour/day and the lightest/longest hour/day on Earth - depending on where you are on the globe - and has always been revered as a Sacred time, when the Earth shifts in dynamics across the globe and how that reverberates across the Universe and beyond realms.
I am getting the strong message to remind you and bring your awareness to this Sacred and powerfully potent time that can be fuelled with potential with deep, intention.
As we say goodbye to one part of our seasons and welcome in another with the shift on the globe - what sacred ritual can you create for yourself?
What do you need to let go of?
What do you need to anchor in?
What do you need to HONOUR within your SOUL and take massive action on that?
What do you need ASK FOR, from people around you - from THE UNIVERSE?
On Solstice, there is a powerful portal that opens and awakens - it is as if the veils in between worlds open up, become thinner (they are already thinning and quickening with ascension right?!) - yet on this powerful portal, this sacred time, the ancients honoured and revered it, for it was a time when astral travel in between worlds - which reality are you choosing - is potent power to anchor in what you really want and THIS is the strong message I am getting to bring your awareness to with your power during this time.
What are you wanting to create?
We’ve just passed the peak of our First Quarter Moon and are on our way to Full Moon next week - what are you bringing to fruition in your life?
I am getting this is a powerful time for you to reconnect to your Soul, make time for it, make it priority as the energies are super potent, strong and powerful for the next 72 hours.
Honour them.
Then, walk forward for the next week, to meet our Full Moon in all her glory, with the reality you have been grounding down through the ethers in all her deepest power and fruition.
Are you waking with intention with every single step?
Are you honouring - the callings of your SOUL?
What is your Soul wanting you to do, that you’ve been ignoring?
Now is not the time to ignore the callings of your Soul - for now, you/we/the Earth - are anchoring new energetic grids and fields and they are being activated through this Solstice.
Now is the time to heed the call of your Soul and your Heart, without a single doubt in your mind - because your Heart knows, it always has. Do you trust it? Your Heart? Or do you let your mind kick into gear straight away?
I am getting the message to share this potent powerful next 72 hours as something to be very mindful of, with your focus, your energy, your intentions, your BEING and not only what you are walking through your life, anchoring with every step you take, but where is your energy?
Are you walking with intention with every step you take?
Are you moving forward, are you actively creating the reality you want, or still just dreaming about it and living your ‘normal’ day?
It is all well and good to journal and do manifestation practices for part of your day - but when you get up and continue your day - where is your energy?
It is powerful to be present, but active in your reality of your choosing.
And where is that? What are you choosing?
With every single breath.
What Sacred Ritual will you move forward with over these next 72 hours?
What intention, behind your ritual will you hold?
What powers do you want to tap into?
Are you ready, to reclaim your energy, to choose your reality, to choose the energy you are anchoring in on the planet, not just for you, but for everyone?
Walk forward with clear intention, because I am getting the strong message that not only is the energy heightened and powerful portals/veils thinning/dimensional realities opening more than ever before, but your internal and personal power has shifted 10 fold recently and I am getting the message to remind you of this.
You do have the power - the question is - do you honour it, like it needs to be?
Create a Magic Day - with deep, powerful, potent intention.
Know that whatever you do and choose, is powerfully increased ten-fold.
Meditation is deeper, astral travel (without leaving your body btw #important), and connection stronger - anchor it in, as normal.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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