how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Feb 02, 2024


You get frustrated, throw your hands up, walk away, get agitated and feel bitchy towards whoever you are angry at because ‘They are not hearing me!!!!’ **insert stamping of the foot and whatever else you do when you’re agitated**

You share your message, you do your thing. It’s great at times but now you feel like they are not listening! 

“They don’t understand me Hannah! They haven’t been through what I have been through and will not ever get it!”


Your message is YOUR message! 

And the plain and simple reality to this matter is that


If you feel like someone isn’t empathising enough, or validating you enough, or not getting it when you repeatedly tell them - but honey - they are hearing you - it is only you getting frustrated because - YOUR MESSAGE IS MEANT FOR MORE! 

Think about it - at a time - you felt sooo heard and sooo in alignment with how/who/where you are/were sharing your heart and soul message yes? 

And now you’re upset, feeling so sad and pretty damn resentful to the people you once were so grateful are/were hearing you! 

Do you know what this means?


Leave that toxic relationship. 

Share your life experience, your heart and soul's message. 

To a bigger audience. 

In a different medium. 

In a greater capacity. 

Don’t stop what you are currently doing. 

But reality is - I am not telling you anything you don’t already know! 

Meaning - your intuition has ALREADY BEEN NUDGING YOU - 

Do that livestream - consistently. 

Write that blog.

Write that book. 

Record that podcast. 

Film that course. 

Hold those live events. 

Get on stage. 

The only reason you’re frustrated - THEY ARE NOT HEARING ME HANNAH!! 

Is because you’re not hearing your intuition! 

Well, you are - but you’re ignoring it. 

You’re afraid of change. 

You’re in your comfort zone. 

You’re not listening. 

And so you’re projecting that onto everyone else. 

Yes, ‘not being heard’ definitely stems from unmet needs and trauma from childhood 100%. 

But the way you HEAL that - is by FOLLOWING your intuition on what you’re being guided to do to extend and expand your message. 

I know this first hand. 

I would get silently shitty at my mentor because I was not being heard - even though in the beginning, I felt sooo understood by her. And yet, the entire time - she WAS hearing me - I just wasn’t listening to myself! 

I found myself getting frustrated and shitty because I would write a big long blog on social media and so many people would comment and I would be like, ‘Um, you didn’t read the ENTIRE post did you?!’ cue: ‘No, I was busy and didn’t read the entire thing’ and I am like - well why comment if you didn’t read the entire thing, because if you did, you would see me realise and explain what you said!’ I was sooo frustrated. But I wasn’t listening to myself. My book writing career was busting out at me and instead I was getting shitty and people on the internet for not reading the entirety of my post! What a waste of precious time and energy. And to think if I had just started writing my books instead! My stress levels would’ve gone down, my confidence would’ve gone up and I would’ve moved forward faster in my life and not sunk into depression - ‘depress’ ‘in’ ‘on’ my Crown Chakra - the place where ideas are trying to come through - are you listening yet?!

Let's not forget you're not being heard in your relationship because you're not listening to your intuition that it is time to GET OUT OF THIS RELATIONSHIP and you damn well know it, so you hide from life, your mentors and even yourself and wonder why you're so damn tired all the time - holding that down honey, no fucking wonder! That's a big cat in a bag to try and bury when your intuition has told you for YEARS it is not the right relationship for you! #ouch But that's okay, you can run to other mentors because they will fluff around empathising with you instead of cutting through to the truth and keeping you in a cyclic loop avoiding YOUR SOUL'S TRUTH - TIME TO GET OUT! #doubleouch

I would feel hopeless and powerless explaining my business vision to my marketing coach - I would feel so alive on the call then get off and realise… well, what now?! Realising no one could make the vision happen, no matter how many times I explained it or got excited about it - because it is MY vision to manifest! Not theirs! 

Your coach, your mentor, your healer - can give you advice. 

A bit like your parent. 

They can give you advice. 

But they can’t do it for you. 

Only you can do that. 

The fastest way to pull yourself back to yourself, is to unplug from everyone and plug into your intuition, to your Soul - but this isn’t about laying around and meditating all day wondering why your STILL waiting for the gold nugget to drop in your lap and it is all done for you! 

If you have a vision that is bigger than your current reality - only YOU can create it!

You’re the one who creates your vision - that is why it was given to YOU!

Thing about visions though - is that they are shared with multiple people on the planet at the same time and whoever grabs and runs with that idea FIRST - WINS! 

Yes, this is a game of life and yes… if you don’t implement your vision - someone else will!

They are not copying you. 

Spirit just wants the world to create what it is seeing through your Visions. 

So if you don’t get off your ass and do it, someone else will and then you’ll still be upset in a double layer whammy that you didn’t fucking get out of bed and make shit happen! 

What else are you going to do with your life anyway? 

May as well make it one you fall in love with every single day! 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Inside of Life Purpose Legacy - I take you DEEP into getting shit done, making your purpose happen, the mindset, the energetic internal game that you need to actually bring your vision to Earth. As you’ve read here - many people will receive the same idea. How fast you act on it, depends whether you change your life and become who you say you will be or not. Just because it is given to you - doesn’t mean it will happen. You have to make it happen. That is why it is called CREATING YOUR REALITY. It won’t fall from the sky, but the sky may fall on you, whilst you wait for it to happen. 

We cover: 

~ The mindset required to bring in the millions required for your Life Purpose Visions (what, are you going to wait for hand outs your whole life? Still buying that lotto ticket?! *cue eye roll* - you’re not serious about your Purpose are you?!) 

~ What is required to manifest your dreams to reality. This isn’t fluff and blowing dandelions to the wind wishing it will happen. This is strategic who do you need to BECOME for your Purpose to truly manifest. 

~ Uncovering the traumas blocking you from manifesting your dream life, let alone healing from the wounds that you’re still talking about **yawn** that is draining the fuck out of your human self right now and you can see it when you look in the mirror - oh, you don’t even look at yourself in the mirror anymore - honey, this is big issue. Time to heal that shit and move on with your life. 

~ Remembering who the fuck you are. You’re not just born to go to work, pay bills and die alone in your bed or if your kids boot you to a retirement village because you were a shit parent to them not willing to heal your own traumas and break the chain so you can give them a better chance at life #ouch

~ Living life to the capacity that you see inside your vision. You are BORN FOR MORE. And yet, you keep settling. Yep, we cover this too - why you are not receiving what you WANT, but a watered down version of what you want whilst you lay alone in bed at night, waking up and wondering how you got ‘here’. 

~ Goodbye to the times when you are waiting for this and that to happen to then do x-y-z. No. This is about having it all and having it all now. We dive into the way to live your life on your terms now, not waiting for some disillusioned time in the future. The future is now and you get to create this now. 

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P.P.P.S. Yes… this is my finger now (photo) from the dog attack…  I live with this.. as a reminder that I am ALIVE and I came back from the in between world (NDE) for a reason and I am here with a Purpose to remind you TO GO LIVE YOURS!