You can try all the manifestation and healing techniques in the world - but the ONE thing that will actually work

how to find your life purpose Nov 14, 2022

You can try all the manifestation and healing techniques in the world - but the ONE thing that will rapidly open doors, tear open the veil of your dream reality faster, more efficiently and the thing that ACTUALLY works? 

Is you stepping into who you truly are meant to be. 

That place when you shine your light on the world and allow your true self to be seen. 

When you do, it will feel different.

People will leave.

People will stay. 

And the most fascinating thing?

Your tolerance point will shift - dramatically - and rapidly!

This means that things that were ‘okay’ and ‘alright’ and that you ‘just dealt with’ because ultimately you didn’t know what else to do with them at this point - or perhaps you ACTUALLY thought that living less than for your true desires was satisfactory and will do for now 😱 - suddenly - with this shift, this ‘tolerance snap’ as my mentor calls them - suddenly - the way forward will become clear, suddenly, the ‘how’ appears because you willed it into existence because you came into the true totality of your Soul and actually showed the world who you really are. 

Until you actually step into YOU, you will always just be okay with where you’re at and make all sorts of nit pick ideas as to why it is okay when the reason you are stuck there nit picking it (or them) apart is because this isn't who you fucking are. 

You can howl, grieve, cry, do this healing and this thing and this and yet, all this commanding and demanding and stomping your feet down and laying down how it’s going to be and praying and yet still left wondering..... 

You’ll continue to cheer and lead and smile and nod your head and say you’re doing all the things and yet…

The thing you’re not doing? 

The missing piece? 


The reason it isn’t working? 


Is because you haven’t truly stepped into who you are.

You have truly owned the deep divine essence of who you are.

And most of all? 

You haven’t even showed the world that.

If you want your reality to shift, the pathway to open and the ‘how’ to appear as if a veil had been torn open in directly in front of you and you wondered how this was never here before because it is sooo of course...

You MUST step into who you truly are…

And as if by magic - everything... will shift. 

Are you truly ready, to show the world, who you REALLY are? 

To step... into YOU?

If you want the veil to tear open in front of you with the how part... you must.... show up as YOU. All of YOU. The one, you TRULY are 🤍

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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