"Because they hate me."

ancient blooded healer empath dilemmas empath's gifts empaths feeling alone generational healing Nov 26, 2020

"Because they hate me."

I would always come back to this. 

"Because they hate me."

For sooo long, many years, up until about 2 years ago... in session with my mentor at the time, I would always come back to, "Because they hate me.".

I can feel it from people. 

I would become friends with them, or meet new people or... have known them for a long time. 

Then they would become weird towards me. Distance themselves from me. Talk behind my back and I would just FEEL it all the damn time. 

And it broke my heart. 

Super lonely. No friends. No family. 

For so long, I felt this, over and over and over today. 

And yet, I have realised what it is. That one particular session with my mentor that day, unlocked something huge, that took me some time to process, or even feel the benefits of the work we did that day - because I would still FEEL the hate that people had for me - especially from the ones closest to me and still today, at times, it breaks my heart - however, it doesn't because I have realised deeply, what is ACTUALLY going on underneath. 

"Because they hate me."

There are two factors to this... 

I was so upset, seeing so much hate and anger in the world.. It brought me to tears more than I could handle, seeing two of my beloved celebrities (Jim Carey & Bette Middler) back in 2018 hammering soooo much hate over a social media platform I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. 

It is what I broke down crying for, deeply in session with my mentor... why are they throwing sooo much hate into the world?? 

After some deep diving and digging... I was sooo upset and triggered by it, that it tapped into an untouched well, deep inside me, that I had buried... with how much hate and disgust I had for myself. 


It was a huge unlock and something that took some time to unravel. 

That I had buried deep inside me. 

That had caused me to believe that "Because they hate me." to everyone I meet and everyone I encounter, new people and old, long time friends and family people. 

And yet. It was true. I could FEEL it from them AND it was the only explanation when I felt them go weird towards me, distance from me, turn their back on me and then gossip and bitch about me.. when I hadn't even done anything wrong.. I was just being my full open self and that made them hate me. 

What had I done wrong?? 

There must be something wrong with me. 

That is what I believed. That.. no body loved me, liked me and being alone, well that is just how it is. Because if I do get close to someone, well, they just turn around and hate and leave me... because that is the story of my life. 

HOWEVER **cue realisation music** whatever that is 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 (Did you hear it in your head anyway!? Of course you did!)

The BIGGEST shift I have ever had in my life... has come from this... 



It is because I am deep.. 

It is because I pick up their subconscious stuff - sometimes that if I wasn't even in their life, they wouldn't ever have discovered it ever over this lifetime. 

It isn't that they hate me.. although there is a part of that hate - I had to clear out, deep in my body and vibration, from my energy field, that being the scapegoat of the family through childhood saw me take on and cop more than my fair share of emotional abuse, put downs and all kinds of things that made me believe that I am not loveable no matter what I do... so I better do MORE to be good enough and maybe they will love me. *cue life long exhaustion overload* 

I had buried so much of the projected hate into myself that needed clearing out - that is why it always felt like ANYONE ended up hating me. 

That was the conclusion I always came to. 

And yet, what was going on deep underneath that layer of hate? 

Is that I am a powerful, deeply grounded, shamanic Ancient Blooded Healer that feels the Earth rumbling in the neighbouring country. 

That my intuition runs into inter-dimensional realms of existence without any drugs

That I sense things deep in your psyche and subconscious you didn't even KNOW were sitting there - let alone how to piece together what is going in your body, life and energy field. 

That my GIFT is that I piece together all the parts you are missing and put the big piece of the puzzle together for you. 

This didn't happen overnight - meaning - I had to LEARN what was going on when I would just be talking away as my normal talking self and then people would look at me shocked, some would still be in shock asking me how I knew that and then I would be just as shocked looking back at them wondering why they are looking at me like that.. 'Isn't this normal?! Doesn't everyone see what I see?' 

It was a dawning moment... no. They don't apparently. 

And yet... all this time I thought something was wrong with me. 

That when the person I am speaking to, wasn't in shock... the other style of person would tell me I am crazy and put me down and therefore shut me down and I would walk away or sometimes sit there in a state of confusion, not knowing what just happened, because I was talking away and BOOM all of a sudden I have said and done something wrong, just by talking away that I do normally and the person I am.. crazy for that? 

I would be confused, second guess myself.. wonder why I thought that.. 

And yet... what was going on? 

Is that I just tapped into their subconscious without even realising it because that is just who I am... it triggered them that I even knew their deepest darkest secrets that they haven't ever told a Soul before... and that?

That scares them. 

And so they flick and turn it all on me, sometimes they are not even conscious it has triggered a deep skeleton in the closet secret.. sometimes they realise it later on that I was right or what I said was truth.... but they would never admit that... ever. 

What I have realised.. 

Is that people don't hate me (well some do!) 

And yet, all that that is - is not the hate perse.. 

But the deep subconscious stirrings that I have made rumble deep down inside them and start to surface... 


I am deep.. and I don't even need to be next to you to awaken what is slumber inside of you. 

I Activate Within You to Realise the Truth of Who You Are 💎

I am The Life Purpose Queen 👑

They don't hate me.. but I feel what feels like hate.. 

Because I have made conscious a deep layer of subconscious and as an Empath, Ancient Blooded Healer and Sensitive Soul, my gift to the world, is learning how to hold space for such deep unconscious stuff surfacing.. 

For that is my Life Purpose. 

Transforming the Darkness to Light. 

Transforming Unconsciousness to Consciousness. 

It just takes deep practise, skill and mastery to know how to hold space for an individual and the world, to all be in this transitionary process of becoming conscious. 

And that.. is my Gift.. to hold the deepest space, that no one has ever been able to hold for you... so you can finally be heard and transition from your slumber to your conscious awakening of the truth of who you are. 

Love, Hannah 
the Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you KNOW you are the one that gets so confused... 

If you KNOW you are correct and your intuition said so and then time after time, people would consistently put you down that you just don't know anymore... 

If you know you have the Gift, but don't know how to articulate that to people.. and so you don't say anything and wonder why you're so depressed... 

If you know you are sensitive but people always shut you down... 

If you know you are here for big things.. but reality keeps showing you that hey nope! Not this time! And you get heart broken because nothing else fits anymore... not even your friends or family... 

Honey, I know, I have been there.. and it cuts deep into your Soul like no body understands such a deep pain and that you feel sooooo alone in the world you wonder what they point of any of it is.. quite frequently... 

And yet.. there is nothing wrong with you.. you have a Gift and the world is waiting for you to rise into the Healer that you are. Click here for all the details, Trust Your Intuition is open now: https://realityawareness.lpages.co/trustyourintuition