It's not just you babe... 

There has been a shift... 

And we are all feeling it. 

A variety of feelings going on for many people I am seeing: 

~ Extreme tiredness 
~ Sleeping for hours and hours (yes, I just went and had a healing done, but I see MANY are sleeping for yonks right now! I was getting the message in my wake ups between my 16 hour stint that a collective wave was going through the planet with energetic upgrades!)
~ Heavy as physical body feeling, like you are feeling the weight of your human body self
~ Or not being able to sleep
~ extreme thirst, like you can't drink enough water
~ Missing people from your past, wondering why it didn't work and grieving them (important to grieve this babe - making energetic space for someone new 😘)
~ Bumping into people that are like from your past, you just know they are reflecting your past, but you are 'coming to this round' with a deeper insight and conscious awareness and can CHOOSE the future you want early, rather than getting entangled in it
~ Feelings of your future not coming fast enough, because you are clear of what you want and want it now, yet you know there is a process that needs to unfold and are a bit powerless about making it happen faster than it physically can 
~ Anger and sadness unravelling, about the/a Masculine in your life
~ Past life connections and threads, becoming more and more clear to you in every day walking life

Yet - this all started about 4-7 days ago and it is this past 24-48 hours has been a peak of it. 

The thing with these shifts - these Universal and/or collective shifts is that they come in waves and it is knowing the tools and how to support yourself - rather than getting washed and dumped by the wave - you are able to ride it. 

There is deep Masculine Healing going on, on the planet right now - with the out of balance of Patriarchal reign coming to an end - it isn't that the Feminine is rising to 'overtake' the Masculine - it is that it is rising to BALANCE the Masculine. 

And with that - the out of Balance Patriarchal energies that have been reigning for many, many eons, is collapsing. 

There is deep past life healings going on, ancestral karma and more that is being played out - but in a very conscious way, so we can finally shift these energetic ties that go deep into our past, so the Lightworkers can finally rise and support the Earth that we've been coming back, time and time again to finally do our thing... 

And entire Planetary shift is going on right now... That global, amazing Earth we all dream about, have dreamt about and know is possible - is happening... and things need to fall apart, so the new can come in - this destruction and construction - all happening in homeostasis balance - it cannot be any other way. (Did you see my video on this balance?! https://www.realityawareness.com/blog/day-30-allow-the-soil-to-settle-the-key-to-mastery )


The out of balance Patriarchal reign coming to an end... with things like the sexual abuse through religions being uncovered and taken apart as just one tiny example - the sexual power of everything coming into BALANCE is deeply affecting people on this planet. 

It shows up in your life as 

~ frustration
~ irritation
~ unsettledness, even though everything is in order
~ deep sadness and grief 
~ not understanding a situation and trying to figure things out 
~ not feeling comfortable with 'space' and trying to grasp or fill yourself up in ways instead of 'just being with the space'

It is okay to feel these things! 

In fact - it is healthy! 

Not feeling it is where problems ensue! 

Yet - when you can ride the wave, instead of getting dumped by the wave, you come out the other end of the barrel with a huge grin on your face. 

It doesn't mean it is easy, most of the time, you have to work damn hard - but then paddling out to that massive wave, get's easier... and soon you get airlifted to the wave to just ride it with ease... 

But that also doesn't come without adrenalin, without fear, without some form of uneasiness.. but you... do it anyway... because oh that feeling when you have gone through it... #priceless 

And what I am talking about here - is that it becomes easier and easier to support yourself. 

When you have a clear structure in place to support yourself. 

When you know what tools to dive into to support yourself 

When you can recognise it is collective and do your own inner work at the same time = that is where the gold is, that is where the grin on the other side comes through. 

If you are connected to my work, follow me and more - you are feeling these shifts. 

The Crown Chakra, has commenced and what I am grounding here on this Earth, is creating it's own waves and if you follow me, you're right in it babe. You're shifting into a new way of being - you're becoming the integration, owning your power AND your internal Balance. 

This week, the Triple Goddess & Triune God Healing & Integration will be released... The Complete Balance of Masculine & Feminine withIN - supporting everyone on this Earth to come back to Homeostasis.

This week, we have changed seasons on the planet... which is another big shift in energy cycles too. 

There is A LOT going on, on the world right now, including global economic changes, life changing changes that will affect the planet for years and years to come. 

Everyone is upgrading. 

You'll have your own life shifts and internal work to do - yes. 

And this, is deeply tied in with the collective wave. I do feel that there are groups of people on different collective threads and waves, yet, they are all part of the great ocean that is all moving at the same time. 

We can all learn to ride the waves - you just have to do it. 

And support yourself, be gentle and kind to yourself when you are. 

It's okay, your Soul is just expanding. 

The question is - do you allow it? 

I am getting the message - to notice the patterns - notice these waves! We will be on the 'upswing' again real soon - you don't judge when you are feeling good and happy do you? So don't judge when you are feeling bad... just be with all your feelings, without attaching labels to them - even the 'good' ones - and then it is here, you drop into your power space of Mastery of BEING on the planet, becoming the deep observer and connecting to the true thread that ties us all together - 

Pure Love & Joy - that can't actually be put into words... 

Do you feel... that thread, under it all? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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