We are not the Dark OR the Light

We are not the Dark OR the Light
We are not Black OR White
We are ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME - in ALL REALITIES existing at once - the good the bad, the hate, the love - ALL of it exists at the same time.
If you think you are this label or that label - you are not integrating the entire picture of reality and therefore missing out on the key of LIFE.
Remember how months ago, I kept saying, it is only going to get worse before it gets better? I think we are ALMOST at that peak - but not quite just yet.. there is still more to come in my intuitive sense about it.
Humanity is almost reaching a tipping point... but we are not there yet.
In my January 2020 Prediction when the Star Being came through to me and got me out of my Float to download/channel a message that i then had to go home and livestream about - the Star Being said this would go on until 2022. Yes, that long. Now some have said longer - but this 'feeling'...
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These next 3 Full Moons? ☯🌕☯

These next 3 Full Moons? I have been guided to hold a deep reconnection of the Divine - The Divine Balance, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine over this next 3 Full Moons in this powerful space in our Full Ceremony Live online. 

Whether you are Male or Female - this will be a deep reconnection back to self and a healing of all parts of yourself as this next 3 Full Moons we will be travelling through this Divine reconnection and journey. 

This Full Moon (next week) - is the Triple Goddess reintegration and healing 

Next Full Moon (August) - is the Triune God (Masculine - The Youth, The Stag, The Sage)

Full Moon thereafter (September) - will be The Divine Balance - a deep reconnection back to self - the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine, deeply coming back together within self. 

Phew! I can feel the power from here already - this next 3 months of huge energy! It was already incredible, from our Reconfiguring Energetic Codes birthing through the...

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NOT GOOD ENOUGH - CLEAR! THIS is how I clear... nothing more, nothing less is what this post is about... THIS is how you CLEAR THREADS. #likeapro #shamanstyle #feelingalltheway #ancientbloodedhealerstyle #ridingthewave
As I dropped deep... deep into the thread, the grief was real. The heartache was real. Feeling the depths of not good enough was real.
What did I do? What did I do? Was all that stumbled out of my mouth today in deep grief as I fell to my knees in deep dark heart pain.
I'll be honest, I struggled today on Mother's Day today. Mother? Wtf is that?
One could say I have issues with most 'commercialised days'. I don't really acknowledge them. Perhaps it is wondering how we all even came to celebrate such days, when people complain about Christmas for example and how it is all about presents and how it is a strain for most.. well why do we even do it.. another subject for another time I'm sure...
I don't really...
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Healing The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine

Healing Through Conscious Reconnection
Healing and Clearing Ancestral Karma
Healing & Clearing Generational Karma
Past Life Witch Hunt Wounds
Expelling From The Tribe Wounds
Healing Battle Wounds & Scars carried on the Soul
Healing Past Lives
Healing Emotional Trauma
Healing feelings of 'it all being so hard'
Healing Relationship Cycles
The Triple Goddess & The Triune God Healing & Integration Meditations - click here for all the details and gain instant access:
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen
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Relationships are the Death of Me ☠️ & The RISE of ME 🔥


Dealing with regret in relationships & relationship breakups, the doubt and confusion when you leave a relationship, the narcissistic behaviours that keep you stuck and why you don't listen to your intuition from the very start.


Healing the Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine

Healing and Clearing Ancestral Karma, Past Life Witch Hunt Wounds & Battle Wounds and Expelling From The Tribe Wounds

All the details for The Triple Goddess & Triune God Meditations, The Divine Balance, click here:

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen

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Some of you have... and I am ALMOST ready to come out and speak about WHY! I know I have kept saying I am ready! And then another wave will hit me and then I think maybe I am not ready... but hey.. we are never truly ready are we??
That is why it is Friday, this:
Friday 10am Brisbane AEST
Friday 12 Midnight London GMT
Thursday 4pm Los Angeles PST
I am going LIVE on my Reality Awareness Page here: (like it and turn on notifications for my page, so you are notified when I go live)
That is why... it's better just to do it And set a date for it
To share my deepest, of deepest HEART with you...
The why I have been quiet... the why Relationships are the death of me and also the RISE of me... I will be sharing why I realise my relationship happened and everything around it that happened at the same time.
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