How I handle overwhelm, frustration and more

A client asked me, how I handle overwhelm, frustration, disappointment and heavy energy and when I was sharing my answer with her, I felt the need to share it with you here too.

How do I handle it?  

My very first answer to her, was that I take time out and go and cry.  

I let myself deeply cry. I drop into grief.  

There is power in tears, there is power in emotional release.  

Some people say, you shouldn't sit in negativity, you shouldn't feel heavy feelings, you shouldn't focus on it.  

I say  to people who tell me what I SHOULD do.  

1. They don't know me  

2. They don't my feelings or my heart  

3. Someone who tells you, you SHOULD do something rather than supporting you where you are at, is to back the fuck away from them and keep going far, far away from them. Energetically, physically, the whole damn lot.  

4. We are human and on this Earth to FEEL - ALL of it. When we learn how to FEEL FAST - we SHIFT FAST. ...

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Feeling overwhelmed? This is the fastest & simplest thing to do


I felt really intuitively called to share this very fast, simple strategy to release overwhelm and fast. 

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