how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Feb 08, 2024


Your relationship is recalibrating to all that you once knew. That is all. 

Yes - some things get walked away from, left behind forever and moved on. 

And other things are shifted WITH you - and yet, it is that the old perception and way you interacted with them has changed. 

You don’t react like you used to (one would call this HEALED)

You don’t judge like you used to (you stay in your OWN LANE) 

You can discern clearly what is your energy and some one’s else’s energy (you don’t carry their baggage/energy anymore - YAY!) 

You’re becoming an entirely new version of yourself - that means everything and everyone around you will shift. 

You won’t resonate with things, places or people that you once did. It will all feel weird. 

I describe this with my clients as the column shift. 

It is like everything around you is viewed through a column - you’re inside a big clear column that you can see out of and you are being elevated to a new level/playing field/vibration/frequency - it is like you are going up in an elevator, but you are can still see everything - your reality is still there, but you ‘can’t connect/nor communicate’ with them and you are not feeling connected to them like you did. 

You may literally feel disconnected and alone. 

You may feel like their content just doesn’t resonate with you anymore. 

You might feel like you don’t love them anymore. 

You might feel weird and strange around them or just can’t even watch their content anymore. 

But you still do. 

But it feels weird. 

So you stop. And this is good - come back into yourself for a moment... or a few days or a week - or longer.

Because what is actually happening is instead of ‘plugging into them’ - plugging ‘through’ them to Source basically is what WAS happening - you were understanding reality through them - you are now ‘pulled back into yourself’ - your energy is back into you now. You are understanding and communicating through reality from YOUR Source - not theirs. You are your own person, instead of 'being so connected through them'.

You are connecting to your own Source - you are deeply restoring the connection to your own Source, Soul, Power, Universal Energy - and with this, it is like all your energy from all time and places are coming into this column with you, recalling all YOUR energy back to you and you are re-finding yourself, you are shifting back into you and being lifted to a higher frequency, vibration and back into alignment with YOUR path. 

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just yet. 

Let the soil settle as I say, or let it be for a few days whilst this recalibration and integration takes place. 

Know this is happening and choose to tune deeply inside of yourself, into your Soul, know that you’re reclaiming all that was lost, all that you knew of yourself, all that you remember who you are on a Soul level. 

Tune deep inside of you and amplify this power, this energy - your Soul - from here, from the inside out and deep in the heart of this connection is the connection to Source, to the Source of All - you have it all inside of you - and now you’re feeling this REAL TIME. THIS, is what this feeling and ‘weird’ energy is - the reconnection and amplification back to this - to you - is you - now healed and in your power, your energy and able to create from here. You feel it right?

You are elevating beside them - they are not on a pedestal anymore. 

You are owning your worth - you standards have increased ten-fold, you’re not settling for less, for lower, you are rising and the Universe can meet you there. 

You are confident in yourself - you don’t doubt your intuition anymore. 


The reconnection is strong - do you sense your power now?

Do you realise who you truly are? 

Do you remember your mission, your purpose, your legacy? 

You can feel it yes? 

Love, Hannah
the Life Purpose Queen 👑

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