We are not the Dark OR the Light

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We are not the Dark OR the Light
We are not Black OR White
We are ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME - in ALL REALITIES existing at once - the good the bad, the hate, the love - ALL of it exists at the same time.
If you think you are this label or that label - you are not integrating the entire picture of reality and therefore missing out on the key of LIFE.
Remember how months ago, I kept saying, it is only going to get worse before it gets better? I think we are ALMOST at that peak - but not quite just yet.. there is still more to come in my intuitive sense about it.
Humanity is almost reaching a tipping point... but we are not there yet.
In my January 2020 Prediction when the Star Being came through to me and got me out of my Float to download/channel a message that i then had to go home and livestream about - the Star Being said this would go on until 2022. Yes, that long. Now some have said longer - but this 'feeling' of what we are in now, uncertainty, tyranny and becoming super conscious of everything that is wrong in the world - will go on until 2022 - but no real big change until then. August will see a 'hit' of change, but then subside and not until March/April 2022 I am getting the message of will things really shift the way we know they can.
Why so long?
Spiritual Awakenings aren't pretty and right now - Humanity as a whole is undergoing this.
Remember your Spiritual Awakening?
It was messy, hurtful, extremely painful, shocking, distraught feelings 99% of the time, feeling like you don't belong, like no body understands you where ever you go and wondering what on Earth just happened and is happening.
That's what the World is going through right now - even the Spiritual communities are freaking out... yet - my forte, my Life Purpose is helping people through their Spiritual Awakening and getting them on track with their Life Purpose because THAT is the reason people awake - because it is time to live their Life Purpose.
However, if they do not deal with what they have awakened of the reality to in their life and consciously deal with the traumas they have been carrying since the dawn of time - they will stay in anger, frustration and project this onto others until they do the deep inner work.
When we look at this on a global scale, the true Lightworkers, the true Ancient Blooded Healers know that we do this work on the inside to shift the external.
The Dark Chaos, the 'corrupt' agencies running the globe - is simply unconsciousness and when we go inside and speak to these unconscious parts of ourselves (Shadow Work) and deeply shift out the traumas that are binding them to your Soul, to your Energy field - then they transform and that ripples out into the world.
All those 'bad' people out there in the world?
That's just your subconscious wanting to become conscious of itself! IT'S WAVING A RED FLAG AND NOW RIOTING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION! This is about YOU! Fix/transform you, fix/transform the world 💥
The Darkness is Transforming before our very eyes - but if you feel powerless at how to change it - oh please go inside and talk to that powerless part of yourself! Do you see now? Feel angry that others are ripping others down and separate and divide is working amongst the most powerful Lightworkers? Go inside and talk to the part of you that is angry! Feel hurt that others are hurting others? Go inside and talk to the part of you that is hurt - the answers of 'what to do' - lay WITHIN YOU - AND guess what - they have the key of what to do next to transform this world chaos.
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People are scared of the Dark - well honey - it's rioting in your streets now to get your attention are you going to look within yet at the Shadow they are representing to you??
Almost like a video game - where you ding down the bad guys - when you go inside and do Shadow Work/Subconscious Trauma work - you are dinging down a 'bad guy out there in todays world' - how?
Do the work, the REAL work...
And watch the world Transform before your very eyes.
The work, works - IF you do the damn work!
#saidmypiece #rantover
Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen 👑
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