Total Solar Eclipse is coming...

Total Solar Eclipse this coming Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on where in the world you are ðŸŒŽðŸŒðŸŒ) "Unfortunately, that's happening over open water, so unless there's an airplane or boat passing though, there won't be any humans around to see it." - Yet - you've already been feeling it right? 

The past 24-48 hours you may have been feeling like: 

~ the biggest life direction changes you didn't see coming have just happened and somewhat pulled the rug out from under your feet 
~ you are clearing out more than you ever have done before 
~ long awaited news comes in from over across the seas (even from past lives, memories and soul fragments reclaimed) 
~ old flames are heavy in your awareness whilst other flames are so distant, you've never felt this much distance before, but still, they are heavy on your mind/energy
~ new flames, sparking so much intense change, that you are needing to stay deeply grounded in this newness that feels soooo familiar at the same time
~ powerful shifts that are moving through your life - EVERYTHING is changing around you right now and you are becoming increasingly comfortable with CHANGE, even though, you still freak out at times! #normal #keepgoing

We have just stepped into the 3 day window of our Dark Moon/New Moon peak time (5:15am AEST Wednesday), yesterday - the Eclipse energies were really being felt across the globe as our planet, sun and moon begin their line up. Portals, portals, portals. Grounding, grounding, grounding. If there was 1 word for this Eclipse? GROUNDING! 

You may not feel grounded with the huge changes going on around you - yet this is why this word has come through for this Eclipse, so you can ground down into reality these changes - so you can stay grounded through these changes. 

This is the start of many changes coming up, change is the only constant thing, so becoming solid in the change, being comfortable in the change, change becomes your stability, meaning you learn to let go, go with the flow, whilst directing the flow and allowing yourself to expand with the energy that change brings. 

This next 2-3 days is strong Dark Moon releasing energy, it is the perfect time to clear and clean out, get organised, hold ceremonies for releasing the old and welcoming the new and standing your ground on what no longer serves you but is trying to pull you. 

I am also getting the sense that this is a pivital time for change, in a sense of deeply expanding yourself - whether in your business, in your intimate life, or in your home, something is expanding - yet, with this Dark Moon energy, it may feel a bit 'cloudy' in a way, yet, this is just the dust, the smoke of the energy that is clearing it out (like sage or something!). Even though things may not feel 100% clear this moment in time, know that deep clarity is coming and after the peak Dark Moon on Wednesday morning (AEST) the rest of the week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, things will all be moving forward again. 

When the dust seems like it is being kicked in your face - let those things leave. 

When the stream of water seems to be pulling you along - swim with it. 

When the air you're breathing, doesn't feel clean anymore - move on. (energetically, physically, environmentally)

When you're realising things you've never thought of until now, or it has only just clicked until now - be humble and apologise. 

This is a period of out with the old and in with the new. Welcome it. It is the power of the eclipse portals after all. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

P.S. Our Full Moon Ceremony, Live Online is on the 16th/17th July and is a Partial Lunar Eclipse. The energies from now over these next few months are crucial elements in setting up this next cycle and releasing deep seated beliefs, long held pains and traumas and is a powerful way to - RECLAIM YOUR POWER and feel comfortable in the woman/man that you ARE. 

I am sensing such a deep powerful space over these coming months, to deeply align your life and your light and to come into your power in more ways than you can feel imaginable right now. 

Ceremony - our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony, takes you on a journey to reclaim exactly this and so much more, let alone increasing your psychic development, healing your past, increasing your intuitive capacities and activating new blueprint codes that take your skills beyond 'next level'. Click here for all the details on how to join us for our Live Online Full Moon Ceremony and whats involved:


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