Everyone wants to open their Third Eye, to activate and 'see' the colours in the auras, to 'see' the Angels, to become more Clairvoyant. 

Everyone wants to see - or gets upset or worried they don't have the gift, or are doing something wrong when they don't 'see' - however, there are many reasons why you don't see. 

There are several points to this that I want to cover here... 

#1: Your Third Eye shouldn't be forced open. In fact, it won't open when you force it. That's like a controlling parent yelling at you to clean your room or else. No. Not very conducive to opening up to someone/you right? Your Third Eye is no different. It isn't something you force. You cultivate the relationship with it.

#2: Your Third Eye needs to feel safe to open. If you are in a situation in your life, where your relationships in your everyday life make you feel unsafe, scared, there is fights or disagreements more often than not or like...

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👁 You can't force your Third Eye open! It isn't something that can be forced 👁

You can't force your Third Eye open! It isn't something that can be forced
And it takes longer than a few months to receive a consistent feedback from your Third Eye! Maybe you do get information and see your Third Eye within a few months, but then it disappears again.
Or maybe it is strong and then gets weaker and you don't know why.
Things that you need to know about your Third Eye:
You can't force it
You need to build a relationship with it. What does that mean? It means, if you were meeting a friend or a lover for the first time, would you say hi and then never speak to them again or never take time out to get to know them? Your Third Eye is the same.
Treat your intuition like a long lost friend to get to know again and watch your intuition soar like an Eagle with acute clarity.
That means:
Regular still mind meditation practise ‍
Regular Third Eye specific meditation practises, to heal, clear and...
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Breaking the Myths of Modern Day Spirituality 🔥


Dreams, Third Eye hurting, Astral Travelling, Energy Vampirism, Lucid & Other Realm ‘feeling’ Dreams, Spirits flying around the house, sensing a presence in the house, feeling like a tornado of sound is going through and around you but it’s still as outside, white light portals and normal protection methods not doing ANYTHING when you try to use them, moving into paid work as a Healer, so you stop getting drained and go down black holes with people THEN get told you're the crazy one 😳 🌟👁🌟 Breaking the Myths of Modern Day Spirituality 🔥

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The story of my Sword 🔥🗡💎👑🌟


The story of my Sword 

Final hours for 21 Day Shifter $197 Level:

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I've noticed, that every time I have a deep energetic shift, that every time I behold an energy within my system and truly integrate it with that deep 'cogs clicking into place' - when that vibration is not just in your head and you know it, but it is beheld in your body - I noticed THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES
I notice that every time I RISE THE TRUTH ALWAYS SURFACES
I notice how things come to light that I need to see, I notice that Spirit shows me things I need to see or things that I need to hear, I notice that I am told things about the world, people or otherwise when I need to be shown.
I notice that when I shift to becoming more of my integrity in deep alignment with where my Life Purpose is taking me, which is a constant evolution, I notice that the things that are NOT in alignment anymore, or have been stagnant sitting there under the surface, that things are 'in my face' and get to shift out and fast....
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