The more I create space, the more I receive 🤍

The more I create space, the more I receive 🤍

I changed my mind again! 

I used to be so busy all the time, keeping busy, working so much, working sooo many hours just... non stop. 

This huge recalibration, these huge changes I have made over the last now stepping into four months - have been pretty hard going through from a workaholic, to consciously creating time for myself and putting in structures in place that deeply support that. 

I didn't mean to become a workaholic, it just happened - subconsciously - you know, how we create our reality subconsciously, yes, that one. 

A bit like yesterday, where I had committed to going for a walk with my best friend on the headlands at dawn, with the beautiful Full Moon still in the sky as the sun rose... so magical.

And yet, I cried the whole way there. 

I began feeling that busy feeling again, how was I going to keep up with it all again?!? On the drive, I was processing, keeping in check my mindset as I turned everything into a 'how' question to allow space for the Universe to provide me the answer, whilst at the same time, declaring everything that I needed.

I was even crying that I needed to work - not go for a walk! 

And yet, I stayed committed to the most important thing over any of it. 


And the Universe provided. 

The Universe swooped in within 40 mins and supported me - with EVERYTHING I needed in the most magical way possible and if I hadn't stayed committed to THE most important thing in the world - Me - that just wouldn't have happened. 

I always put work first... 

And now I put me first. 

No matter how busy I am. 

The more I create space, the more I receive 🤍

I have been getting better and better at that over this last now four months and with that - that muscle is getting stronger and stronger. Even if I am crying holding that line!

I felt way better for the walk... the sun, the moon, the rain came, the skies cleared, the rainforest walk as well as the ocean - the entire piece, the big trees, that spoke to me more clearly than I have ever experienced - especially after our Full Moon Ceremony unexpectedly visiting the Crystalline Manifestation Tree again. 

It was potent, it was strong and the more space I create, the more I receive 🤍

I felt weird doing the 'Is your narcissitic ex holding you back from the fulfilment of your Life PUrpose.' 

I felt wierd on the livestream, I felt like I looked terrible, I got off the live and wanted to delete it. 

Sure, the content was great and can help people for sure. 

But... yep! 100% 

My narcisstic ex is holding me back! And I dont even talk to ANY OF THEM anymore! 

I had a HUGE process yesterday afternoon - I don't even WANT to talk about that stuff anymore!!!

If you have been following me over this last four months you would see this journey, this process I have been on... the 'who am I without my trauma' and now.. yesterday?

OMG I felt sick doing that livestream! Well, in a way, not really sick, but just - it was like it pulled me out of alignment - so heck yes it is holding me back from my purpose! 

If you have caught me on some recent livestreams, then you would've seen me catching myself when I bring up 'my 5 yr relationship ex' and be like 'ergh what AM I still talking about this for?!?!' and now... I don't even want to anymore. 

Processing this yesterday when I got off the livestream... EVERYTHING shifted. 

Even the Mindset Reset? 

Yes... I changed my mind again! 

That didn't feel right... something shifted - and fast. I even felt weird on my story talking about it... my heart.. wasn't in it. 

So, I am not holding Mindset Reset right now and sitting with it, it can just sit there for a bit. I had that idea two weeks ago and should've released it back then... not now... #lessonlearnt and also - used to do this - work fast... but I have been going SLOW... and creating more SPACE... and I like it 🤍

Something else flowed through me... 

Something else... birthed through me... 

Since the beginning of February.. I have been feeling something HUGE birthing through me and even posted this in my private group... 

And yesterday? 

It came... 

And made me come into COMPLETE alignment. 

This.. is huge. 

This.. is it. 


Is what I have been waiting for. 

This.. is only open once a year, in April. 

I was feeling soo much birthing, so much - 'its a new year' energy and even my client mentioned something similar before I even said something to her.... ultimately, we are in the beginning of the start of the Astrological cycle (Aries) and Easter - the time of Rebirth - of course it is the perfect time, that is only open once a year - to birth and release - this completely alignment, this divine fulfilment of your Destiny... 

If you've seen my story - it's there. 

It's okay to change your mind. 

It's okay to let come THROUGH you.. the COMPLETE alignment... of what is wanting to be birthed through... 

And only that. 

And yet, you need to be creating space - for that to happen... 

Are you? 🤍

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Check my story.... more details will be released very soon.... can you feel it? 🤍 


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