When I trust my intuition to change my work schedule around unexpectedly this past 5 days.... not knowing why, but trusting and doing it anyway... 

When I trust my intuition to take the dogs for a run on the beach in the hot sun, because yesterday it felt so good, so I did it again this morning... yet this time. 

Before I left, I was feeling fragile. Last night having a huge releasing cry, with what I have been working on internally and what it has taken for me to get to this point and now what I am realising and letting sooo much more go, more than I ever thought was possible. 

This morning, still feeling fragile and I knew for a day of gentleness, before I even left with the dogs I wanted to cry and before I left for the beach, I got the message, 'Softening into my next level/layer of receiving.' - that is what I was going to call this blog... however, everything changed when I got to the beach today. 

Check out my 'story' on instagram and facebook to 'see' what I saw as soon as I got down there! 

Yet, I get down the beach and see what I saw.... #signs #seriously ๐Ÿ˜

Then I look at the waves on what is in front of me and realise the energy and pull to go surfing... for the first time since October last year.... 

3-4ft, yes, I can do that ๐Ÿค”But it FELT right.... so I trusted... 

Sorry dogs! Back to the car! Back home to grab my board and back to the beach. It was huge for me and after not surfing for soooo long.... 

We went to a different beach and I knew this beach, and paddled out, but after sitting at my desk for so long and not doing any strength training at the gym recently, my gosh my arms I felt instantly. After 3 tries, I knew that I was losing my breath and fast my energy, so I let the ocean carry me in. 

After awaiting on shore, we went to my favourite beach and I just knew I would be able to get out. After waiting and waiting for huge set, after set, I eventually got out the back. That WAS my only goal, was to get out the back and sit there and feel Her power. 

And did I feel Her power ๐Ÿ˜With knowing that 8-10ft predicted upcoming in just 3 days from now, Her power, that energy, is something else being out there in those waves.... 

The sets that rolled in when I was sitting out the back and paddling out further as some huge bombs came through, topping almost 5ft, all I was doing was receiving, receiving, receiving.... consciously receiving Her Energy. 

Being out there in that powerful swell, those huge waves, receiving such energy and power through my entire being and more, tears and howls started flowing through me as I sat out there in that energy... to get to this point, to then be in the Ocean again, in the middle of a working week day, with no one else around, to be releasing on this powerful Full Moon day, as She comes to Her peak, with what I have had to walk through, this intense FIRE to get to this point in my business and life, the tears, all I could say out there to myself was Mother, Mother, hold me, and Her energy, those groundswell energy waves, from the power that has been generated from the local cyclone, that energy that comes from Deep in Her, our Mother Earth and the feeling of those 3-5ft waves, coming in and holding me. Tears, release and absolute..... Freedom. 

THIS is what I have been trusting my intuition for ALL along, even leading up to the moments of this happening. All weekend and the past 5 days of changing my work schedule around (because I can!) and trusting, not knowing why, for me to receive the message that even before I left, this 'crumbling' for me, is a softening... to my next level/layer of receiving. 

I was even driving to the beach with the dogs the first time, my blog already writing itself in my head whilst driving (#common) about this 'softening' and I wanted to title it - Softening into my next layer of receiving - I used to be such a hard arsed bitch. Not even realising it, but it was the ENERGY that was coming out of me, protecting me, if you may. 

Softening into my next layer of receiving, on ALL levels, in all areas of my life. 

To be out there, howling my eyes out. Even just going to the first beach, I knew that I needed to rest on the shore, I knew I 'missed' the set timing and would've just got hurt if I pushed, but I surrendered and 'fell' into trust. Then being able to go my favourite beach I just knew and already knew, that I would be able to get out there. It was my space after all. 

On the short drive from one beach to my beach (yes, MY beach ๐Ÿ˜‰)  I checked my phone... my favourite notifications... 'We've just sent $1,326.68 to your bank account, your bank should process it in 1-2 days.' BEST NOTIFICATIONS EVER! Told you I was picky with what notifications I receive ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think that contributed to the howling my eyes out after I got out the back of the huge swell, my only goal today, but even saying that to myself, 'I made it, I made it' getting out the back, 'That was my ONLY goal today and I did it.' Then thoughts flooded my mind about how Ali, was at my place, cleaning, cooking my lunch, doing food prep, caring for my home space, caring for me, so I could turn up and do what I do best. Then the thoughts of having the notification and the timing of it, of just over $1k being sent to my bank account and how I receive deposits of money into my account every single day. 

Laughing with joy and gratitude in the car about that notification for just 1 of todays notifications, it reminded me of 2 years ago, February 2016, I had one of the best surfs ever in the middle of the day with my dear friend as well, and how much I was working for THIS. To be able to surf and get paid... and now I do. Back then, I was only just starting... and now... onwards and upwards from here, just like back then... 

The contribution of all of this... and having walked through ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ to get here.... now that, brings tears of joy to my dear big smile. 

And to walk down the beach and see that this morning, (check my story) PLUS the intuitive rearrange of my work schedule this past 5 days, allowed me to do this today. To be out there, in that ENERGY of our MOTHER knowing and FEELING at every core of my being that this ENERGY was only increasing and feeling it, not just in the waves, but underneath the sand, deep down in the water, of the LAND beneath the water, THAT ENERGY, is something only one can experience to FEEL. 

To consciously be letting that IN. 

I only learnt to surf when I turned 30 (now 34), I have barely surfed this past 2 years, because I have been sitting here building what I have been building.... 

I don't think people realise when I say, I haven't moved from my computer desk for 18 hours straight for MONTHS on end, that I literally mean that... like when my local coffee shop say to Ali, my PA, 'Oh, we haven't seen you for a while,' And she replies with, 'I know! Because Hannah has been getting out more now.' That the path to this place... I have built, solid, solid, solid as fuck foundations... and it is only getting easier, every single day from here on out... that allows me space to surf, in the middle of a working week day.. because I can.... 

I knew learning to surf in the start, dropped me deep into facing my subconscious in a deep, deep way. Water, is represented as our emotions and the Ocean - represents our subconscious. Some we are clear on, other's, the depths are so deep - are you willing to surf and sit out in water you can't see what is below you, but KNOWING what is out there and feel safe in that darkness anyway? Yep. That concept. โค๏ธ

When people have said to me recently, 'Have you celebrated?' (hearing about my $100k) And I look at them funny, because well, no, because this isn't the end goal! I have just kept living my life - TRUSTING MY INTUITION - and it has led to days like today... (and there have been others in the past 2 weeks, that's in my book ๐Ÿ˜‰) and out there, howling on my board, receiving the power of our Mother - THAT for me is a celebration.. to be able to have the freedom to say, no work today! Surf is up - I am out there! THAT is a celebration... my ENTIRE LIFE IS A CELEBRATION... 



I have had my eye on the big picture prize the entire time... and it just keeps manifesting and manifesting and manifesting, right in front of my eyes... Just like what I saw when I first got to the beach... 

My life is getting easier, and easier and easier... because I have walked through ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ and continue to... because my intuition always knows the way, the fastest way... to my dreams, and desires.... 




Through the ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ๐Ÿ‘‘

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