The most powerful thing you can do to amplify your intuition 🦅

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Energy - Reading and understanding your own energy and how to shift your energy, especially if it's not yours!!

What are you willing to do to create the life you want?

Morning and Evening Routines, Self Care and showing up and doing the work!!

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Cleansing with Sage


How I use Sage to cleanse my devices, healthy cords of attachment to people and of course my Home 🤍

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Your Zen Space at Home

Your Zen Space at Home

Sometimes, you can have the perfect living space, the perfect items in the perfect places and it still doesn't feel good. 

There are many reasons why this can feel like this at times and the most important part is remembering to clear your own energy and that of your home on a frequent basis. 

You should be clearing your own energy minimum twice a day, just like you would have a shower, you should be clearing your energy at the same time. You can do this simply by imagining the water coming out of the shower head, to be like a waterfall of white light cleansing and clearing your energy, inside your body, and outside your body in your Aura (the energy bubble around your body) and imagine all the debris, dust and energy that is not yours, being washed down the drain. 

You can easily clear your home's energy, by visualising a waterfall of white light over the front doorway, so anyone who walks in the door, leaves all the energy that is not their's...

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Live Psychic Readings 🔮

Live Psychic Readings ðŸ”®
Transcendence Early Bird Closing in a few hours!
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Do you know why I am obsessed with this filter lately?

Do you know why I am obsessed with this filter lately?
Because it describes my life right now - MAGICKAL SPARKLES EVERYWHERE.
The density is lifting.
The Heart is being felt.
The Truth is being seen.
The Magic is appearing out of nowhere.
The LIGHT is here.
The plummets of betrayal, of lies, of darkness that has surfaced - is because it is SHIFTING.
It doesn't appear otherwise.
Nothing becomes conscious and shifts without... it becoming conscious!
As hard as the last few.... MONTHS have been - there is LIGHT EVERYWHERE.
There is such a high frequency of energy and LIGHT EVERYWHERE you only need to tune into it to feel it.
If you can't feel it and it all feels too dense, consciously connect to the Light and ask for the density to be removed - but sit there long enough for it to shift.
I am not talking about sitting there not...
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Boundaries, Empaths & Their Families

Boundaries, Empaths & Their Families

The hardest thing to do for a Highly Sensitive Empath is set boundaries - with their families! 

Of course, setting boundaries to start with at all is tricky, feels uncomfortable and not normal! 

However, the hardest thing a highly sensitive empath that is breaking the chain of abuse, emotional turmoil and the generational patterns of everything that hasn't been in true alignment - is setting boundaries with the ones they love! 

Now, you might think, 'Oh, I actually don't love them anymore with how much they have hurt me! I don't speak to them anymore because of this!"

And whilst that may be somewhat true - the reality is that your inner child inside of you is craving and desiring their love, affection, attention and acceptance. 

This is why inner child work is so important when facing the reality of your current and past situation - it is here, that the groundwork can really amplify and take you through it, rather...

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5 Quick Tips to tell if you're carrying someone's energy and what to do about it:

5 Quick Tips to tell if you're carrying someone's energy and what to do about it:

1 - All of a sudden emotions change without a real definite/immediate trigger and you’ve been feeling awesome before for quite a time. Learn to follow the 'thread'.

2 - “Stories” out of control. It is really hard to get out of your head and your mind is constantly running about all things black and white and all in between. Basically you are feeling like a crazy person and wondering wtf is going on! When you feel stuff - anything - your mind will ALWAYS try and figure out what it is your are feeling - analyse, yet, this will drive you insane, because your mind will only be drawing on similar feelings from your past/body memory and attaching these stories to them when ultimately all that you need to do is to train yourself to learn how to feel without analysing everything you feel so you can move through it, rather than being victim to it.

3 - Can’t stop yourself from behaviours...

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Sounds silly right? Yet, I do. 

Right now, we are in this portal that I keep talking about. If you look back over the years, this time of year is always quite.... shedding one could say. 

It is when we are either going into a caterpillar cocoon into the darkness - or are the seed in the darkness of the soil that we don't realise is a seed about to hit the surface and feel the light again... 


We are coming out of the cocoon already, or we've already broken the surface of the soil and are feeling the light again. 

I will keep reminding you that we are in this portal of Halloween/Samhain - this is the marking point of heading into the dark winter... in the Northern Hemisphere of course. 

Then, on top of that, we are heading into Scorpio... one of the darkest Astrological signs for the simple fact that it is DEEP, dark, mysterious and mighty sensual. 

Many are experiencing right now: 

  • depression
  • a loss of motivation,...
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Understanding Your Energy

Understanding Your Energy

If you understand and activate this concept I am about to share with you, you will start to become highly intuitive, psychic and clear in what your inner guidance is showing you/telling you/guiding you. 

This may seem simple, this may seem like a no brainer, it might seem like it doesn't do much at first, yet when this powerful concept flowed through me whilst I was teaching a Lightfilled Yoga class back in 2014, it has become the cornerstone and backbone of every teaching since. 


What does that even mean? 

In short, it means occupying space. When applied to 'Your Spatial Awareness' - this is where we really amp up your intuition, psychic abilities and your deep awareness of self. 

Your Spatial Awareness is the area and space around you. One may call it their Aura, but I am going to take it a step further. There are many layers to your Aura, but there is more than just the bubble around you. 


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