#energyupdate Supermarkets going offline, old relationship threads surfacing, old patterns, feeling like you’re walking in between worlds, waiting but can’t move forward yet, out of time, getting dates wrong, feeling like you’re in 2025, old systems not working, screaming for change...
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The Predictive Dates for January:

The Predictive Dates for January:
13th- 15th
In my livestream on the beach on the 8th January, I was intuitively given dates of when the energies for January would be a bit challenging/graty or the like, so we can prepare and be aware to support ourselves with extra TLC on these dates.
Yesterday was the Uluru Activation that everyone had been looking towards and for me it was... quite interesting to say the least.
I was tuning in all day, yet around late afternoon, it hit me - hard. So hard I had to lay down!
It was almost 6pm Brisbane time... and I was floored.. this migraine type thing (although I don't really know what a migraine is?!) I rarely/never get sick and I know when I do - it is the energy passing through my body, not actually sick!
Today, a client sent me information on the activation and the time - was 6 something am GMT time and when I did the conversion - yep, the time I...
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