What if, it isn't your blocks?

What if, it isn't your blocks stopping you from manifesting the thing? What if, it is the Universe wholeheartedly having your back, and stopping you from going down the wrong path? 

What if, the Universe 'did that' to protect you from any negativity that is totally unnecessary? 

What if, the Universe blocked you, showing you how much it cares about you, because it wasn't: 

~ the right time 

~ the right one

~ your Life Path

What if, everything is always working in your favour? 

What if, you are doing the work every single day = so of course it is not your blocks! 

You see, the thing here with manifesting - is that if you are consistently turning up and doing ALL the work - inside and out - EVERY SINGLE DAY and you get seemingly blocked form that thing, you didn't get it, it didn't work out the way you thought it was going to work out, it fell apart - EVEN THOUGH - all the signs were there, it felt right at the time - 

What if - the Universe blocked it, not you? 

I have this thing "Universe, I am going this way, if it is not right, please block me." 

So, as long as I turn up EVERY SINGLE DAY and do the work EVERY SINGLE DAY and continue to TRUST MY INTUITION - then, if it doesn't work out - I know the Universe has my back. 

I know the Universe is deeply loving and supporting me - yet, in the moment, it doesn't feel like it. But when I allow myself to rapidly move through the emotions that come with change, then I come back to homeostasis very quickly aka - back on track of my Life Purpose and the path I am SUPPOSED to walk, not the one I wanted to, not the one I thought was right. But the one that is my Life Purpose. 

If I wasn't doing the work - I would be like, ergh, yep, something inside of me here I need to look at. 

Of course, there are variables to this. Yet, as a general 'doing the work every day' and you move forward and are blocked - check in, was that really meant to happen? 

Or, does the Universe have something better for you? 

Do you, trust the Universe, even when you think you know better? 

How will you know which way?

Ask to be shown the way. 

How will you know if it is your internal blocks or the Universe? If you are doing the internal work, getting support to shift your blocks and turning up every day - then - the Universe has your back baby. 

When you feel that underlying Peace, after rapidly moving through the emotions that 'shocked you out of the path that was leading you away from the path' you know it is right. 

And ultimately, you will learn and deeply gain acute awareness, to the Peace - always being there, because you are always, always being guided for your highest good. 

The question is - do you trust your intuition guiding you on that? 

It's okay to have 'space'. 

It's okay to just 'be'. 

It's okay to 'doing nothing for a moment'.

It's okay to 'enjoy life'. 

It's okay to have this break and space from 'the thing you were pursuing' - why? 

Because in the space, in the stopping, the Universe can 'bring in' what you are asking for, what you have been working towards.

If you are go, go, go, there is no room to receive. 

Do you, feel comfortable in 'space'? 

If not, it's time to. 

Breathe, take a break from pursuing the thing so manically. 

Give the Universe a chance to - SHOW YOU. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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