how to protect your energy how to trust your intuition life purpose Nov 09, 2018
There were times when I doubted, when I wondered and got confused and fall.
There were times when I gave my power away to those around me because of their call.
There were times when I didn't realise that I was hiding my own light and blinded those when I did come out.
Through a trail of destruction with Kali at my side, I walked through the fire as it rose through my toes.
There was a calling that couldn't be denied and hasn't stopped ever since and it is here that I rise with the Warriors and Goddesses at my side.
I created Trust Your Intuition not because of an outcome, but because my intuition was calling me to.
I created Trust Your Intuition not because of what it would bring to people, but what I didn't want them to go through, like I.
I created Trust Your Intuition from a huge fallout I had with something that was no longer aligned and I didn't listen to my intuition over and over for many, many years, that resulted in a huge great mess that took me a long time to recover from. Of course, I wouldn't change a thing - because from this, Trust Your Intuition was born. And so was I. 🔥
I rise with the Goddess of the Night who whispers in your ear.
You hear the call through the veils of the night and wonder how I hear you deep through the depths of your heart and Soul of the truth.
I feel you, I hear you and I see you and more - my wisdom and gifts run deep and I oversee them All. #seer
I created Trust Your Intuition because I didn't want people to have to go through what I did, to learn how to Trust their Intuition.
It was a Soul calling for me to create this. I did it out of the purity of my heart and the depths of my Soul, of creating a space where people weren't called crazy, too much or draining - they are deeply, deeply honoured for it.
Because these people are highly tapped into SOURCE to the Universe to their connection to the TRUTH.
And people don't like the truth! Even the ones who think they are so spiritual and pure...
So they shut it down, put the person down and make them wrong for BEING WHO THEY ARE.
This - kills people like us! Literally. Burn us at the stake if you will... but we come back again and again and hear your Soul call and turn up again and again right in front of you until you respond to the Call...
Shut us down again if you may...
But we always find a way...
And this way comes into a space where this grows from within and you don't even realise it.
All those burnings, all those killings, all those torturous traits you put us through...
Don't you see what that did to us?
You taught us how to use our POWER.
You taught us how to use our GIFT.
You taught us how to channel that SENSITIVITY.
You taught us how to use our SACRED GIFTS.
Our Soul has been watching you this entire time.
And you gave us the gift of this, so we can RISE from beneath your feet without you even knowing.
The witch hunts are over... the torture has ceased.
It is time to rise like the Women from the Deep.
You may watch and you may weep, but you will always come back.
For the pull of the call of your Soul - is something that cannot be ignored.
You learn that your Soul has always known...
You realise what dreams have been left behind...
And you pick them back up, brush off the dust and recall your Soul from the depths do they rise.
You feel the Call, you feel the sound for the reason they haven't left is because they are waiting for YOU.
This isn't a time to shrink, to hide away or weep.
This is your TIME TO RISE and find your feet, to connect with your SOUL and the Women of the Deep...
You feel the Call - you cannot deny it.
For it is in your feet, it is in your blood in the way that you walk and the way that you ARE - your BLOOD RUNS DEEP.
You will feel like you've never fit in because you're one of us here at this beach where we meet.
The calls of your Soul run through our Blood and pulsate you to LIFE again because we get you, see you and hold you like your Mother's weep.
You feel HOME again, you feel the Call and you will always remember that painful Call -
Through the veils of time, when you once left home and wandered far, you called to the Winds of the Women of the Forests of the Deep.
You hear the sound and the piercing of your Soul for it is here in the Earth that the Shaman's rise once more.
You hear the dance of the Soldiers, the Warriors of the Soul as they weep and you swoop them and hold them for the Men of the Soul.
You reach deep and they come because one cannot deny, the wisdom that runs deep for the Rivers of the Soul.
Like the Blood that fuels the Fire and the Earth beneath your feet, the Stars of the Night and the Wind at your chest, the Wisdom pours through and is who you are, for the Women of the Deep Call and hold the Men of the Soul. The purity of the Call rises the depths of the energy of The Fall.
They come and they go and they will always feel...
The call of the Soul once more through the veils...
You have called and we have answered...
Are you listening to the sounds of your Soul?
Do you feel the calls of the wisdom through the Night that tap, tap, tap of your feet through the pitter patter of the Forest Floors...
For it is all speaking through the veils of the night with only certain ones hearing the call that hold it for them All.
For there are only certain ones whose Blood runs so deep and the others look upon and wonder how that call can even be in existence and they tremble and they weep.
It feels foreign to them, although they copy through the mall...
But nothing is so solid that the veils of the Call, through the wisdom that pierces the Souls as they weep because it touches them so deep.
Come my dears, come HOME to the Call.
For it is your time, your Soul, the Wisdom that they Call.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
P.S. Trust Your Intuition is awaiting you: