What happens when we give birth? Entrepreneurs BEWARE!

awakening your life purpose business business development Jan 16, 2020

OMG I just released this! And then WHAM! BANG! CRASH!

Entrepreneurs beware! Ha... Well... I wanted to say....

Anytime we release something into the world, there is a period of letting go/letting down/coming down/ etc... get my drift? No, not quite yet... Let me explain...

Whether you are giving birth physically to a baby - or whether your baby is a creative project, something you are creating for your business you are giving birth baby! There will be great highs and great lows and all in between.

People say to me, 'Oh be careful you don't burn out' 'Oh be careful maybe you won't make it' - oh please - do we say this to pregnant mothers? Well... I guess on this planet - SOME people do...

Yet.... the point I am trying to make here is that when you are creating and releasing your 'baby' to the world - your creative project - your calling - your life purpose - your creation - you then have a period of 'let down' yet you may be itching to get the next thing done - and by all means follow the flow!

Just like when a mother give's birth her baby - she wants to spend time with it - yet she is exhausted at the same time from the process, yet, she still nurtures it, feeds it, holds it, grows it.

So just like your 'baby' that you are still nurturing, holding, etc, be mindful that you can be experiencing this 'let down' of energy, adjusting to a new vibration, new world, new life, new reality of being a 'new mother'.....

There is a flow an inflow and an outflow that you would've heard me talk about in any of my yoga classes if you have been to one of them before and just like the ebb and flow of the tides of the oceans, there is an inflow and outflow to everything in life, just like our inhale and our exhale... the key is knowing which breath you are taking and learning to ride the waves.

There is a period of stepping up to a new life, where everything and everyone you have known shed's it's skin and new life enters your reality... this shedding can feel like rah! wtf is happening!? - this is normal okay??

If creative flow is still there, of course follow it as I mentioned before - just make sure you are also filling your cup babe! It should be part and part of the parcel, yet if you are just starting out (as a new mother 😉 ), it can take a bit of adjusting to. Once you get your bearings, you can do anything as a mother right? 😉

Send me a message, or reply in the comments below if this sounds like you stepping into a new reality and would like some help on your adjustment phase, what that looks like, what steps you need to be taking DAILY and the crazy emotional rollercoaster you are feeling in between.

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑