I feel like the veil of my being has been ripped open at my core...

ancient blooded healer ancient blooded healers business development dreams come true healing grief healing relationships how to heal your broken heart life purpose Oct 22, 2020

I feel like the veil of my being has been ripped open at my core... dozens, upon dozens of Black Crows, Ravens and all kinds of Black Birds are flying out of me, waves upon waves, of hearing the screeching calls.... 

Black darkness, isn't coming into me... 

It is coming OUT of me... 

That has been buried deep, deep within, no longer - can stay in who I am becoming - my truest self... 

And yet, the blackness - was a self made cocoon that I had created around myself because of everything that has happened to me over my entire life, all the hurt, all the pain, every little word that a passing comment in sarcasm that someone had made that pierced my deeply sensitive empath heart - I had enclosed myself in my own self made cocoon of darkness, all those words I let encase me in a shroud of darkness - that attracted more darkness... 

Until I chose to break open that chrysalis and set myself free. 

Nothing happens overnight and it certainly doesn't happen by giving up. 

ANYONE'S overnight success has a good 5-10 years of SOLID dedicated CONSISTENT every single day work. 

That means giving up weekends, that means giving up family and friends events, that means giving up festivals... 

NOTHING is built by imagining success. Yes, you have to do that too... but it also comes with taking dedicated, consistent action. And it certainly won't come from a negative disbelieving in self mindset. 

I feel energetically fragile, but the strongest I have felt in a long, long time. 


Because, that self made black dark cocoon I had encapsulated myself in - has been ripped open and all the darkness is leaving my system, nothing that is not of my highest self can stay anywhere close the vicinity of this... it walks beside me and all around me, but it is not me and I am not affected by it, for a I see the truth of who it is and I set myself and it free at the same time. 

We live in a 3D density right now - yes, we have access to other dimensions, frequencies and planes of existence - but the cold stark reality - is that we are HERE - right now and our Mastery is that of which we are right now. 

Breaking through to the next level of self, of service, of love, of abundance, is no easy task, no easy feat... 

But you won't get there by giving up, doubting yourself and not following through with what you are being guided to do. 

If you're not putting yourself out there and wondering why it isn't working - well, that is where you start. 

No one can find you if you are hiding away in your little cocoon of self loathing darkness. 

No longer will I tolerate the darkness within my body, mind or Soul.. 

But on the bed of my multi-talented therapist's table this morning with needles and all sorts sticking out of my body, piercing deep into my muscles, my meridians, my skeletal structure, a deep sadness as tears streamed down my face as the darkness left my body, screaming and howling waves of shrilling sounds as the thousands of black beings left my body... like a wave of birds swooping across the sky - back to the plane of existence in which they came. A deep reverence for all the darkness has taught me. 

It is here, that we Master this 3D plane, for only then when we are in deep reverence for all that we see in the mirror called life do we spread our wings and take flight... with great faith, consistency and a will of a Warrior, built upon an empire from the dawning since the spilt in the sheaths began. 

You are worth being able to Master your 3D reality... 

But you have to be willing to live at your complete fullest to do so. 

So, are you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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