‘You’ve changed - We’re supposed to!’

‘You’ve changed - We’re supposed to!’

Last week, I kept seeing this meme/quote every time I opened my Facebook and instagram feed for some reason.

And it made me realise… yes, I sure have change.

I remember being out at Dad’s out west, back in February and I think doing an energy update - or writing a blog - or something and the message came through that in six weeks your life will look extremely different and I had no idea what that meant and obviously couldn’t fathom anything like this, it never entered my mind. And yet, here I am, on this beautiful land in this beautiful space, with this Heart centred conscious man, that gratitude doesn’t convey the feeling.

I’ve definitely changed and that meme - made me realise - yes, we are supposed to.

I was so in my patterns back home on the coast - I had wanted to move from that place since 2017 but not knowing where, how or just… feeling so stuck and even though my physical home is technically still there and everything in storage - this here now, with these chickens that have broken through my Heart? (Let alone everything else 😉) I have never had chickens, nor Ferrets (Adaya has 2 Ferrets now as we are not allowed to have them in Queensland!) All these new things, all these new realities, adjusting, grounding and this new way of being, being embodied, lived… which is what I have always wanted without knowing that - or, allowing myself the permission to have that perhaps… tricky to describe!

‘The Chicken Whisperer’ Lucas calls me! Ever since I connected to them (for I didn’t for the first few weeks, just didn’t feel it or something!) they began laying… lots of eggs!

We’ve been smashing through all sorts of realities out here in this realm. So many people’s beliefs and theories about things and we are just over here experiencing the complete opposite of everything they say - lots of bubbles of realities, being broken and our reality - being lived… because we both know the power of creating our reality - no matter what anyone outside of us, no system, no person, no nothing says - it comes from within us. And hence, we are creating it so.

Yep, I’ve changed!

I’ve changed the way I work, the way I show up, the balance of home life and work - which was wwwaaaayyyyy out of whack back home - yet at the same time, that is what I chose to do, to build what I have to create the freedom to be where I am now. There is no way I would’ve been able to be here, had I not done that….. everything for a reason.

I’ve changed, rattled many cages in the way that I have changed - the way I turn up for people or not - I have definitely changed and that began back in Oct/Nov last year - things HAD to change, I just wasn’t sure how… but they started to unravel back then - it’s been a process.

People have been triggered in the way I now show up - and this is called boundaries have been placed in the way I show up, that again, began in Oct/Nov last year and people didn’t like it. Yet, I chose to put me first. And that always makes dreams become reality - no matter how hard it is to set such boundaries.

It wasn’t until mid last year - I began even having time for myself after my 18 month 18 hour work stint… I began to have time at night time again (chose to - always choosing every piece of this). I chose to make sure I stopped work (most nights) and chilled out or spent time with Adaya - gosh, even began cooking meals again! I became so busy, take out and easy food, was how I continued to work.

Being here - has changed me yes, but the slow unravelling of ‘get out of work mode’ began mid last year… and - now, living the life of the reason I built this business in the first place. To have the freedom to do what I want, when I want - on my terms, all the time.

I create my own schedule, I choose what I teach, what I share, what I want to do all the time. Whether I want to sleep in or work or be outside or choose to do what I want… well - that was always the level of freedom I wanted and now I have - dreams coming true all the time now.

In this bubble of Magic out here - the Mists Of Avalon - to me, feels like we are in another realm out here. It is different energy to Dad’s out west where I was in Broken Hill, where I was born - that is desert, red dirt outback country - here, is golden white gum trees - and sooo many of them. The Eucalyptus Oil - connected to Aquamarine - Simplification in The Liquid Crystals - I certainly have been in this that is for sure!

As I had shared in a previous post, being here off grid, has taught me to slow down - so much - something that for the past 4 years has been FULL ON BUSY - all the time, not ‘busy’ just full schedule - creating, building and out here I have HAD to stop. And it has been a godsend.

Making me face my feelings that ‘full schedule’ keeps me avoiding - the deepest wounds shifting and surfacing to face - the things that I didn’t even know were there.

And then there is the webs of reality breaking and shifting.

You know how I always talk about the webs of life - it is like we are on a spider web, and there are layers of them on top of one another and we continue to rise through each one - our web of reality, keeps moving up to the next one - and then the threads snap as we release into the next web of reality of ascension to the next level - there has been plenty of that going on as I shift into this person out here.

The Divine Balance - that I have worked deep, within since August 2018 when those powerful Triple Goddess and Triune God Meditations flowed through me that clear generational woundings - this internal Divine Balance I have been working with since then… has now rippled out into my physical reality.

And what magic this is, what divine bliss, divine synchronistic unfolding of all that is my Life Purpose - more than I ever saw - but the feeling… so on point, even through the hard bits - that underlying feeling - when there is that level of Peace in the underlying feeling - that, is when you know, you are on path - no matter what it looks like - as usually it is a different ‘vision’ - to what you thought it was supposed to look like - but the feeling - that is the alignment piece that certainty feeling is all that you need to follow… and trust - but act on it - to lead you to your dream life coming from the ethers, from your Heart, rippling out into physical manifestation. 

It has been super challenging to run an online business off grid - however, somehow I have been managing and it is getting easier every single day, grounding down and now… this space… is the birth place of so much wanting to flow out of me - I am very grateful to be here, for what I know is coming this next few weeks of creation mode, in full flow of what I am being called to do, why I am here and why Lucas and I have been brought together…

“It’s Written.”

All because I stretched myself into more faith and trust than ever before… acting on my intuition that always leads, to your dreams turning into reality, if you only dare walk the line that you can’t see the path of - but know, in your Heart - it is right.

That - is all you need to walk in - that line of Faith that the Heart is guiding you on.

That’s all.

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you are ready - to walk that line of faith - and birth your Life Purpose that is:

~  totally unique

~ not on the planet yet

~ struggle with people telling you, you can’t but know you have to - or your Soul will die!

~ wonder how on Earth you can

~ not sure how to even start

~ start but stop and sabotage yourself

~ know that this is the right path for you but everyone tells you, you can’t and this makes you go around in circles

~ need support from those that walk outside the norms of reality

~ want to bring this spiritual stuff into the corporate/mainstream world, but know you are walking a fine red line doing so and need support with that

~ wanting and ready to Master your intuition to the next level

~ ready to take the leap that sees you not turning back and diving into the dream reality that keeps daydreaming distracting you each and every time (you can’t do your normal work because you’re constantly thinking about this!)

Life Purpose Accelerator, my Inner Circle is the place for you and exactly ‘where’ you are able to do this, to be fully supported in your crazy, out there ideas and birth the unique to you, Life Purpose that your Soul is calling you to do step out and do, you’ve just been scared to, to date about it!

Click here for all the details for Life Purpose Accelerator - this is the Inner Circle for Rising Lightworker’s and Ancient Blooded Healers, or send me a message with any questions about it: https://www.realityawareness.com/life-purpose-accelerator


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