We are not the Dark OR the Light

We are not the Dark OR the Light
We are not Black OR White
We are ALL OF IT ALL THE TIME - in ALL REALITIES existing at once - the good the bad, the hate, the love - ALL of it exists at the same time.
If you think you are this label or that label - you are not integrating the entire picture of reality and therefore missing out on the key of LIFE.
Remember how months ago, I kept saying, it is only going to get worse before it gets better? I think we are ALMOST at that peak - but not quite just yet.. there is still more to come in my intuitive sense about it.
Humanity is almost reaching a tipping point... but we are not there yet.
In my January 2020 Prediction when the Star Being came through to me and got me out of my Float to download/channel a message that i then had to go home and livestream about - the Star Being said this would go on until 2022. Yes, that long. Now some have said longer - but this 'feeling'...
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I used to be boisterous and loud. I used to be a bitch. I used to be one of the boys. I used to think that was what I needed to be to achieve, but I realised that was the front for my tender heart that was trying to protect itself.

Now I don’t need protecting.

Now my masculine is not out of balance.

Now my immature masculine self doesn’t need to put on the big front of facade.

I can just be me. Without putting anyone else down.

Without judging those I have no idea with their life entails.

Without thinking I need to be doing it better or like them (competition - immature masculine).

I used to be okay with sarcastic humour. Not anymore. It’s abuse.

These things - I recently came across someone who I deeply admired, who taught me a lot. But through reactive outbursts, on my part AND their part, they are not in my life anymore. 

I recently read something and it hurt my heart. I felt it to my core. And in the...

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A Taste of the Triune God Healing & Integration Meditation


Healing The Divine Masculine - The Triune God Meditation

Put down your hard shell, put down your armour - and let us IN.

Here is the start - and to listen to the end, click here for The Triune God Healing & Integration Meditation found in The Divine Balance:

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Some of you have... and I am ALMOST ready to come out and speak about WHY! I know I have kept saying I am ready! And then another wave will hit me and then I think maybe I am not ready... but hey.. we are never truly ready are we??
That is why it is Friday, this:
Friday 10am Brisbane AEST
Friday 12 Midnight London GMT
Thursday 4pm Los Angeles PST
I am going LIVE on my Reality Awareness Page here: (like it and turn on notifications for my page, so you are notified when I go live)
That is why... it's better just to do it And set a date for it
To share my deepest, of deepest HEART with you...
The why I have been quiet... the why Relationships are the death of me and also the RISE of me... I will be sharing why I realise my relationship happened and everything around it that happened at the same time.
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