You can feel a sense of urgency about your Purpose

how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Nov 23, 2022

Your Purpose, doesn’t need to be rushed - and yet sometimes we feel this sense of urgency about it and when this wave comes it just means ITS TIME 🔥

It’s time for you to take dedicated action 

It’s time for your to make this a priority

It’s time for you to jump on this wave 

It’s time for you to block everything out and ONLY do THIS 

It’s also very normal to do ten things at once.

No you’re not adhd, autistic or any other label, you’re not crazy, you’re not a mess.

You’re a creative entrepreneur who works BEST doing ten things at once because you are FOLLOWING FLOW. 

That means you’ll be doing one thing and three others will come through - and you drop what you’re doing and go do them and then come back to the thing you began with an finish it in record time AND realise that you couldn’t have been able to finish that if you didn’t do those other three things. 

The thing about urgency is the FLOW wants to rush, flush, flow, activate and ignite through your body and life.

Halting this, letting your brain get in the way and tell you you shouldn’t do this or try and finish this before you do this halts the flow then you get bored tired depressed resistant and don’t want to do any of it. Addictions will set in and you’ll lose yourself.

And yet…

If you just dropped into flow and TRUSTED, you’ll see just how much you can accomplish, complete - leave your LEGACY with the world and honour the true calling of your Soul.

It’s never too late.

You’re not too old.

Nothing is impossible. 

And you were born for this. 

Nothing else matters…. But your message.

Because the ones who are here to hear your Souls voice… are waiting for you, right here for you and you ignite them into their own Purpose because…

You lived yours 🤍 

So go…. Live it, breathe it, do it.

It’s TIME.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑 

P.S. There is a divine magix right now available to you…

Sure there are super bad things happening in the world right now - your life even…

And yet the remedy to this pain…

The ignition to the rain…

The fuel to that puts out that fire that’s destroyed the world…

Is waiting for you to step into the platinum light that holds the frequency to pull those with you rather than against… 

To heal the world…

To shine your light…

To be your love..

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