Some people don't know I have a daughter...

Some people don’t know I have a daughter. Her father lives in New Zealand and before world stuff happened, she would fly to see him for a month or so at time. She is almost 13. I have homeschooled her since she was 4. I rarely speak or post about her these days due to her request. 

Between 7-8, was a significant shift in being ‘out in the world’ to being ‘inside in her world’. At 7-8   hormones kick in and…. She isn’t my little girl anymore. She is a tween and…  is more like a teen. 

I have been treating her as such and respecting her wishes. We used to share so much of ‘us’ together on social media  when she was younger, but not anymore. I would much rather respected honour her feelings that plaster her against her wishes -  into ANYTHING she doesn’t want to do. 

If we can not respect our children’s ‘simple’ wishes - how can they say no to authority when they are older? We expect children to have a sense of self and be able to say no to drugs when they are teenagers (or younger) - but we are not even respecting what they choose in our own homes?? It starts in the home… not in the school yard. 

Every time your child says no to you - know that you are strengthening them to have the confidence, courage and strength to say no to drugs when they are older. 

And by drugs, well, there is many out there. Some that have become apparent with world stuff with others wondering why adults can’t even stand up for themselves right now in the chaotic world stuff. Honey, it starts in the HOME. 

Do you force your children into a yes, when they don’t want to? 

Sure, there are boundaries…  but with simple, ‘trivial’ things - that mean everything to your child and ‘nothing’ to you? 

To be continued... Stay tuned.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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