There is hope for your life even when you don’t feel like living.

free psychic reading tuesday tarot Oct 28, 2021

There is hope for your life even when you don’t feel like living.

There are people who care about you more than you know but you just… don’t know.

There are people that would miss you and you know this deep down so you can’t go.

Those people that are mean to you - that’s God leading you a different way, a different path.

Your path is different, your path is long and your path is not laid out how they said and should be done.

Your path is unique, unlike any gone before.

Deep Inside you is a path paved by your Soul who loves you to this day.

It is here that you turn and only here for the Peace that you feel deep within is always near, lain bare at your Soul.

Stray from this place and decimation will occur, but stick close to your Soul - the Soulmate that never wanders from your door.

For it’s me that calls you and hears you deep, those parts that mis heard you like a beep on the answering machine, waiting for you to return the call.

That path is within you.

That path is yours alone.

That path is for you to discover.

That path is something ONLY you can discover.

Do you dare answer the call of your Intuitive Soul?

Do you dare hear the streaks on the window tap, tap, tapping that only you can answer?

Turn away from the cold of night, don't let them suck the life out of you one moment more, turn to the sun to warm your aching Heart, let yourself be led by the precise clarity of the Sun, the warmth that you feel that lights up your entire life.

Your Soul lays there waiting for you… to come home like the cake baking in the oven, the pie on the counter, the love and tenderness of the one who has never left you, never will and always waiting for your return.

It is here… I help you find you in ways you never knew you could before.

The strength to carry on when no one is knocking at your door.

The birds in the trees when the land is barren once more.

It is here, my Soul Purpose is to help you find yours.

It’s my gift, my light and activates a core not many want to face anymore.

And yet you… are here.

And I’m here… for you.

In darkness and light and all in between, because it’s all the spectrum that’s important to me. All parts of you…

Show me your barren Soul so I can reconnect you Home, light the path and set your Soul on fire to burn the aching longing for reconnection to your Souls desires the ones, that were put to sleep as soon as you were born.

I am, The Life Purpose Queen 👑

That is, my Soul Purpose, my Life Purpose, is to help you awaken, find, activate and live… yours.

The question is, will you receive me? Will you take me into your aching Heart and let it melt away your pain.

Let me into your Soul to show you the connection Home, transforming any darkness that won’t let you see the light, feel it, embrace all parts in between through the night?

Will…. You?

I am, The Life Purpose Queen 👑

Born, to Awaken yours 🖤💎🤍🕊

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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