Your Dreams - Your Sleep Dreams, Day Dreaming & Your Waking Dreams 🌙💫

Your Dreams - Your Sleep Dreams, Day Dreaming & Your Waking Dreams 🌙💫

Some people believe that your sleep dreams are totally separate to your waking dreams. 

Daydreaming is just as important as sleeping dreams - they both decipher Clairvoyant information that your intuition is communicating to you - but are you paying attention? 

There is the information that is conveyed to you in your sleeping dream state, that sometimes makes no logical sense whatsoever - what do you do with that information? 

Do you brush it off and think, gosh that was weird and then not think about it again? 

Do you realise that intuition never usually makes logical sense? 

Do you realise your power lays in writing it down with pen and paper, not in a device typing it with the keyboard? 

You may never have the logical understanding come to you about your sleeping dream, yet, there is deep power in writing it down anyway. 

Your Daydreams are just as important as your sleeping dreams. Do you brush those off too? Or do you catch yourself as you come back to consciousness and realise that you were just shown a vision? 

Are you... paying attention? 

This is a profound aspect of Clairvoyance that many miss - yet, if your intuition is CONSTANTLY communicating with you - how can it not be your intuition, these sleep dreams and day dreams? 

The gift comes in deciphering it and just like any skill, that takes practise. 

The third aspect of Dreaming - is your Waking Dreams, your Goals - do you have them? 

Are you clear about where you want to be in 2 years time, 5 years time, 10 years time? 

If not, why not? 

Do you want to be in the same position you are today? Do you want to be complaining about the same things you are today? (What are you even doing complaining btw!? ðŸ˜‰) 

Do you have a dream? A dream for a  better world, a more loving world, a more stable supportive and world that shares in the values of equality and deep empowerment for all? That love and cares for the Earth we live on? 

Are you, doing something about that? What are you contributing to Humanity? What are your goals, desires - what are your dreams? 

If you could be doing ANYTHING  you wanted to in the world, what would you be doing? 

Would you still be working at your 9-5? 

Or would you be doing what you want when you want, creating and contributing to Humanity with what is calling and pouring through your Soul? What is wanting to be birthed out of you? 

Sometimes we are not clear on what we want to be doing, but we know we are not happy in our current position. 

Yet, when we have a goal to get out of our current position - a plan - you begin to change your energy field - you change your energy field from being disempowered and feeling helpless and down right agitated, to empowered and fulfilled because you have some where to go other than where you currently are. 

It could mean travelling somewhere, it could mean creating a life where you don't have to wake up and work for someone else, that you can be completely supported and fulfilled living your entire Life Purpose ON PURPOSE. 

"Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about CREATING yourself."

Wishing and hoping isn't how it works. 'For the lucky ones' - isn't how it works. 

Your Dreams are created, your Dream life is created, by CREATING IT! 

By turning up and using your VISION to propel you forward every single day. 

Sometimes our vision can be blocked, or our dreams are not clear, or we have no idea why or how, because sometimes we are so far away and out of alignment with our Soul's vision and hard to even see this, becaues for so long you have been ignoring your dreams and your hearts calling out of fear or some other reason (fill in the blank!) - that there is always something your mind will tell you, you can't! 

The 'lucky' ones - they created their own luck. 

The 'successful' ones - they created their own success. 

Mindset, deep dedicated Soul vision, purpose and calling alignment - not once or twice here and there. 


Every single day you are given a new opportunity to rise from the ashes and start anew. 

Every single BREATH even - you are given a new opportunity to CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANT - rather than what you don't want. 

It start's, by you saying 'I CAN' instead of I can't - even when you don't know how you can. 

It start's by you choosing to believe that there IS a way to make your Dreams happen, even if you don't know how right this second. 

It start's by you choosing to believe that you MAKE the time, rather than continue the I can't, I don't words.

Your Sleep Dreams, your Day Dreams, your Waking Dreams are deeply interwoven and interconnected. 

Are you paying attention? 

The same, repetatitve signs, the same repetative feelings about not being able to interpret something - YET - gives rise to you focusing on your Dreams. 

And when you begin to focus on them, even when they don't make logical sense? 

That is where the alchemy comes in - the combination of a pile of information in atomic cells, is being placed into your awareness and when you focus on those three - your Sleep Dreams, your Day Dreams and your Waking Dreams - that is a recipe for pure Soul Vision that comes to Life. 

The question is, do you trust it? 

Do you trust your Clairvoyance showing you this path you are on? Even when, perhaps right now it doesn't make logical sense to do the thing? 

Even when the logical mind will tell you, you can't and you have no idea how you can, but in your SOUL - you know you HAVE TO? 

THAT is how Dreams are Created. 

That is how the 'lucky' ones, get lucky. 

That is how the 'successful' ones, get successful. 

The difference between you and them, is that they chose to believe... in the power of their Dreams. 

And did it anyway. 

Do you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘

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