Whilst everyone is focused on December 21st.......

full moon ceremony total solar eclipse Dec 11, 2020

Whilst everyone is focused on December 21st - they are forgetting a very powerful Total Solar Eclipse that has already begun to be felt, that peaks in 3 days time. 

We are in a very special, sacred portal of time right now. Some would say they have felt like it feels like 'out of time'. 

Many, many feelings of deep, deep gratitude, coupled with huge releases of the old, that is just no longer valid in our lives. 

Those who have been consciously doing the work over this last 2-5 years, will generally find themselves in a good feeling, heart felt gratitude place, like they are walking on clouds. 

Those that are just awakening, will be feeling like their world is caving in on them... their reality obliterated and shattered to smithereens. 

In 3 days time we cross a very sacred portal of the New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse. Two weeks ago, it was a partial Full Moon Eclipse, and at the end of the month, we have another partial Full Moon Eclipse. 

In the middle of these, the 21st Portal - that actually won't be felt until the 25th December to the 1st January, and the effects will be unravelling in our lives until late February, we have some potent energy floating around right now. 

Speaking of floating - is that how it feels to you? 

The Plasma Light waves that are deeply being activated and released right now through our Earth, through the Ethers and through the Sun... and within our Body - that Sacred Four activation again - the Sacred Four - IS the 'black box'... YOU are the black box. This black box that is being opened on the 21st Dec... is not a real box - it is you... it is an energetic activation portal, not a box. 

The Sacred Four, that I so deeply teach and activate in my mini course, The Divine Balance, is the 'box' the four, creates the cube, the box.. is you. The Ethers, Our Earth, You and The Sun. 

This Total Solar Eclipse, that I have been guided to hold a Free Online New Moon Ceremony for, is the gateway to the 'stairway to heaven' it feels like! 

I am super curious what channels through for us, in 3 days time. 

I will go live on my Reality Awareness Facebook Page, that you can like and turn on notifications, set reminders in your phone and write it in your calendar so you know when I go live, by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/realityawareness

We go live at: 

~ 14th December 8:00pm Brisbane AEST
~ 14th December 10:00am London GMT
~ 14th December 2:00am Los Angeles PST
~ 14th December 5:00am New York EST

Looking forward to this one! Get comfy and tune in and listen, or set up your own sacred space, with candles, crystals, a bottle/large glass of water to turn sacred during ceremony, and comfy clothes. 

See you there 🌙

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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