I can pick and choose when I want to work and with whom I want to work. 

I create my entire reality and can do what I want when I want. 

I love what I do and do what I love - including sitting on the beach on a Monday morning, when everyone else is 'at work'. 

Just over 3 years ago, I got ripped apart for posting a photo on social media for 'laying around on the beach on a Monday morning when everyone else is at work'. The person was an awesome key board warrior and a member of my family. Instead of communicating on facebook, I picked up the phone and called her. Of course, she didn't answer. And still to this day, there has been no contact. 

I am also a highly sensitive empath who is deeply in tune and I feel that this memory has come back recently, because I have been picking them up intuitively. Meaning, I can feel them talking about me again recently. So.. of course I will post another photo.. on Monday morning.. on the beach... 🤣I am living my life for me, after all ❤️

I am also highly in tune with what my body needs and this morning, it was the 36 degree (C) hot sun... when I know, as I have trained myself this way - to check in with what the weather is doing coming up and plan my schedule accordingly. It is going to rain again from tomorrow, so I planned my days accordingly. 

Let alone, does knowing what the weather is doing, what the ocean tides are doing, what the sun and our Earth is doing - does this not only keep me in flow - but it makes me more connected to not only our Earth, but to myself. 

I know what energies are what and what it takes to get super clear in my energy again and be at my highest peak and sometimes that involves laying around on the beach on a Monday morning gaining some essential vitamin D - because I can! 

A lot of people 'fail' - because they choose to STOP. 

Failure only happens BECAUSE you stopped. 

If I let every comment, every negative shut down, every ripping me apart that totally breaks my heart at times (well, not so much anymore these days) - the hardest part is always at the start... and then we get into  the groove, we start to not only understand but LIVE through it and so we win BECAUSE we never gave up. 

If you shut your own self down, stopped everything, deleted everything and hid away never to be seen again, because of someone's words or energy - you failed. And hence you are fulfilling your own FEARS - because that is all they are. Fears. 

If you dusted yourself off and got back up and CONTINUED, no matter how 'bad it felt' no matter how 'hard' it was, no matter 'what they said', no matter who stays or leaves you - because you know this is YOUR LIFE, not theirs and they are only picking you apart because of a bad nights sleep, their own unfulfilled dreams and thrive off gossip and drama and other people's business because they have not the courage to REALLY go after their own dreams and LIVE THEM - then you WIN and you THRIVE and you... life the life of your dreams. 



But worth it yes. 

Worth all the blood, sweat, tears and complete walk away from realities you never thought you'd ever walk away from. 

There comes a point in time where you either choose to give up and walk away, because their opinion is worth more to you than your dreams - or you choose to walk away from them that are putting you down in the first place and go and live YOUR LIFE, on YOUR TERMS, YOUR WAY ❤️

Remember, the hardest point comes because you are about to break through - but most give up and 'it's too hard' and 'I can't because blah blah blah' - your mind will ALWAYS tell you why you can't - it just depends if you believe and give energy to your mind... or your Heart. 

Does it mean that I always lay around on the beach? 

Not yet. 

Does that mean it hasn't been hard? 

Phew! NO! 

Tech frustrations, trying to figure it out, wondering how I am going to pay rent some weeks in the start, wondering how it is going to work NOW when I know what the big picture plan is - but the now is important, wondering if I will ever get a break, wondering how it will shift... 

BUT - I kept going... 

And now... all those questions are answered.. and clear.. and where Reality Awareness is heading - is better, bigger and even more sustainable than I ever saw before. 

However, I was not shown that at the start. 

I just knew I had to do this. 

And I kept turning up to each step - even when it didn't make logical sense, like how am I going to pay that mentor or that bill or argh - if I had let those things stop me? Trying to figure out the how or stressing about if it will work - I just didn't. I just didn't even focus on them. I just kept doing the next thing and knew deep down - that everything always works out. 

My trust in Universe/Angels/Guides/My Soul - to support me? THAT - is where your true source of Income comes from.... no one, and no where else. How strong is your faith really? 

The trust in my Soul's calling was more important than figuring out the how. Or worrying about it. I knew I would be shown every single step of the way - and I have been and continue to be. 

Than worrying about how bills were going to be paid, or my daughter and I fed. I just. Kept. Going. No matter how hard, or how much I wanted to give up in those first 18  months online. (That birthing cycle again!) 

Following that big picture vision that... is more grander and incredible... now I am here and see this part. 

Yet - the faith to get here... the frustrations at learning the tech or the knock backs from family and friends that I left behind along the way. 

I just. Kept. Going. 

No. Matter. What. 

Every knock back or fall down - was just another reason to get back up and keep going. 

Because failure and stopping.. was never an option. 

My Heart and Soul's calling wasn't built for that. Plus I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I wasn't doing this, my Soul's work, no matter how 'hard' at times... so ha! 

At the end of the day, who is more important? 


Or you? 

Who, are you really choosing? 

Your Heart - is the one that has always been cheering you on, just depends - if you're letting it be the most powerful supporter you will ever know ❤️

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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