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Let's say you are in a relationship, or you begin sleeping with someone and think that this is a relationship that you can continue. Then.. you feel it isn't right anymore. You break up. Then, you are drawn back together. You know it isn't right to be together, but you do it anyway, against your intuition. Next thing you know - you're pregnant. FUCK. Right?

I have been deeply called to speak to this VERY common topic, that no one seems to think of, address or dive deep into healing. 

Yet, unplanned pregnancies are a VERY frequent occurence. 

Whilst MANY choose to keep their child and love their child to bits of course - if the initial 'shock' of an unplanned pregnancy is not dealt with, faced and dived deep into the emotions that come from that - they can manifest in MANY ways as you grow with your child through the years. 

These 'symptoms' that are commonly linked back to THE UNPLANNED PREGNANCY WOUND manifest as: 

  • A lack of feeling supported
  • Financial issues
  • Feeling betrayed and like you have 'lost your life'
  • Always blaming others and not taking responsibility for your own life
  • Judging others who have it better than you and worse - putting them down for it
  • Jealously feelings are ripe and extreme
  • Feeling trapped, stuck, resentful which leads to being a very bitter and angry person, which can manifest as always nagging or expecting/controlling your environment to the extremes, including people, which in turn leads to fatigue and illness like cancer if not tended to (cancer is deep seated resentment)
  • Always waiting for someone to come and save you, even though you don't realise it, you will seem like you have it all together all the time, even though inside you're breaking down most of the time
  • Always asking for help in ways that seem like 'you should've grown up and taken responsibility for that already' (in a way)

Now, whilst yes, these issues can stem to other 'trauma's of course - yet, I am being guided to speak about these in particular, in relation to Unplanned Pregnancies. 

If you want to take this deeper - you can also take what I share here and apply this to 'any' situation in your life where you feel like 'all of a sudden you are doing this thing and how did you end up here' - the Unplanned Life Happening TO you right? Happening FOR you is such a spiritual bypassing cop out statement. Remove it from your vocabulary when you are trying to heal and for the love of God, don't say it to someone when they are in their pain.

I see this time and time again with women and I have also walked through this myself and dropped to this core, soooo many times and it is so imperative to speak to right now. 

One of the most POWERFUL things a woman can do - whether She is pregnant right now with this happening, or the child is growing/grown up - is to place your hands on your womb, with deep intention to connect with your child and say something along the lines of (either out aloud or in your mind): 

'Dear child, I love you, you know I do. Just when I found out you were in my God given womb, I became scared. I wasn't ready for you, and of course I want you now and love you with all of my heart. I know at times I have/had feelings of wondering how I am going to take care of you and feel frightened and even angry at how this even happened, but please know I am working through these feelings. These are my feelings, not yours and I love you with my Mother's Love Heart. I care about you and will do the best I can to care for you. I am just working through these feelings so that I can be the best Mother I can for you." 

Something along those lines. 

The reality is that we don't know, there is no proof of when a child understands human language and everybody knows that a child long understands us, long before they can speak, yet there is no definitive age of when that child can understand. 

Now - if you are into this 'spiritual/conscious' stuff in anyway shape or form, you will know that Spirit and Angels and Souls that have passed over - can still hear you. 

Your unborn child's Soul - can CLEARLY hear you. It is just that they are FEELING the depths of you too. This tiny little sponge, soaking it ALL up. 

Even if you are/were in a loving relationship and 'didn't plan on children' - at one moment or another at SOME POINT - there was a mini freak out of 'How am I going to do it? Be the best mother/father?' even if for a tiny second! 

It is sooo crucial you have this conversation with your child - even if they are fully grown up now (again, doesn't have to be physical conversation, speak through your Heart and your Womb in your mind and share these words) - it is like releasing a vow, a contract as words hold power, but feelings even more power. 

They are normal human feelings to have a mini freak out and this, you tell your child. You also let them know that you are working through it. This applies - no matter how old your child is - if you are having a bad day, tell your child that and that you are receiving help and suport and doing this self care practise about it - so you are role modelling to them - that this is human life and this is how we support ourselves with this human life. That it isn't about them and that you are sorting it out. Otherwise, our children carry ALL our stuff and we know what that feels like, because we are doing the work to clear our own parents/generational stuff right? 

Again, it doesn't matter what age your child is - whether they are a new born, toddler or grown adult - they feel your heart speak words and when you communicate (even silent heart speak words) that these are your own feelings and you are working on it, it can change the entire energetic dynamics of the relationship. 

The child doesn't step into roles to look after you or make sure you're alright, or carry all our wounds. 

Even the 'unspoken' words and feelings of the reality of never not being a parent again, or 'losing' your time and/or single life and freedom 'forever' - these are all carried feelings that are important for you to shift but to also speak to your child that these are yours, not theirs and that you are working through it. 


Let's say you are in a relationship, or you being sleeping with someone and think that this is a relationship that you can continue. Then.. you feel it isn't right anymore. You break up. Then, you are drawn back together. You know it isn't right to be together, but you do it anyway, against your intuition. Next thing you know - you're pregnant. FUCK. Right?

You may keep seeing them, you break it off, you go back together and now this? 

Sooo many feelings arise. 

  • Anger
  • Betrayal (usually at self - because you didn't listen AGAIN and now this?!) 
  • Super angry and disheartened - this wasn't in the plan! Nor did you ever want kids even?! 
  • Extreme Fatigue from all the years of trying to hold these emotions down.
  • Deep, deep sadness

So many emotions. 

Yet, what can happen is that we get over this, think it is meant to be and stay together for the sake of the children and/or the relationship HAS to work now, because, well we are having a child. 

Now - please, please, please know I am not saying that ANYONE'S path is wrong, nor am I judging anyone here. 

PLEASE stay open, to the fact that I am explaining the underlying energetics that are going on under the surface of your financial issues, of your feelings of fear of being alone, of feeling like you are stuck in life and so forth. THIS is what is sitting under the surface. 

If you have NOT sat with a counsellor, nor have you had sessions with someone who can hold this deep a space for you whilst you get all of these feelings out (like me for example!) then I HIGHLY recommend you do. They must be able to understand this level of deep grief to be held space for - that is a skill. Not many can do this with their clients.

It all comes back to TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION.
If you struggle to Trust Your Intuition - look at where you didn't... in these situations either... and you know that if you had just listened right? (Of course everything is in Divine order - however, this needs to be shifted out, not buried any longer)

🧡THE UNPLANNED PREGNANCY WOUND 🧡Is a big one and is usually a DEEP one. There are many threads that can play out from this Womb space about this particular issue and working with a practitioner that knows this to the core is highly recommended if you are TRULY ready to shift out these core feelings holding you back. 

Then, there are also the layers of generational patterns that play out, about how our Mothers lived, their Mothers prior and otherwise, to how we are in relationship, even down the ages we have children and partner choices we make. So many threads. 

The point of me sharing this crucial information today, is that if you are feeling stuck in any way shape of form and even if you are a male and 'felt trapped' by the woman who fell pregnant when that wasn't the plan - it is crucial to dive deep into these core woundings and emotions buried here. 

There is a HUGE collective Womb clear out going on right now. To stay grounded - clear out these deep buried feelings to free the energy up in your body, mind and soul - so your Heart can feel love again. 

Until these buried, somewhat painful emotions are felt, they will continue to drive your behaviours and current reality patterns. 

Of course - you love your children. We all do. This is obvious. And everyone is only doing the best they can. 

If you want to do even better - take courage and dive into the resentment, the blame, the feelings of betrayal and resentment - that is USUALLY the biggest part of not listening to your intuition to leave the relationship when you know you should've stayed away in the first place. (of course, there are other factors, yet this is a crucial huge core one). 

When you clear this out - you shift it out for your children, so they don't repeat the same patterns you do. 

Shift this out, to let more LOVE in, let alone a space to feel grounded and settled in your body, mind, soul and heart again. 

To feel... you again. 

To feel... that freedom again... that you always had and is still available to you now. 

If you'll only choose to take it. 

With what I have shared here - this isn't about 'having to leave your partner' - this is about diving in, grabbing those buried emotions out of the bottom of the pool and leaving the buried emotions behind/cleaning out the pool. 

No one likes to swim in a dirty pool. 

That's all this is about. 

If you can have a heart to heart with your partner with the intention to clear the space or a Spirit Heart to Heart with yourself/your child/partners of your past - you will free more than you could ever imagined. 

Not only will you have your energy back, (as those buried emotions are tiring to hold down!) but you will also.. have your life back. 

You are the only one holding your own self captive. 

It's time to set yourself free, don't you think? 🕊

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

P.S. If you are needing help with this core wounding and don't know how you even wound up where you are now, even though.. you 'love your life and children' now - of course, please know I know this. 

Yet, these undertone buried emotions can unblock the biggest of blocks and free your Soul, let alone your Children, to feel more loved energetically, emotionally and heart-fully from you. 

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