Your Zen Space at Home

Your Zen Space at Home

Sometimes, you can have the perfect living space, the perfect items in the perfect places and it still doesn't feel good. 

There are many reasons why this can feel like this at times and the most important part is remembering to clear your own energy and that of your home on a frequent basis. 

You should be clearing your own energy minimum twice a day, just like you would have a shower, you should be clearing your energy at the same time. You can do this simply by imagining the water coming out of the shower head, to be like a waterfall of white light cleansing and clearing your energy, inside your body, and outside your body in your Aura (the energy bubble around your body) and imagine all the debris, dust and energy that is not yours, being washed down the drain. 

You can easily clear your home's energy, by visualising a waterfall of white light over the front doorway, so anyone who walks in the door, leaves all the energy that is not their's outside your home, so it isn't brought into your home. 

Another important tool, is to visualise your entire home full of white light, as it dissolves away anything that is not of 100% light, leaving your home feeling fresh, clean and clear. It will feel lighter and you will feel more relaxed. 

Last tip for now, is to imagine as you vacuum and/or mop the floors, you can imagine the vacuum sucking up any negativity that may be 'sitting on the floor', so your home will feel extra clean, clear and like you can truly relax into your energy in your home. 

I was featured in Redfin's blog 'Why Your Home Doesn't Feel Zen and How to Fix It', where you can also find more tips from other amazing contributors to support the energy cleansing of your Home. Click here to read it. 

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑


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