World Prediction Update 26th February 2023

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World Prediction Update 26th February 2023

Some people say bliss is ignorance. Some people say ignorance is bliss. Some people are not even aware of what is going on in the world right now and I say - well, maybe it’s best for them. But those that are awake and aware, we are prepared and living our best life at the same time, inspiring others to do the same. 

What use is panic, fear and living in deep terror of the world coming to an end? 

Because at the end of the day, how do we even really know?

The big corporations & governments of the world, definitely don’t let the people know what is going on, because people would panic and outbreak would ensure the end of us before the real end of us was even here! 

And no, I don’t believe that the end of the world is happening. 

However, there is massive changes coming, that I do know, can feel and have been shown a lot of information recently, that I am compiling here for you. I was going to do a video, however, I am feeling called to write, so here it is:  


In January 2020, I had a vision come to me that I shared in a livestream  video. This entailed Turkey and Syria collapsing and in fact, the entire country of Turkey would ‘fall int the ocean’ and create/or a  channel opened up through/underneath Africa and an entirely new continent/land would rise up from the South-Atlantic Ocean. I… hope that that vision is wrong, given light that 3 years later, well, everyone has seen Turkey and Syria today in February 2023. When I researched it back in 2020, I see on maps, that Turkey is ‘only just’ connected to the mainland and that itself, is on the fault line. 

In that 2020 video, I was also getting the strong message that between March and August big things would  happen. I feel that, I was  3 years early on that one - as between March and August 2023 - today - there are big  things coming. I was guided to listen to Pam Gregory Astrologer  update for the Full Moon in March coming up (see link in comments). What she shared about the astrological line up coming up these next few months? Yes - big things coming. 

Now, is it  the end of the world or the end of the current consciousness of the world? 

Long before Doreen Virtue switched to Christianity, she said something  so  wise - “It is not the end of the world, but the end of the current consciousness of the world.” In reference to the end of the Mayan calendar back in 2012. 

I don’t believe that we are coming up on the end of the world…  I do believe in big massive  awakening shift points for our dear Human Collective, because there are so many waking up now and there is a tipping point that happens with that. With anything really - fill it enough and it will tip the scales yes?

There is big consciousness shift coming, more are awake now and we have a good chunk of  2020 to thank for that for halting a lot in their tracks and making changes to their lives.  The reality is, is that there will always be consciousness shifts at accelerating speeds and it is changing the trajectory of our reality. 

As so many humans are waking up to the truth, many, still don’t know what to do. Those changes, are coming. Not just this year, but in the  years to come. 

Something is definitely happening, you only need to look at the signs… because they are very much there. 

Before I got on my 5 month road trip back in February 2020, I had a vision at the beach and a man was standing on my beach pointing at the ocean yelling, “It’s coming, it’s coming!” Now, I was already feeling to go before this happened, but.. I still went anyway. No, the tsunami didn’t come to my beach back then in 2020… it still hasn’t happened… is there a yet for that? Well, I just don’t think so… but of course I toy in the realms back and forth of something is coming… but then stay planted firmly on the ground here… and… enjoy life as I can every single day as it is. 


Many are worried about AI, many are loving AI. The reality with AI, is that we have always lived alongside AI. That…  will continue. As much as the dystopian future has been ‘told’ and  ‘programmed’ and ‘imprinted’ via shows and devices into the human psyche  - the reality about AI? The reality about robots? 

They don’t have a Heart. 

Only Humans have that. 

Only Humans are sentient beings that feel. 

Whilst robots can  be helpful, like the robot vacuums that save  you from vacuuming. 

Whilst robots can help you  drive your car with  cruise control… 

Whilst  robots can help you find your favourite music and turn the lights on and off… 

Whilst robots can do a lot more than they are telling us right now… 

Whilst  humans find relief in having this helping hand at the convenience of  their fingertips and some will prefer robot interaction for a time… 

That human, still has a heart and the very nature of humans is to feel… the very nature of humans is to connect. 

I see AI as an addiction to humanity right now and moving ‘into the future’… AI is serving a bandaid purpose for a greater issue deep underneath.. 

A lack of connection, understanding, care, validation and genuine love and adoration. 

Those things that were trained OUT of society as our society has grown up through the years and centuries. On purpose,  yes, of course… but you can’t change  the way a human heart feels  at it’s core unless it is not living anymore. 

AI is just an advanced google. 

And AI is something people are using instead of tuning into their own intuition, asking questions, creating art… because we can do that, but most, won’t put their selves to training and skills to create such. 

But one day… we will. I solely believe this. 


Let’s jump for a moment… 

Did  you know the Earthquakes in Turkey and other countries - have  been continuing? These are not aftershocks - but these are new Earthquakes still hitting the countries that have already been hit hard. 

Did you know that new landscapes are now across our planet due to the huge rifts caused from the Earthquakes, not just in Turkey, but in other countries too? 

Did you know the continental plates are shifting in monumental proportions?  

Did you know the New Madrid seismic zone is moving?

Did you know there are volcanoes in Iceland are rumbling and erupting that haven't for a long time and require a lot of energy to actually erupt? 

Did you know that there is huge chemical spills going on that mainstream media are not covering? When I saw the Ohio ones (there has been so many all over the US), when I saw the Ohio one, immediately I KNEW that WWIII has officially begun. They are being attacked from the inside… OR… is the plates shifting and melding and moving it all… kinda convenient with how many chemical spills and warehouse fires there has been…. 

Kinda convenient given government laws were passed that they can claim land deemed toxic and uninhabitable… A bit like the same here in Australia after all the floods. Moving us into 'smart cities'... hmmm...

Interesting that after 2020 and still going on today.. I notice in my local shop there have been 'waves' of certain things not in stock. They are out of stock for some time and then when tehy come back in stock I go hmmm... like for example a 'potatoe shortage' which led to my daughter and I not being able to buy hot chips that she can eat whilst we did food shipping. And yet you could still buy potatoes. But all the frozen chips were out of stock. What I found hmmm interesting about that is that she had some left over when we got home and we like to give our pet rats a little bit of whatever we have. So we did. When I cleaned their cage next, I lifted up their little igloo home and stashed inside were all the hot chips from the shops we gave them. Now, it is not uncommon for our female rats to stash any food we give them.. but they also eat it all! And yet.. they wouldn't touch the chips.... the plastic chips maybe? A bit like maccas food doesn't disintegrate? Things that make you go hmmmm.... if the rats won't eat them then double hmmm...

I have 'felt' with other foods 'out of stock' for ages... that they are doing something/changing something at the plant source they are made from. And low and behold.. the rat experiment showed proof! And I wasn't even trying! 

It was in these moments the whole 'save your seeds, grow your own food' came flooding to truths - it isn't that we are going to run out of food and have food shortages it is that the food won't even be real anymore! DING! Makes total sense. Gosh. The world we live in! And we are here to witness this change for a reason because something is shifting... 

What about New Zealand with it’s floods and cyclones one after another? New Zealand doesn’t get stuff like that! 

Poles shifting would explain the change in different countries experiencing weather they have never experienced, as well for the stars and sunsets changing positions. 

China and Russia talking, in my sense is a good thing… it is all us ‘other countries’ kicking up a stink about it that I am concerned about… 

The financial system is changing and has changed… USD holding by a thread that will collapse and the ‘great American Dream’ that was embedded into so many of us from societal conditioning is collapsing. What I find interesting is that around November/December 2021, Pam Gregory talked about the astrological line up that saw the 4 century old change coming in particular for the USA Chart - what began in the mid 1600’s for the USA has now ‘fallen apart/changed’ in astrological terms and we are only just starting to see the physical crumble of that as we speak. 

Did you know that in Queensland Australia, that 2,500 foreign police officers will be stationed here in Queensland. They don’t need to be citizens or residents of Australia, to police the public in Queensland… thing that makes you go hmmmm… not many things rattled me, but this did. Foreign soldiers? People are worried about AI robots in the future… How do we know they are not AI injected serum soldiers already? Episode's straight outta black mirror in real life :/ 

Did you know that the oceans are receding in the Mediterranean? Upon my research, some are saying this is normal for this time of the year there, but… in other research - not to the proportions we are currently now seeing. 

Did you know that in Northern Territory Australia they are having unusually high tides? 

Kinda interesting given the water is draining from one side of the planet and coming higher on the other side… 

Did you know that it has been raining fish in the small town of Lajamanu, also in the Northern Territory, some 800-900kms away from the ocean? (Portals opening from above - is our sky really sky or is it ocean above us? Are we really living in an upside down, inside out reality? Twin Solar Systems colliding/other realms bumping up against ours… Portals - Haven’t you seen Moana where they open portals to other worlds via sound and dance/movement through stones? And wonder why there are so many stone monuments around our Earth? Hmmm…)

The Twin Solar System? The Realms knocking up against each other? I have been sharing for YEARS before I was even aware of an ‘official twin solar system’ that it felt like when we were having energy waves and feeling all sorts of things that us sensitive Ancient Blooded Healers feel like the sun on our face, is that it felt like another system was ‘colliding’ with our solar system... and low and behold, it technically is! 

Or about the Platinum Light I was feeling so strongly in July 2020 and then low and behold two years later, all we now see is Platinum Light Sunsets… 

It’s interesting to me. 

There is an accelerated shift in consciousness, with human beings awakening and learning the ropes. 

There is the highs and lows of your day - you will feel up and down 50 times in a day,  with deep doom, gloom  and panic, to utmost peace and calm the you have’t felt in a long time. 

The Solar Flares coming in from the Sun are having a great effect on not just our consciousness and energy field, but are ‘fuelling’ deep inside our Earth. 

There was also a mining accident in the Northern Queensland in February - apparently it is common what happened, but when I saw the cartoon diagram video they showed of ‘what happened’ a huge chunk of the Earth collapsed deep inside the Earth. Kinda interesting given how much is shifting right now. 

Storms, cold and weather has been reported to be ‘weird’ in many places. 

Clouds a not what they used to be. Straight lines, polyester clouds (I call them this) when you study them, you start to really ‘see’ things. Solar System clouds, cosmic clouds, fake clouds, chemical clouds - are there even real clouds anymore?? 

The seasons are changing and no one has labelled it. (I have said for years the school system has to be changed, let alone pieces like the seasons catching up to reality). It seems we are about 4-6 weeks ‘late’ in season changes and sometimes not even feeling like there s a spring or autumn anymore. If you’re feeling to get warmer clothes (thermals and more) than usual, pay attention to your intuition. 

Recently I also was shown a video that showed a huge rift in East Africa - it is called the East African Rift System. It is moving at a rate of 7mm/year and the biggest shift in recent times was in 2018 and has been moving for the last 2 years. I was not aware of this until a few days ago and my jaw dropped being shown this… because my vision of the entirety of Turkey dropping into the ocean and a channel/tunnel opening up under Africa became more real when I was shown there is actually a huge split/rift already there on the East African Rift System! Okay then! 

Is this all going to happen overnight? No. 

Are we even going to see this shift in our lifetime? Who really knows. 

Is it that there are more Earthquakes and world events going on these days or is it that we have the technology and every single person has the means to capture it and spread information far and wide very quickly these days? 

Questions I ask to put your mind at ease that, nothing is set in stone and there is no point living in fear but there is point in LIVING and making each day the best day you can, enjoying what you have, creating what you’re here for and knowing that whatever happens, whenever and IF it happens… we sure are all in this together. 

But..  something IS happening. 

It is better to be prepared, than for stuff to happen and you not be aware of it. 

If you had to grab your things and leave your home and drive as far away as you can for whatever reason, are you ready? Do you have extra fuel on hand, a bag packed ready to go, ID, food bits, water and essential medical? If you were staying put, do you have everything you need to last a bit for you and your family? Can you protect your family if it came to that? Can you escape a city before it goes crazy and do you know what signs to look out for? If you cannot, know that we are all in this together and that this… just like 2020 waking a lot of unconscious people to consciousness, a ‘disaster’ also creates more communities and everyone pulling together. At the end of the day, storing food and essentials doesn’t work. Everything always has a used by date and unless you’re constantly rotating it and tending to it, it is pointless. 

And besides, who wants to live in fear and scarcity anyway when there is clearly and abundance of everything we need on this planet - it just depends who you are talking to, what you’re focusing on, what ‘climate’ you’re living in and who you’re hanging around soooo…. What are the stories you’re even telling yourself? 

The 2020 storing and hoarding for me put me deeper into lack and scarcity. There is a difference between storing and hoarding out of fear and being prepared and living in deep trust that you are always in the right place at the right time and everything you need comes to you, that you are always guided to everything you need. I prefer to live in the latter and that entire experience reminded me - that is how I always live anyway! In deep trust, guided surrender and that everything is always provided for me and I am always in the right place at the right time. 

I know this sounds doom and gloom, but it needs to be said. The reality is that the Earth is shifting more than it has before, it is also not being shown on mainstream or even on socials unless you go searching for it. There is a reason for that. Maybe to not panic. Maybe they don’t care. Maybe they are doing it. Maybe… who fucking knows. 

Reality is, I know I sleep better at night being organised in the event I need to. Maybe that is just my Virgo nature, but maybe we have lived through this before. 

People have said the poles are shifting. 

Even mainstream ‘people who are not awake yet’ can’t deny signs like the winter and summers sun coming in windows in their houses that it has never shone in before. 

The night sky is sometimes in weird and strange positions, as is the sun and the moon, then it flicks back to normal. 

And no one can deny the level of light the suns output is now shining on our Earth. (Wait, is it an Earth or a realm? I think realm…or a glitch.. I could go on). The sun is stronger, different and more platinum light, than golden sun like it used to be and let’s not forget about those sunsets we haven’t seen before now! They began in February 2022. 

“When the sun rises in the west we will know the change.” Was a message the Goddess told me back in 2018 and I didn’t know what it meant in a rift She was in my ear of. I am…. Starting to…. 

In my original prediction, I kept seeing a ‘black line’ for 2024. What does that mean? I kept seeing each year, up to 2030 and 2024, was shown as a black line. 

Is that when the shift will happen? 

Apparently there are strong Solar Events due for next year and we know that the Solar Flares affect not only our personal energetic magnetic energy, but the Earths’ and affects the Earthquakes on this Earth. There are Galactic Superwaves pulsing out on our very way to us as we speak, that happened a long time ago. This only happens every 26,000 years and many of us have been saying and knowing that somewhere around now.. we are due for it. It could very well be in another 10 years or it could be next year… or next century. But the reality is, is that many of us have been feeling something big is coming. The level of light quotient pushing through our realm will be significant to say the least, it will affect - everything. 

So, enjoy 2023 as much as you can, enjoy everyday you have as much as you can. Travel, see loved ones, enjoy our wonderful Earth. Choose happiness in everyday, choose gratitude, be around those you loved and soak it up. Am I saying SHTF next year? It might… but I am no psychic. 


I do know that, as mentioned, the big solar events are due next year. Many have talked for a long time that we  will have 3 days of darkness… a big solar event could definitely knock out the power systems on Earth. But will it? Meh, who knows. 

What I do know… 

Is that nothing is set in stone and whilst God is really in charge, I do believe we have the power to change the trajectory of life… we have already seen that in recent years. 

I do believe that if we are enjoying life, loving life, embracing life and loving more… we are sure to find a way through this and even change the trajectory of what ‘is supposed to be’, because nothing… NOTHING is set in stone. 

Everything is created from the thoughts, feelings and actions of what we and the collective to today. What is your contribution to that? That.. is how to choose your days. 

Be conscious of what is going on, but choose LIFE too, because… where we focus our energy right? 

What has also been interesting, is that I would be thinking about something and then research it. For example, I was looking on the flight radar app as I heard a low loud plane flying overhead. So, I checked it out (the things I have seen on that app make me go hmmmm!) And…it was just a standard commercial jet flying up north, but just seemed loud. Then for whatever reason I zoomed out as this app shows you all flight paths across the entire world and you can click on any plane anywhere to bring up it’s flight map and about the aircraft. Not all aircrafts show you though! 

I saw all these planes going to this place in the middle of the ocean, that seemed no where due to the map being zoomed out and when I zoomed in and clicked on it, it was Mauritius. Ah, beautiful Mauritius. Yes, a place I’ve always wanted to go for it’s magical beauty. So, I began looking it up on images on google and then stumbled across - oh! They are currently in the midst of huge hurricane/cyclone (last week now/mid Feb) oh! Now, is this normal for this time of year there? Probably. But… for me to find THAT in that way…hmmmm.. 

A few days later, something similar ‘fell into my lap’ and the entire top of South America has had major weather events going on too. 

I follow Dutchsinse on YouTube and have for years… and I love his conscious awareness of world stuff (let alone what he finds whilst looking at our Earth! Star forts, underground cities, other things that make you go hmmm!) and what has integrated me most lately is the fault lines… I have seen them many times.. but to see ‘where’ the Earth is moving has caught my attention, then to be shown the world events going on of our weather systems… it is all just very.. interesting and one could say… hmmmmm…. 

And maybe that is all it is. 

Maybe I am reading too much into it. 

But the level I am being shown and my original prediction from back in 2020 and now with Turkey and Syria… and then being shown all these other pieces? I don’t know… but maybe, I do. 

After seeing/thinking about things and then really ‘seeing’ things lately, I kept seeing all the advances in technology happening in the Middle East. Then, a few days later I was super drawn to Saudi Arabia. I kept thinking about it and then it dawned on me… oh. Why am I thinking bout this. I pulled up the map and had a better look at it… okay then. If it is mainly sand (is it?!) IF Turkey did sink under (I hope it doesn’t!) And a channel opens up under Africa, then Saudi Arabia is quite just… well there really. Then what dropped in is the reality that Atlantis sank because of technology being used in ways it truly wasn’t meant to. 

Now, I am a person who loves technology. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I love using it and all parts about it. I also love balancing out tech life with real life. 

But how do we know where the line is and… even how about that ‘Line’ in the Middle East that they are building which I still laugh at, yes, they are building it with normal bulldozers and the like! With the technology these days, yes, just no. 

And it is here that we all know there is way more technology out there and here on Earth than they care to show us, tell us and even use on us. So, how do we know when Mother Earth has had enough and where is the line of where and what our World is meant to be and headed for and is? 

Only time will tell. And all we can do is love more, laugh more and live the life we know we want and are destined for. 

I like and love keeping a close eye on all these events. And I also love logging out and going out to spend time with my loved ones and be in nature. The balance is important. 

If you find yourself in fear, what is coming up for you? A huge cry and sleep is always a must, as is having support people that will keep you in reality about things, but also in the lala land about things to keep us balanced, sane and living your life. 

Stay in the Dream, it is here you create your life. Stay connected to reality enough to anchor your new reality in. Mastery is in living in both. 

If you’re guided to move house, pack up and travel or if you’ve been blocked from a certain path that you ‘thought was the answer and still what you want to do’ - please trust it right now. It may just be saving your life and you will never know until later on. Trust Your Intuition at this time, now more than ever. 

Staying in your heart, whilst living through what we are - requires you to heal your heart, otherwise you’ll get sucked down the deep rabbit hole and won’t be able to come out. 

If you’re there, you just need to heal your heart of past hurts, that is all. 

Rise, rise, rise. 

Follow your heart, but you may need to unclog your heart, to find the joy of living again. And I am here to tell you it is possible. 

Remember, we are all in this together. 

Keep conscious of what is going on, but stay more conscious in the reality of your dreams you are creating and living everyday. 

Love more, laugh more and know that you are here to enjoy it. 

And YAY for reading this far to the end. 

Any updates or edits, I will post the top, alongside the date and **edit.

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You can also find all my updates on World Stuff on my What On Earth is Going On Page on my website, also linked below. 

If you need support, book a 1:1 with me. It is common for past live fears to surface, because we’ve all lived this before many times over. 

I love you, 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑