You receive your intuition in more than just one way...

You receive your intuition in more than just one way...
There are 4 main ways you receive your intuition.... But then there are MANY ways you receive your intuition - you just have to be aware of them, activate them and use them.
The 4 main ways, are through your:
Claircognisence - this is your clear thinking at the top of your head, your Crown, associated with the colour purple, your out of the blue thoughts, it is the ideas that just drop in, it is when you 'just know' 'I just knew that was going to happen'
Clairvoyance - this is your clear seeing, your Third Eye, associated with the colour deep indigo blue, you see signs, you see images inside your minds eye, you 'daydream' alot, you see visions, you also dream alot, you also see physical signs in the physical world
Clairaudience - this is your hearing, your clear hearing, your Ear Portals associated with the colour Magenta pink. You get songs stuck in your head, you 'just happen' to overhear a conversation when all you could hear before was 'noise' but all of a sudden a conversation is crystal clear like it is the only thing in the room you hear. You hear what someone is really saying beyond their words.
Clairsentience - you feel things, everything, too much of things at times! You sense a presence in the home, you sense the energy of the land, you sense people as soon as you think about them, what they are feeling, thinking and doing.
These are just a snippet. These are just the start and they are very real.
Just like our physical muscles, everyone has spiritual muscles - we all sense things, someone ask you what you want for dinner, you tune in and see what you feel like and reply, "I feel like such and such." - right?
Everyone has these senses - you just got to fine tune them.
And then, what about beyond these 4 Spiritual Organs?
We have our physical body, then there is our energetic body, then in that, there is many layers and those layers are connected to our physical body through our nervous system and the atomic cells and structure that makes up our entire system.
How deep do you want to go? 😉
The point I am sharing here - is that you are like a walking antenna and I want you to realise this.
You are sensing energy all the time. You are made up of energy after all.
There is all these parts of you that are acutely tuned into the truth, whether people around you get it or not - there is something that you are deeply attuned to.
The key with Trusting Your Intuition is strengthening your muscles each time you trust - they strengthen. With practise, they become stronger and with practise, it becomes second nature, it becomes normal, it becomes who you are.
Each way you receive intuition is amplified when you focus energy on it, meaning you bring your awareness to it, you trust it and you tune into it and see if it needs repairing, cleaning, nurturing or something else.
Every time you do this - and just like taking a shower, should be done daily so your energy is clean, then it is fine-tuning your spiritual senses daily.
For when you remember the truth, the deep, down truth - is that everything is atoms, is particles, is molecules including you, you tap into an infinite realm of possibility and draw to you everything and anything you can desire - you do have the power - but do you use it?
You can do it right now, by bringing your awareness to your physical body. Feeling the air temperature on your skin, noticing what you can physically see around you, what can you hear? The sensation of your clothes touching your skin... or if you're not wearing any clothes
Bringing your awareness to your breath - is it short and shallow, or long and deep?
As you breathe in, the air, moves through your lungs and where does that air go? Where does that oxygen go? Follow it.
Did you go there with your breath? The oxygen? Did you follow it? You can, did you know that? And this? Taps you into the power of the infinite being that you are.
Are you ready to go there? To activate it? Support it? Support.... YOU?
You are this being, this being of energy that is powerfully connected to the infinite oneness, to Source, to - whatever name you put on it - you are connected - everyone is - just, some are not conscious of this connection.
You always have been connected, always are, always will be - it's just making you conscious of this connection, repairing the threads, the sheaths, the holes, the layers and the atomic particles, your DNA and more that you are - can all be awakened - just by bringing your awareness to them. And then where to? That, is the most powerful question you will ask - how far do you want to go?
The unknown can be scary - but goodness, how exhilarating is it?
Like travelling to a new destination you've never been before, the awakened energy within, stays for a long, long time.
Are you tapping into the power that you are?
Are you clear and using your abilities to your highest advantage?
What can you do, today, to activate this within you?
It could be as simple as taking deep inhales, consciously accepting it in, letting it in, with deep gratitude, that you can breathe deeply and absorb that oxygen into the cells of your being.
Breathe, deeply.
And know, just know, how connected you really are - you just have to bring your conscious awareness to it.
You are the entire intuition, use all of it.
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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