Let alone the fact that we are moving into Ear Chakra week in my free private group, for our Free Intuition Training (are you in there yet?? ) 

Ear Chakras - Clairaudience - it is how we HEAR our intuition - are you LISTENING? 

You may be able to feel the potent power of the energy influx that has poured in, in this past 12-16 hours... 

It is intense, chaotic, powerful and potent... 

And.... are you using it - or are you letting it use you? 

What do you need to channel, what do you need to create? 

What do you need to DO? 

That could look like a lot of different things for many different people. 

  • resting 
  • sleep 
  • writing
  • creating
  • getting shit done
  • cleaning out (stuff that's been sitting there for YEARS)
  • letting go 
  • organising 

This past week in the Reality Awareness Support Group - it has been STRONG focus on the Third Eye - cutting through to the truth anyone?!? Ouch at times - yes! But.... 

You can't hide from the truth - it ALWAYS surfaces! 


People feel anxious, live in fear and more when they are ACTING OUT OF INTEGRITY! 

There is great power in living in Integrity - that is the underlying space of your Life Purpose Awakening and heightened intuition - integrity, honesty, authenticity. 

If you cut corners, steal other people's ideas and work, EVEN try that grape in the supermarket before you buy - YES honey that is called STEALING - you ain't paid for it yet - unless there is a sign saying, try before you buy.... well, you've just slapped a stick of concrete on your intuition... you aren't acting from integrity. 

Yep, the little things ADD UP!!

If something is 'unsettled' 'off' or suddenly something isn't right - check in - who is pulling on your energy or whose energy are YOU pulling on? 

Are you listening to your own intuition - or are you taking other people's ideas and making them your own??


Or are you watching others and then... doing what they do? 

Now, I am not saying that your Life Purpose may not be SIMILAR to others - however - be mindful if you are truly listening to your own intuition and creating from what you are guided to do - or do you have other people's voices in your head that you are teaching their teachings?! Or just copying what others are doing because it is a good idea? Or because someone told you that is what you should do? Without even realising you are doing it even? 

Where does your content come from? 

Where do your ideas come from?

Where do you write from?

Livestream from? 

Create from?

Where do you - do your work from?

Head space?


Heart Space?


Intuitive Space?

In the Life Purpose Mentorship - this is EXACTLY what we distinguish! 

  • How to create your own content - from and for your Life's Purpose
  • How to distinguish when you are being pulled on by other people's content, ideas, opinions and intuition instead of using your own
  • How to know when someone is pulling on your energy and using your ideas 
  • How to fully own your own Life Purpose 
  • How to rid fear of stepping up and owning who you are and what you are here to do
  • How to own the potency of your own content, intuition and turn that into your profitable business, whether online or not 
  • How to step into what you are really wanting to do in life
  • How to step away from the things you need to and get completely into alignment and Life Purpose without wasting anymore hesitation time 
  • How to have an overflowing inbox and clients booking in without you even advertising, cold calling or more - YES when you FULLY align to your Life Purpose - this is what happens! 

With Weekly Life Purpose Group Coaching Calls that you can ask any questions about your business, money, life purpose, love life - you name it, why? Because your entire LIFE falls under the category of your Life Purpose babe! This is your chance to get individualised and psychic intuitive guidance, by me, every week to support you in BLOOMING your Life Purpose. 

Your Life Purpose IS YOU and when you can balance every aspect of it - hello powerhouse of dedicated Life Purpose Awakening & Implementing!

Right - yeah, right Hannah! As if I can balance my entire LIFE! 

Wanna try me? 😉

Rapid Ascension Awakening IS that entire Balance. 

Rapid Ascension Awakening IS the entire journey of the Chakras! Over the next 7-8 months in the Life Purpose Mentorship, we are travelling DEEP into the Consciousness of the Crown, Third Eye, Ears, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base. PLUS there is Integration, which is ALL of the Chakras in one. 

Currently we are in the Crown Chakra in here and if you take a look around - there is potency of the Crown Chakra EVERYWHERE!!!! (are you understanding the power of this yet, if - everyone around and has ever been connected to me, my life and more - is going through this? Crown is awakening EVERYWHERE a whole new world is being birthed right now - imagine - what it is going to be when we get to the Base Chakra 😱😱😱)

  • people feeling depressed, despondent
  • people having spiritual awakenings and wondering wtf just hit them 
  • people having spiritual awakenings when - they've already had them! YEP hello CROWN CHAKRA! 
  • people's world falling apart and not knowing how that happened or saw that coming
  • Dark energies coming in that you haven't experienced before and is total next level - YEP this is what happens when the Crown TRULY opens - ANYTHING can come in, key here is knowing what to let it and what to not and how to distinguish the good stuff from the bad and what is being pulled from you FROM and THROUGH other people and THEY don't even realise it either! 
  • Sooo many ideas pouring in they don't know where to start and are almost burning out from it
  • A sense of urgency to do things and get things done that you have been knowing you've had to do for a long time - it is like, 'this cannot wait ANY longer - I have to do this NOW' and getting agitated when things get in the way of you not being able to do it NOW
  • Base Chakra deeply awakening at the same time, because the Crown and Base are deeply interconnected as they are both the Chakras as the top and bottom of our body. Base Chakra is TRUST, life purpose, money, sexuality, physical reality
  • HUGE Feminine and Masculine Balance awakenings in every aspect of your life - hello Crown Potency and bringing the Spiritual Light IN to awaken all of this and more... 

My Business name and tagline - Awakening The Consciousness of Humanity didn't come to me in 2006 for no reason! 

  • If you want to be a #walkingtransformer
  • Have your own ideas
  • Trust and deeply increase your intuition 
  • Awaken and birth your Life Purpose
  • Join a tribe that is changing the world with their own intuitive, connection and make authentic connections and friends

Then, the Life Purpose Mentorship is for you! 

I have been deeply guided to leave the doors open until Monday Midnight Brisbane AEST / 3pm Monday London BST / 6am Monday Los Angeles PDT for the Life Purpose Mentorship. 

What is the investment? 

$33USD/month (approx $45AUD/month) or $8.88USD/weekly (approx $13UAD/week) 

There is no lock in contracts, no length of time you have to stay there and you can even end your own subscription from your end if you need/want to leave. But, this low investment, won't be seen again and when you come in, any future price increases won't affect you. 

Link here with more details and to jump in now before this closes: 

Lightfilled Yoga? 

I hold weekly Lightfilled Yoga Classes in there, which is the yoga series I have co-created and writing, holding and releasing Lightfilled Yoga Teacher Training in the coming years. 

You know how Rapid Ascension Awakening - is a journey through the Chakras? 

There is a Lightfilled Yoga Class for every single Chakra - so, 9 different classes in total. 

And there is amazing power.... in awakening your Chakras with complete body sequences that have been channeled through me back in 2011 when it was first birthed. 

I am deeply excited and humbled.... and soo excited for those that are called here, as I know once this first round of video filming has been birthed and created for what we are travelling through in the next 7-8 months - well, let's just say, we are birthing your Life Purpose - and mine - and you are connected, called and Soul pulled to this - for a reason, something bigger is being birthed than we are aware of right now - are you.... feeling the Soul call to be a part of this? 

Send me a message if you have any questions about this. 

There are more details here too: 

 Are you ready, to join us in changing the world? #imserious 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑




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