SOME PEOPLE HAVE A GIFT FOR NAVIGATING THE DARKNESS - but they don't realise, that, that's what it is! ๐Ÿ‘‘โš•๏ธ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ•Š๐ŸŒโค๏ธ

Those that get caught up in listening to society telling them: 

  • you're too emotional
  • you shouldn't be doing this psychic stuff
  • those that have nightmares or have 'dark' spirits turn up to them 
  • those that have imaginary friends and society tells them they shouldn't 
  • those that feel the deepest of emotions and the society tells them they are cursed and so they feel helpless and doomed and wonder why they can't move out of their current situation



You just have to know how to use your Gift! 

You just have to know WHO TO LISTEN TO - because society will send you to insanity... 

Whereas... when you know how to use your Gift - the entire reason you've been put on the planet - the entire reason you are so damn acutely clued in and aware of all the dark energies going on, all the dynamics of a relationship and a situation that unfolds before your eyes - BEFORE the person who is in front of you aka society - tell you that something is wrong with you! 


You're the one they turn to when you step into, own your gift and know how to use it. 

You're not crazy, you're not too much, you're not too deep - you are just BORN TO NAVIGATE THE DARKNESS. 

Some people think we shouldn't play in the dark... 

And yet, it is these people who don't understand the dark... 

The Dark - to me? Is what society call negative or heavy emotions. 

They just don't know how to navigate them and so slap a positive one over the top, or a light grid over the top, but that doesn't transform the darkness. 

That just creates cages where the darkness grows and stagnates and attracts more situations that people then turn right away from spirituality or consciousness and end up saying 'it doesn't work' - yes, because you haven't learnt how to navigate and transform the darkness - not slap a light grid over the top, that isn't how it works. 

Comment a ๐Ÿ’œbelow if you are picking up what I am putting down, if this resonates with a big YES through the bones of your Soul, dear Ancient Blooded Healer ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

Humanity right now, is moving towards a more Lightfilled Reality yes. 

However, the reality is, Humanity is not ready for a deeply connected, truth filled Reality. Yet. 

Yes, it made me sad to realise this reality too. 

However, it makes sense and whilst there are MASSES waking up to the truth right now, many are still turning their blind eyes to it, because they are not ready. Aka - they are MIGHTY uncomfortable with the truth of the Reality they are being shown. 

However - it won't be long, before they will be turning to you - to ask for your help. 

You, reading this, have this calling and you know and feel it in your SOUL - in your bones. You already do help people, they come to you and tell you that no one has been able to help you with what you just have in 5 secs. 


The level of 'darkness' aka chaos and negative emotions that Humanity is carrying right now - can only be shifted by those who KNOW HOW TO NAVIGATE THE DARKNESS. 

The Darkness - is also THE FEMININE. 

In the Yin and Yang symbol - the Feminine is represented as the Black, the Yin, the Dark, the Cold, the Hole. 

The Yang - is represented as the Masculine, the Light, the Yang, the Hot, the Expansion, the Movement.  

Within us, we have both and the traumas Humanity is carrying also hold both and they are within every person's aura. Hence, how vibrationally we attract different relationships and people, because we are all playing out these Yin and Yang imprints in our Auras that have been created from situations from this life time and previous lifetimes. (Yes, we go into great depth in Trust Your Intuition with these alchemic tools)

There is touching the surface and placing Light grids on top. Then there is deep alchemy in Transforming Darkness to Light. 

Transforming Darkness to Light - is what Humanity is screaming out for right now. 

It is only those that know, so naturally know, so acutely shift, so effortlessly BECAUSE IT IS YOUR GIFT - that are the Light-bearers to shift HUMANITY from the Darkness to the Light. 

It is this alchemy that brings ever lasting change. You can't bring a baked loaf of bread back to it's original form. The alchemy, has changed that bread forever. 

And this, is how, we Awaken the Consciousness of Humanity. 

By Transforming the Darkness to Light. 

You will have a gift for naturally navigating the darkness. 

People will have already told you, you have helped them more in 5 seconds than people haven't been able to do their entire life. 

It is just what you do. And it is time for you to own that dear Lightworker, dear Ancient Blooded Healer. 

We are coming up to a portal between Christmas and January 12th - that enters into a portal that will set the tone for ETERNITY (yep, crazy right?!) I ask you - which path are you choosing? 

Are you walking the path you came here to do, to set Humanity free? 

To tone the pathway that brought you to Earth in the first place? 

To tone the pathway, to create the Divine Balance into motion? 

To free Humanity from the depths of a '3' - to move us into the '4'? The Sacred Divine Balance? 

That only comes, from you walking the path, you chose to come to Earth for? 

Each of us have a unique Life Purpose Blueprint - and Humanity's evolution, depends on each of us awakening and living, the duty and responsibility of your Life Purpose Blueprint, that when we are all living this? Our Sacred Balance, naturally enfolds. Homeostasis reigns... we return to our Natural form. 

Just like Nature, all intertwining so naturally, effortlessly. 

Humanity has the blueprint for this. 

It is just up to those who NATURALLY have the gift of navigating the Darkness to step up, own that and be the LEADER you were born to be. 

It is the ONLY way to guide Humanity out of the chaos... back into the Heart - because it is us, the ones who know this chaotic darkness... that are the Leaders that guide us back to the Light. 

This is out Gift to Humanity. 

This is, who we are. 

So, damn, naturally. 

Own it precious one. 

It's what you are here for. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘

P.S. Dear Rising Lightworker, dear Ancient Blooded Healer - your Life Purpose is calling you. 

It is YOU that this calls to - that this navigating the depths and darkness is sooooo natural for you, that you are BORN to do this and you serve a hugely significant part in shifting Humanity to a place where it is ready to receive the love and truth that we all see beyond the depths of the darkness and despair. 

It is this, that you are here to do, because, Humanity isn't just going to wake up and be in bliss. 

We know this, from our own Spiritual Awakening. 

And because you have walked this and your gift is soooo natural to navigate this, (you do this in your sleep right?! Like the back of your hand yes?) THIS is what is calling to be birthed out of you - because this is the beacon of Light in helping those so lost in the chaos of Humanities awakening that your Purpose is helping those remember this path and choose it, for being lost in the dark for so long, takes a bit of time to remember the freedom, love and joy that one can have... and your purpose, is calling you to rise to this pivotal place, the guiding light, the stepping stone, so the Divine Balance can reign. 

It's time beautiful one, and there are only several hours left before this closes, click here, these pivotal astrological events coming up, aren't happening for no reason, it's time to ready yourself and do what your purpose for coming here on earth in the first place is for:




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