Letting go of relationships that no longer serve you.


Letting go of control and the anger, frustration that comes with that. Things not working out the way you want. Sabotage. You’ll be shown clearly who is stuck in your energy field. Crown Chakra (birthing new realities) moving into Third Eye (relationships) STOP LOOKING BACK YOURE NOT GOING THAT WAY. Old paradigms that don’t serve you anymore. Regret. Mercury Retrograde & Eclipser Season. #phew 😳🤪

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Total Solar Eclipse is coming...

Total Solar Eclipse this coming Tuesday/Wednesday (depending on where in the world you are ) "Unfortunately, that's happening over open water, so unless there's an airplane or boat passing though, there won't be any humans around to see it." - Yet - you've already been feeling it right? 

The past 24-48 hours you may have been feeling like: 

~ the biggest life direction changes you didn't see coming have just happened and somewhat pulled the rug out from under your feet 
~ you are clearing out more than you ever have done before 
~ long awaited news comes in from over across the seas (even from past lives, memories and soul fragments reclaimed) 
~ old flames are heavy in your awareness whilst other flames are so distant, you've never felt this much distance before, but still, they are heavy on your mind/energy
~ new flames, sparking so much intense change, that you are needing to stay deeply grounded in this newness that feels soooo familiar at the...

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