There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it...

ascension symptoms energy update Aug 20, 2018
There is an energy sweeping the planet right now... but you don't have to 'buy' it... (believe it's true) #energyupdate
It may make you:
~ doubt yourself when you don't usually have those thoughts
~ do behaviours you don't usually do
~ clean/rearrange your entire house and more somewhat effortlessly
~ have contact from ex's in person, phone or dreams - trying to see if it will work again, or if it is truly done now, healing past karma/trauma (and from others that are not ex's!)
~ releasing carried feelings/guilt/anger and more that is not yours
~ feel a deep gratitude for where you are at in your life right now, how far you've come, how much forward movement you feel is about to 'hit the ground running'
~ feel a deep gratitude for your past lovers for everything you went through because it has made you who you are now
~ questioning yourself, when you usually don't even think about that at all!
~ feeling like you need to get deeply prepared, but for exactly what you are not entirely sure, but you can feel it coming (in a good way)
Mercury has just gone direct... however, the 'finishing loose ends' may still be going on for a few days, or weeks... yet, the major overhaul has been done.
Endings probably have happened this weekend...
Or, you've dropped deeper into commitment and more on path than you've ever felt in your entire life...
This past week has felt chaotic and unsettled and somewhat wtf?! at times..
You may have felt extra sleepy this past week...
Fear is rising - but you don't really know where from...
Thoughts that you have about things seem out of proportion to 'who you usually are'...
You may be having physical purges in your body, out of the blue headaches, third eye throbbing, ear chakras and ear canal things going on that you don't usually have.... unsettling deep anxiety at times... (heart fluttering)...
You might be feeling a bit more settled after an intense past - 5-6 months of woah, what just happened!? Type feeling... even though still waves of - am I staying or going?!
It has been non-stop right?!
I am sensing that this 'portal' if you may, of time, that began around February/March this year - it has just been intense change since then. That March, April, May - it was like you were 'somewhere else' and then June, July and now coming through August, it is like you've 'come back' and are now having to sort out many, many details of your life - like truly revisiting so many things about:
~ your past
~ tidying up, cleaning out and truly evaluating everything in your life right now
~ starting to get SUPER clear about what you are doing on the planet and taking massive action in that direction
~ grounding down all the information you have recently learnt - making it who you are and 'just normal' now, you've truly shifted so much in your life and who you are
~ sorting out home life
~ feeling deeply curious about what is about to unfold in these last few months of this year, let alone next year and your entire future
Details, details, details! Is all I am hearing - this message feels strong about all the little threads are receiving an overhaul! What are all the little parts of your life/business/relationship that you need to take care of/put into action. It feels like, no more thinking about it, now is the time to do it. What details do you need to tend to - what is coming to mind as I ask that?
If it feels like the Earth has shifted beneath your feet - it is because it has...
If it feels like you are seeing things in a completely different light to ever before - you are....
If it feels like you have just gone through an intense rebirth - you have...
And you are now 'grounding this down to Earth'.
You may have 'gone somewhere' - and you have - and you've come back with deep, deep Soul work done and huge upgrades that 'coming back to Earth and your body' now needs adjusting.
So be, gentle on yourself, speak gently, walk gently, be kind in the way you think, talk and treat yourself.
You may have felt a strong discord/misalignment/have seen inauthenticity where you hadn't before with people in this past week, especially this past couple of days - where once, you felt such a deep solid connection with them, but now, it almost feels... foreign.
You may have cut ties, blocked numbers, people, and removed yourself from situations that no longer serve you, that are no longer in alignment.
Trust this space - you have shifted.
The energy of it, is like 'you've turned a corner' - you don't need to go down that road anymore, because you've learnt what you needed to and now it is 'time to get on with it!' meaning - time to get on with your purpose!
There is a time for learning... and there is a time for doing the damn thing - and that time is NOW!
Let alone has Mercury just gone direct and so we have this forward movement again - I am getting the sense that the 'tunnel/vortex/portal' that we have just been in for the past 5-6 months - we've just come out the other side, it is like, we can 'breathe' again.
If you are feeling this deeply, you are deeply in alignment, deeply in tune, deeply - in this web of consciousness that has just shifted to this next layer of what you are doing on this Earth - more so, you have just shed a layer, so you can BE MORE OF WHO YOU ARE.
To 'shake off the shackles' once and for all...
I am getting the sense that you are releasing yourself from A LOT of your past right now - and attracting deeply supportive, nurturing relationships into your life right now.
You may be sensing a tonne of deep grief as you shift out what has been sitting under the surface - make sure you are supported by people who get it and can hold this space for you. It is normal (and VERY important!) to grieve and this shifts you.
The sense of freedom and empowerment that comes from deeply owning your authentic feelings is unmatched and it's by-product is a deep, deep grounding into who you are and what you are here to do on this planet.
What is unfolding from all of this?
~ Deep, deep empowerment
~ Freedom
~ Your sense of yourself, is becoming clearer and clearer every single day, the more you take care of yourself, know how to embrace the tools you have in front of you #youfly
~ trust your intuition, even when it doesn't make logical sense
And this?
All of this that is going on?
What this is creating and what you are feeling?
What is.... deeply coming through?
Is a deep, deep sense of LOVE.
That as you drop, drop deep down through the layers...
What is coming out as we can 'breathe' again from these past few months, is a deep sense of solidarity of self - and this?
This is who you ARE.
And THIS is the glue that holds everything together.
Deep, solidarity LOVE.
That, even through all the trials, tribulations, ups and downs - it's just - THERE.
Always has been...
You're just, returning to it.
As you release...
Let go...
Be present with all that is...
And deeply, deeply TRUST YOUR INTUITION - of exactly what it is showing you, in every single moment, you've deeply 'let go' and handed it over to the Universe - and this... is exactly how you birth your Life Purpose beautiful one.
These ups and downs, the dark the light, the hard times and good times - these are always there and it ain't slowing down...
But what is speeding up?
Is your key desire to LOVE, BE LOVED, & to GIVE LOVE to BE LOVE.
And in this speeding up?
Is your desire of pure essence to RETURN TO LOVE - which the speeding up is happening quicker and quicker every single time something 'happens to you' you get up and pick up quicker and quicker...
Until one day - we all just dissolve into the LOVE... and stay there.
❤️#returntosource #heavenonearth
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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