Soooo... I have lots going on behind the scenes here!

Sooo... I have LOTS going on behind the scenes here, hence me being quite quiet on social media. Apart from driving on the whim of intuition another 3436kms (2316 miles) that my dear Midnight (Cat) was going to be there waiting for us, after her walkabout and going missing for almost 4 weeks (hardest thing of my life, full story later on!), plus now moving house in two days to a beautiful new home for us (more on that story and how that magically appeared too - later on!), I have been sleeping deeply by 8:30pm most nights dealing with everything I have been going through!
At the same time, I have just watched this as I think my coping mechanism is to zone out to netflix at times processing the huge life changes I am going through.
I always ask Spirit/my Intuition to guide me what to watch and this... jumped out (there is something else too - but once I move house I will livestream about it all in depth), and this??
If people like me, are only coming to reality - not awareness, I have known this stuff for a LONG time - but the REALITY of what is going on with the deep state and even Q and how AI plays into all of this with propaganda and ALL the band wagons that are currently at play - even the 'bad things' that are being brought to awareness ie child trafficking and more...
I have been getting quite a few PM's about what my view is on this stuff and even though I have been busy behind the scenes whilst my life undergoes a huge upgrade to prepare me for the next huge part of my Life Purpose on this Earth, of course I have been VERY aware of what is going and to be honest - I haven't wanted to say a word or speak to any of it at the same time.
Because right now I am learning soooooo much about Human Consciousness, AI Technology, Propaganda and how the world is run on psychological warfare - even all the important issues people are speaking up and out about like child trafficking and other important issues right now.
Not saying they shouldn't - no, not at all. And definitely not saying that they shouldn't be stopped - nope! They definitely SHOULD!
It is just that I am deeply, deeply quiet, and deeply observing ALL of this with what I have bene shown by Spirit with the AI technology, propaganda, psychological warfare and what they are REALLY doing to us Humans right now and the bigger picture at play?
Spirt then shows me this film... (but I was also drawn to watch 'Cursed' last week, before we got back in the car again to get Midnight on the whim of the intuition that she was still there and would come - and she did within 10 mins of us arriving btw! That's my intuition for you 😉 after driving 9hrs x 4 days after already driving for 5 months! Oh - and there was another show I was guided to watch in between these two as well!)
Of course I knew parts of it, all of it, for sure of what they show in this film - but this film, put it all in order and perspective for me. HUGE. Jaw dropping and has made me cry.
I know, once I move house and settles, something huge is coming through me because i can already feel it and have had that confirmed by two very intuitive people around me too.
Because I wouldn't be, getting shown all of this from Spirit, let alone all of the inspiration and ideas that have flowed through me on ALL that driving time, which I am hanging to sit down and channel and produce in the world.
I understand now, why Spirit told me and the attendees in Reconfiguring Energetic Codes back in March/April this year, that...
"The world isn't ready for this level of consciousness until 2025 it will start being open to it and then by 2027 it will be in full swing."
Because of what they share in this movie, kind of put it all together for me of 'why'.
And that.. it is mind altering - REALITY SHIFTING for people to even comprehend the technology and other realms that are out there.
I have been asking Spirit, deep, deep questions, and I have been getting shown A LOT.
I am understanding A LOT.
And realising deeply, more and more, what I am being guided to do about all of it, that they are showing me.
So, if you see my quiet, and not jumping on ANY bandwagon... now you know why.
Because I am seeing soooo much... and how each bandwagon diversifies and segments different Humans into different portals of reality - usually against each other with strong emotions and hate and anger, dispersed and misdirected passion.
Imagine if that anger and hate, was directed into constructive passions that united.
I guess, one day that time will come.
Until then, it comes to the Ancient Blooded Healers, that know how to hold space for such heavy, dense, strong emotions that we are (not many people can hold space for such emotions being 'thrown' at them) and transform it before their very eyes...
I am being shown so much, and I can feel all the pieces of the puzzle about to drop in...
So, very interesting all of this.
And even more interesting why I am being shown what I am being shown.
Humbled and grateful to say the least.
More to come.
Looking forward to sharing more on livestream next week and updating you all, so much to share, but have just been getting through this HUGE life transition for myself. Not moving house for 8.5yrs, let alone everything else that has been going on has been... an adventure that is to say the least!
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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