You have just popped into the next level version

how to find your life purpose how to trust your intuition Oct 22, 2021

You have just popped into the next level version of the highest iteration of yourself.

You don’t care what others think anymore.

You don’t align to what you don’t align to and that’s okay.

You don’t care if people judge you for eating meat, not eating meat, fasting, cleansing, staying up until the early hours of the morning, sleeping in, not sleeping in, getting up and drinking strong black coffee, green juices or nothing, journalling, envisioning and creating, exercising, or not exercising, driving this car, not moving from my house, not ‘living’, ‘living’.

You don’t care anymore because… you remember that this is the way you live, it’s called Intuitive Living. That changes - moment by moment and some.

Writing and pouring your heart and Soul into something and immersing yourself in something, not adhering to what others tell you or time limits or scales or… anything.

You’ve shifted.

And it feels like Freedom.

Freedom from what people think.

Freedom from what you think you need to do to make a $1M/mth or $1/mth.

You don’t care anymore… About them.

You only care about what your Heart and Soul is calling you to do.

To help people 🕊💎🤍

In whichever way feels right to you.

That fills you up.

That nourishes you.

That makes you happy.

That makes your Soul Sing.

That brings you to your knees and some…

That you rise out of the fire 🔥 like the Mother of Dragons that you mother fucking ARE.

Your Soul led fire 🔥 that has always led you, always guided you…

Has always been there for you and always will…as long as you stay connected to your Truth, to your Heart, to your Soul….

To… You 🤍 And only you 🤍

You realise, that you, are there for you.

That you, are the one you’ve been looking for. And when you come back to you, The Universe, brings more of you… to you 🤍

More to live for, more to rejoice in, more to have gratitude for, more to live by, more to give by, more to celebrate by, more to BE…

For that, I am eternally grateful for you, witnessing my journey, watching me, living with me, by me, judging me, triggered by me, not understanding me, unfollowing me, blocking me, coming back and spying on me, inspired by me, supported by me, working with me, being trained by me.

I witness you, witnessing me, in all the pieces all the things and for that, I thank you 🤍🖤

This is a photo of me, drenched from the rain that I hadn’t been caught in for years. To say it was cleansing was an understatement 💦

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. Something… is coming 🦁 🦅

P.P.S. You know you want deeper, harder, stronger….

And to be held in the space that holds the strongest emotions, the strongest pieces, the place where you weep till your light again, not judged and mortified at the horrors of life again.

There is Light 🤍 and there is Dark 🖤

And not many can hold the entire spectrum that you flick to all over the shop and back again…

It is here, the biggest transformations occur, but one has to have walked the spectrum to handle such a space for you…

That’s, what I do.

You’re not too much.

You’re not too broken (try me).

You’re not anything they say you are, or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

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