Let's say you are in a relationship, or you begin sleeping with someone and think that this is a relationship that you can continue. Then.. you feel it isn't right anymore. You break up. Then, you are drawn back together. You know it isn't right to be together, but you do it anyway, against your intuition. Next thing you know - you're pregnant. FUCK. Right?

I have been deeply called to speak to this VERY common topic, that no one seems to think of, address or dive deep into healing. 

Yet, unplanned pregnancies are a VERY frequent occurence. 

Whilst MANY choose to keep their child and love their child to bits of course - if the initial 'shock' of an unplanned pregnancy is not dealt with, faced and dived deep into the emotions that come from that - they can manifest in MANY ways as you grow with your child through the years. 

These 'symptoms' that are commonly linked back to THE UNPLANNED PREGNANCY WOUND manifest as: 

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RAINFOREST ALL ON SACRAL CHAKRA WEEK - THE GRIEF HAS HIT THE PLANET Empaths, Healers, Sensitive Souls - you're feeling a lot more than just YOU right now. #energyupdate
When a natural disaster hits close to home - it brings community together and usually a lot of grief surfaces OUT of people's Hearts - they heal, they open but it is usually a journey through grief that they enter/walk through first.
There is a STRONG reason I teach in the very first module in Trust Your Intuition about DEEPLY understanding this, because if you don't know these simple basic, very primitive ways that our human body functions - ESPECIALLY when trauma hits in your own life or you are seeing it in the world and are deeply impacted by what you see and experience from it - there is no way we know how to cope and handle life - let alone have a clear sense of our own energy and trusting of our own intuition.
This natural disaster (hmmm, how natural is it, but that is an...
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Cleaning Out Every Sexual Partner You’ve Ever Been With, this lifetime or previous 🧡


Sacral Womb Healing (for Male or Female) - Cleaning Out Every Sexual Partner You’ve Ever Been With, this lifetime or previous

I just shared this in Trust Your Intuition and whilst I was filming this, I received the message to share it here with you too - PLEASE know this is a POWERFUL process and not something to be taken lightly.

Please post in the group for support if you do this process (or just from watching this video itself starts this process!) and share anything you need to from watching this/doing the ritual

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 

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