"Because they hate me."

"Because they hate me."

I would always come back to this. 

"Because they hate me."

For sooo long, many years, up until about 2 years ago... in session with my mentor at the time, I would always come back to, "Because they hate me.".

I can feel it from people. 

I would become friends with them, or meet new people or... have known them for a long time. 

Then they would become weird towards me. Distance themselves from me. Talk behind my back and I would just FEEL it all the damn time. 

And it broke my heart. 

Super lonely. No friends. No family. 

For so long, I felt this, over and over and over today. 

And yet, I have realised what it is. That one particular session with my mentor that day, unlocked something huge, that took me some time to process, or even feel the benefits of the work we did that day - because I would still FEEL the hate that people had for me - especially from the ones closest to me and still today, at times, it breaks my...

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Crystalline Chakra Journey - Welcome to the Sacral Chakra 🧡

Welcome to the Sacral Chakra 🧡
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