You're way more intuitive than you think you are!

how to trust your intuition Oct 15, 2021

You're way more intuitive than you think you are!

Those out of the blue thoughts when you catch yourself thinking about someone.

Those memories of a past lover randomly come to mind that start quelling in your heart. That you snap yourself out of a daydream style space and get back to what you were doing.

Those thoughts that you start thinking about how you want to go and do something 'like camping' but that isn't on your agenda anytime soon, nor been in your train of thought recently.

That wave of a situation from your past washes over you and you start thinking about it when you were just minding your own business.

When you are clear in your energy - you notice these sensations, but you don't act on them.

Yet, sometimes you do. And then you wonder why you did that?

You are so much more intuitive than you realise dear one.

You do things, take action on things, just being who you are in your day to day life - without even realising you are receiving intuition and acting upon it.

You eat certain foods naturally when you deeply tune in and listen to what your body is asking for.

The difference is being able to decipher if it is what your intuition is sharing - or whether you are picking up somebody else's energy.

It isn't that you may be carrying it (although sometimes we very much do!), but if someone thinks of you, wonders what you are doing perhaps, if someone is in their stuff and emotions about a situation with you of the past - there is an energy thread, a cord, a channel if you may, between you and them and you

  • Start thinking about it
  • Start having memories about the situation
  • Hear a song in your mind or want to put a particular song on that reminds you of that time
  • Start to feel the emotions related to that situation

I notice this so much. And I notice it deeply in my flow.

I notice when I pick up my phone more than usual expecting a text but it hasn't come through and then I remember this usually happens to me when someone is tuning into me, either just thinking about me, or are reading my blog or watching my livestream and most of the time - I get confirmation of that, even though I wasn't 'asking' for it.

Only takes a moment to tune in, to follow that energy thread, to know why I started thinking about that person, thinking about a thing or start wanting to do a thing.

Sometimes I am not 100% aware of it - but receive confirmation of it later on.

Like when I was then talking to a friend who has gone camping on the weekend and I was like, 'Ah, that's why I randomly thought that I wanted to go camping!' It wasn't me....

The difference here with picking up someone's energy, is that it was fleeting.

Or I pick up my phone to message to book that appointment and then pause when I actually take a moment to feel into if I actually need to book that appointment in this moment right now and I don't... and then I realise they've been watching my livestreams, reading my blogs.

The importance here, is that Intuition is fleeting yes.

And the difference between being in tune of who is tuning into you or whether you actually need to act on the intuition you receive, is the latter is that it is gentle and fleeting yes, but it is also quietly repetitive.

It is that gentle tap on the shoulder that doesn't go away until you do it.

It is that thing on your mind that you know you need to do that is in alignment with your heart, that is taking you where you want to go and a direct awakening to your Life Purpose.

Carrying someone's energy is quite the opposite and drains you. (and there is a reason for this happening, which is a whole subject in itself!)

That gentle tap on your shoulder, quietly repetitive Intuition?

That brings you alive when you take the first step and do what that first bit of intuition is gently nudging you to do and is quietly in your mind almost 24/7.

That gentle tap - when you do it? You turn that tap ON baby!

And it flows, it ALL flows.

And totally brings you alive, totally frees you, totally makes you FLY.

When you gently pick up the thread of someone tuning into you, you can ask energetically how they are, and/or send them light. You may need to reach out to them, maybe not.

Yet, your Intuition will give you the clarity you need.

Do you listen to your Intuition?

Do you sense people?

Do you know the difference between carrying someone's energy and just saying hi energetically?

The feeling of saying hi energetically and carrying someone is very noticeable. Do you know the difference?

And in that, can you decipher your own Intuition in the mix?

You're way more intuitive than you realise, you just have to strengthen the relationship you have with your intuition that is all, yet most of the time you are doing it so innately in tune and connected - so don't doubt yourself, okay beautiful one?

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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