When DREAMS come into REALITY 💎

Soooo amazing being down here for this Liquid Crystal event! My heart is full and I feel like I have 'come home'. I have recollected more parts of myself and... confirmed so much of this past year for me! I am ready to do my practitioner certification now!  

I have taken The Liquid Crystals for YEARS thank you to Jade, my amazing friend and practitioner for all her guidance and dispensing them to me and now... being here after taking them intuitively and all the messages and life experiences on them and last night all the crystals that 'just happened to be spoken about' let alone The Liquid Trees that have called me and I have taken alongside The Liquid Crystals have blown my mind. I left that building bawling my eyes out crying with how much confirmation of everything that has channeled through me this past year especially since taking what I did for 5 months continuously along side Oak Tree.  

What I have been receiving in my meditations, let alone what I channel -...

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