These next 3 Full Moons? β˜―πŸŒ•β˜―

full moon ceremony the divine balance Jul 12, 2019

These next 3 Full Moons? β˜―πŸŒ•β˜― I have been guided to hold a deep reconnection of the Divine - The Divine Balance, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine over this next 3 Full Moons 😱in this powerful space in our Full Ceremony Live online. 

Whether you are Male or Female - this will be a deep reconnection back to self and a healing of all parts of yourself as this next 3 Full Moons we will be travelling through this Divine reconnection and journey. 

This Full Moon (next week) - is the Triple Goddess reintegration and healing 

Next Full Moon (August) - is the Triune God (Masculine - The Youth, The Stag, The Sage)

Full Moon thereafter (September) - will be The Divine Balance - a deep reconnection back to self - the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, deeply coming back together within self. 

Phew! I can feel the power from here already - this next 3 months of huge energy! It was already incredible, from our Reconfiguring Energetic Codes birthing through the Full Moon Ceremony 2 months ago - now this? 😱Gosh, I can only imagine and deep feel in my Soul, what deep shifts, what... Reality breakers, shifters and huge changes in energy this Divine Balance Healing is going to occur over these next 3 Full Moons! 

The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone - in this Triple Goddess Full Moon Ceremony next Tuesday/Wednesday... 

Her blood, her wrath, her fire, her fury - this coming Full Moon, which is a Lunar Eclipse - will be a deep reconnection back, and honouring of the phases of who you have walked through, ARE and are becoming... The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone. 

If you have ever felt/been: 

  • stabbed in the back by a female
  • felt betrayed by a female 
  • felt abandoned by a female
  • have had your heart broken by a female 
  • feel like you can't connect to your intuition
  • wonder why you can't receive love, money, abundance or anything else you are trying to manifest in your life 
  • don't feel worthy of good things in your life (or maybe you get them, then push it away/sabotage it) 
  • never had any recognition of becoming a female, stepping from being a child, to a woman, to motherhood and moving to the wise Crone, this is for you. 

The the Triple Goddess Healing Full Moon Ceremony will help to clear, align and reconnect you back the truth - of the deep connection that lives within YOU, that you ARE all of these parts and every aspect in between. 

Whether you are male or female, this next 3 Full Moons will see us on a journey that will shift deep into the connection to self and life will become a walking meditation, where you will have clarity and realisations, patterns will shift out of your field and fast, by deeply aligning to this core healing of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, then integration and Oneness of the both of them in September. 

Can you feel the depth of her wrath and rising through the ashes already? 

Click here for all the details of our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony, that you don't have to catch live, but can watch the replay, you're still included in this powerful space, whether you are live or not:

Ready to deeply heal the core of your receiving wounding and what is laying underneath the surface to release you into deep Freedom of who you are? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen πŸ‘‘