When DREAMS come into REALITY 💎

Soooo amazing being down here for this Liquid Crystal event! My heart is full and I feel like I have 'come home'. I have recollected more parts of myself and... confirmed so much of this past year for me! I am ready to do my practitioner certification now!  

I have taken The Liquid Crystals for YEARS thank you to Jade, my amazing friend and practitioner for all her guidance and dispensing them to me and now... being here after taking them intuitively and all the messages and life experiences on them and last night all the crystals that 'just happened to be spoken about' let alone The Liquid Trees that have called me and I have taken alongside The Liquid Crystals have blown my mind. I left that building bawling my eyes out crying with how much confirmation of everything that has channeled through me this past year especially since taking what I did for 5 months continuously along side Oak Tree.  

What I have been receiving in my meditations, let alone what I channel - especially this Reconfiguring Energetic Codes? #omg was that, just a Liquid Crystals?! Sooo in awe, deeply humbled and almost like wow Hannah you've been taking all of these for so long, learning them intuitively and now to put all the confirmation and pieces together?! WOAH.  

THANK YOU!!!!!  

It has always been in my field to do the practitioner certification, but like everything - every opportunity to build another business, every course, every thing that in this past 3 years, people have offered to be that definitely something were SUPER hard to say no to - but I KNEW that they were ONLY pulling me away from what I knew I was meant to do. I KNEW I had to KEEP saying no to so many things that yes, sure, they would’ve been amazing, but would’ve pulled me away from my purpose, from the life, that I was creating, from what Spirit was co-creating THROUGH me. I had to protect this space.  

It is why, 4 years ago, I stopped teaching in person classes, it is why I moved away from contracting for anyone and in January 2016 I completely worked for Reality Awareness and Reality Awareness alone. No contracting for anyone else, no nothing. Complete Reality Awareness.  

After 3 years of dedicated, consistent turning up… look where I am now. And - I had to get REALLY GOOD at saying NO! ðŸ¤£  

No to ANYTHING that pulled me off my purpose, pulled me away from my path, from what my Soul and Spirit were guiding me to do!   Yes, intimate relationships distracted me (in a way) in the start. I was LONGING to build this WITH someone. After fall out, after fall out (message me if you want my fall out stories! I have many blogs about them and what they taught me!) I realised and came to a deep place of PROTECTION - not in a closed heart, never wanting nor going to be in a relationship again protected BUT in a protective, self care, self esteem and ON MY TERMS relationship.  

I am NOT someone’s housewife, nor will I ever be! I am DEDICATED to my purpose and if someone even steps over that line of expecting me to be someone else - well, these grateful life lessons shows me nowadays, they don’t even get a look into my energy field.  

Anyway, the point is that here I am sitting here, gazing out the ocean from my balcony, from this divine space (and next time will bring my surfboard! The waves are pumping!) with my laptop, with my new car, with my daughter, answering clients, writing this flow for you after being in that Liquid Crystal energy that has left me in complete AWE. Humbled, speechless and just sooo much gratitude.  

I wouldn’t be able to be here, without my TEAM - which, you’ll be introduced to my VA this coming week, because you might have noticed I have been a bit behind on things, that’s because Reality Awareness is growing and my client base is growing rapidly, let alone the other expansion spaces Reality Awareness is moving into, I wouldn’t be able to continue growing without my team! I wouldn’t be able to be here without Ali caring for our dear animals (thank you so much Ali), I wouldn’t be able to keep growing without my VA coming in… so, I will be able to support you more and more and more and CONTINUE to GROW like I am with Reality Awareness and what Spirit is guiding me to do with this space.  

Being here for this Liquid Crystal event? (Super looking forward to tomorrow night with it!!) This? Is like THE BIGGEST REWARD and #itstime after all these years of being on The Liquid Crystals and now preparing to do the Practitioner Certifications - what a gift after saying NO and turning down even these certifications because I KNEW I had to FOCUS to build what I have… and this is 3 years of dedicated FOCUS to build this online space that was soooo deeply calling me since 2005 when I was first spiritually awakened and when this entire journey began in the first place.  

I am deeply humbled to be here and wouldn’t you know it, it was June 2015, that I began learning about how to do this online stuff and by January 2016, dropped teaching and contracting for anyone else and gave Reality Awareness my FULL focus and dedication.  

In February 2016 I wanted to leave the planet… yet, I stayed and pushed through some of the hardest relationship turmoil I have ever experienced in my entire life at the same time trying to navigate this online space and wondering wtf I was doing… I am so glad I pushed through. In February 2019 I got the strong guidance to change Reality Awareness from a sole trader to a Company, released myself from the government support and have stopped receiving any child support from same and here we are, attending The Liquid Crystal event, that, shortly I will be doing my practitioner certifications in, as now…

NOW it is time.  

So from 2016-2019? What a shift hey?! Hang in there beautiful one!! YOU CAN DO IT!! If I can - YOU CAN TOO!! You just have to be WILLING and have the right support and tribe around you! (Send me a message if you don't have this support!)

Now I can start to stretch to other places, that for the past 3 years of solid dedication I have had to say NO to… and it wasn’t until this past 6-8 months, saying NO to any relationship that was 1 tiny skerrick off of alignment and it has seen me FLY in my business.   

I am the one I have been waiting for. My dedication, my love, my PASSION, my TRUST IN MYSELF to completely for 3 years, say no - to even certifications that I knew would expand me (ie The Liquid Crystals), to FOCUS, I knew, it wasn’t forever, it was only for a time… to enable me the freedom to do what I want, when I want, creating the life I want, with who I want, with the luxury I want, doing whatever course I want - it was only a time, before I now have the expanding team to support Reality Awareness, so we can expand it to the vision, that is taking this to a deep space to deeply support Reality Awareness for it’s fuel, it’s drive, it’s passion, it’s PURPOSE - Awakening the Consciousness of Humanity.  

When THAT flowed through me in 2006, after I graduated from a year long study as a Master Lightworker Practitioner, I was like, yes, well that makes sense. I didn’t know it would land me here, creating this beautiful space, that I am in today, with a team that greatly sees Reality Awareness’s vision, where it is going and what.. we are REALLY here to do, I just kept, following the steps and that vision, that I have seen, held and know since 2005-2006 - that…. Is now coming into reality.  

It is not a dream anymore, it is not a vision, it is not some idea in my head that EVERYONE along the way (well, 99% of people) - told me I was crazy, told me to stop doing this psychic shit, to stop doing it all and get a normal job and oh, btw, whilst you’re there, put your daughter in school too - even my ex told me I am psycho and that I need to go to a mental institution! No joke!  

And people wonder why I don’t talk to them anymore and you can start to grasp the concept of why I have such strong boundaries in place nowadays!  

Gratitude, doesn’t even come close to it. Words don’t even come close to how I feel, the awe, the gratitude the - THIS IS MY REALITY and my LIFE that I have created, my vision has LANDED and I am LIVING it now.  

The worlds most renowned and sort after Healer, Psychic and Life Purpose Mentor. Yes, that is me. At your Service beautiful Earth.  

I am here, I am listening, I am TRUSTING MYSELF over what ANYONE tells me I should do - I back right away from them - and continue to create the life, my heart, has always been calling me to, right from the start.  

Thank goodness hey?   

Can’t wait to finish my book! That’s why my team is coming in now - so I can! Well, that is just the first step, alongside certifications so I can share The Liquid Crystals more deeply with you, I’ve been taking them for years and to have that confirmation last night and get my Soul Crystal confirmed first go? Ah. #nowords  

So grateful!! Just… sooo grateful.  

This is the life I have ben journaling about for years. Creation, in action.   Total. BLISS.  

Love, Hannah
The Life Purpose Queen ðŸ‘‘  

P.S. Sooo excited for the second Liquid Crystal event tomorrow night!  

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