Whose ready for a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on SOLSTICE on NEW MOON in Cancer? 🌑☀️♋️

Whose ready for a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE on SOLSTICE on NEW MOON in Cancer? 🌑☀️♋️
Whose feeling emotional and letting go of things they never thought they would?
Things that you've struggled to let go of for soooo long - just... all of a sudden, not there anymore.
A whole new reality has opened up and you are moving into this space as your new normal and 'permanent' reality.
And yet, the waves of grief coming as you realise nothing can be what it was - ever again!
The past is definitely the past now.
Some of you are having stark #realitychecks and coming into deep realisation that actually, I deserve more than this or - I don't deserve this crap anymore and have made changes or are in the midst of making the biggest life changing decisions of your life - ever.
These are HUGE portals of life direction changes on the Eclipses and we are in the Dark Moon right now - stripping bare anything that is no longer in alignment in a big, big way.
You may have sudden and strong urges to clean up:
~ your body
~ your wardrobe
~ your home
~ your relationships
~ your entire life
Everything is getting a make over right now and what is no longer serving you in your life is strong in your face to let go of.
If you are not letting go of what you need to - it is 'getting worse' in a way and the relief will come as soon as you make the decision and take actions along moving forward - without the thing you know you need to let go of.
For some of you (most of us!) it has been the most challenging and most liberating past few weeks in the midst of our Eclipse season, let alone the World stuff going on right now.
Hang in there! You're not alone! If you feel so - please reach out! 💜💜💜
For some of you, there. is a sense of urgency to clear the final bits of the old threads out and a urgency to get things in order, clean up, move house and move on - away from the old life that you have step through the portal of no return now.
For others, you may be feeling quite lost and still trying to find your feet. Know that the fastest way through this is #1 - bawling your eyes out! Moving THROUGH the grief cycle is so important and the fastest way to find your feet again, so watch sad movies on purpose to help those tears come out.
#2 - Remember that any change - ANY CHANGE be it small or big - entails for a recalibration time, to 'land' your energy with or without those people you thought were coming with you.
You may feel very alone right now - it's okay to feel this! It is also normal when the 'rug has been pulled out from under your feet'! Reach out for support and bawl your eyes out - you're not alone, your Life Purpose has just called you in a different direction, that is all.
For others, a deep sense of Peace is a strong guiding force in your life right now, even though has been some HUGE energetic clear outs and grief waves, you've been riding them like a pro and stepping up into your new life with quite a lot of ease - this is to be celebrated - you've done the work to reach this point, honour how far you've come, for your time to rise is here 👑
For everyone - this is a time for DEEP and STRONG inspiration coming in from your Soul, the Higher Realms and other dimensions for not only are the veils thin, but the dimensional walls are thin and... this is now normal, so be mindful of your energy, take extra care of yourself during these Eclipses, especially the Cancer Moon, making us all extra teary 😭 as we walk through these portals of reality into the new frequency, Earth and Humanity has not experienced for a long, long time (think Lumerian times) - or even prior.
Send me a message if you're feeling alone, stuck, lost or are celebrating how far you've come - I want to hear from you.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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