👁 You can't force your Third Eye open! It isn't something that can be forced 👁

👁 You can't force your Third Eye open! It isn't something that can be forced 👁
And it takes longer than a few months to receive a consistent feedback from your Third Eye! Maybe you do get information and see your Third Eye within a few months, but then it disappears again.
Or maybe it is strong and then gets weaker and you don't know why.
Things that you need to know about your Third Eye:
👁 You can't force it
👁 You need to build a relationship with it. What does that mean? It means, if you were meeting a friend or a lover for the first time, would you say hi and then never speak to them again or never take time out to get to know them? Your Third Eye is the same.
Treat your intuition like a long lost friend to get to know again and watch your intuition soar like an Eagle with acute clarity.
That means:
👁 Regular still mind meditation practise 🧘‍♀️
👁 Regular Third Eye specific meditation practises, to heal, clear and activate 🧘‍♀️
👁 Releasing Past Life Trauma from when you were killed for your vision in the past, being Clairvoyant, being intuitive, being... you. Your body, soul, muscle memory won't allow it to open, because, 'Well we will just get killed again, so why do that?!' is what your Third Eye says!
You have to remember that when you are watching violent/drama/horror/negative/traumatic/sad tv shows and movies OR have been in an argument with someone, or around negativity - this affects and clouds your Third Eye like a big black cloak, and so you have to continually treat and attend to your Third Eye with such loving tender care, to continue to open and have a clear vision.
Kind of an interesting and 'eye opening' concept that 'they' continually keep us in a trauma state with what they show on tv etc.. because.. of this exact reason - it keeps our Third Eye shut down hey?
Our Third Eye is sooo sensitive to violence. Remember this.
The other piece to remember is that it is a muscle.
It needs practise, regular practise, regular meditation and regular dedication to tending to your Third Eye (and all your intuitive muscles) for it to be strong, clear, acute and open.
The final piece to remember is that each of your intuitive organs, let alone your Third Eye - has a unique language that it communicates it's messages/visions and information to you.
Learning the language of your Third Eye is a huge learning curve in understanding how it speaks to you. This again, takes practise and dedication to learning this. I teach this deeply in Trust Your Intuition.
You can commence understanding and building this unique, divine and sacred relationship with your Third Eye with a consistent dedicated still mind meditation routine. It is amazing what you will discover, when you take the time out to listen.. and see 👁
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 
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