5 Powerful but Simple Steps to keep your energy high, your focus attuned and your life on track...

5 Powerful but Simple Steps to keep your energy high, your focus attuned and your life on track...

  1. When you get a thought or idea - do not doubt it. Just do it. Think about it later. If you are unsure, look for the signs, notice what you keep thinking about and...
  2. If it is in your energy field - you need to do something about it. Sometimes meditations are NOT ENOUGH to protect your field. If someone is in their emotional stuff, sometimes we need to take other action if they are not listening to your words. We live in a physical world. Physical boundaries, like house fences or Domestic Violence Orders, Parenting Orders, Legal Agreements are needed to protect us. 'Words are powerful, but actions are louder.' If you need to go through some sort of Court process, I always say to my clients, that yeah it is hell and fucked and shit to go through, yet - the sense of Freedom you feel when that document is stamped and in place - is something I cannot describe and you only understand once you do it. Speak to anyone who now has one and ask them about the Freedom they feel and how they can move on with their life and close that shit time of your life for good now. Don't just take my word for it. Oh, and, the children? Yeah, it is shit for them too - yet what is a couple of months or years if it takes that long - in the grand scheme of yours and theirs entire life to close that door once and for all? You have to ask yourself - what is more important - fear and drama or safety, freedom and peace?
  3. It's not about 'it's happening again' it's about how quickly you take action on it. Whatever action needs to be taken, if you sit in the indecision about it you stagnate, your body starts decaying, you get sick and you are constantly tired all the time. If you are low in energy or avoiding life in some way shape or form (addictions) - ask yourself "What is it that I am putting off that I know I need to do?" And go and do it right now babe.
  4. Not taking action will slow down your Intuition and Energy. If you don't take action your Intuition clogs up, backs up and eventually turns off the flow. (think a dam with it's walls closed - the wall is you not taking action on that piece of intuition). We are receiving Intuition all the time, so when you don't take action on the messages/intuition you get you block that flow and EVERYTHING backs up in EVERY area of your life. So - LISTEN & TAKE ACTION.
  5. Whether it is old or new - do it anyway. When you step up in your life in any way shape or form, when you honour your worth, value your time, energy and WHO YOU ARE - ALL OF YOU. You will always be challenged. You will more than likely always feel resistance. How much do you really want it? What are you willing to do to protect what it is important to you? To protect what you love? To have what you really want? If you have stepped up, know that the Universe hears you and backs you 100%. The 'dramas' that rear their head, the old people, places, stories, the OLD part of your life - are the last threads to be cut as soon as they show to allow you to be truly free to step into the life you are and have been working so hard to create, manifest and dream about that is already happening for you. Cut these threads and you will soar. I promise you. The Universe hears you. (If you didn't read my post on THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU CUT TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS FROM YOUR LIFE - then please do, so you can continue to let go and continue to soar in the direction of dreams, click here to read it: https://www.realityawareness.com/blog/this-is-what-happens-when-you-cut-toxic-people-situations-from-your-life)

You're worth it precious one - don't let another day slip by, without doing the things that you know your Heart and Soul are calling you to do, to stay on track. 

So what is that for you? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen  ðŸ‘‘

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