January feels like a recalibration month, people are looking forward to a new year after a tumultuous 2020, however, 2021, will depend on two things - your outlook and your actions and your outlook and your actions 😉

If you think it is going to be hard and you'll be stuck in places - you will be. If you feel you can get through without any issues, and it be free flow - you'll experience this, no matter what you are choosing to do with your life. 

This is the 'split' of the Earth, people were 'predicting' and saying the 'Earth was going to split in two' - no - the consciousness has. The bandwidth has become wider - is what i have been saying since April 2020. The Light is increasing, but so is the dark, however, so is the truth of what the dark is doing. 

Whatever you choose to focus on - will be amplified this year - whether it is positive or negative. 

Radical Responsibility could be a word - words - for 2021 and will bring a great 'kick back' to how you respond to 2021.

It isn't about not focusing on the negative emotions that arise - these are normal to arise when you are focusing on the positive. It is important to clear them out - there will be a fair few of these waves this year as the energy rapidly shifts into motion of a new era of fast paced energy that not many are prepared for after 800 years in Earth energy, we move into quick paced 'Air' energy, that is witty, fast moving, rapid 'left field changes' and you will 'survive and thrive 2021' if you can adapt to these changes, like the wind so to speak and trust which way you are being guided - tuning into your intuition of course. 

Whilst time may feel speeded up, fast rapid 'left field' changes - this is your discipline to master time more than you've ever done before. Time is what you make it and you can change it how you will - based on how you choose to change it, rather than it changing you and your life. 

2021 is a year of enhanced manifesting abilities. 

For many years, there has been a rapid ascension of energies. As the 'veils become thinner' and physical reality isn't as dense anymore, that means that what we think about comes about a lot faster than it used to. Again, this is why whatever you are focusing on 99% of the time, will be in your reality 99% of the time. 

If you want to experience something different - tune out to everything you are doing and thinking, hanging around and watching/listening to - and consciously choose to listen to positive affirmations for 30 days as 'all you listen to, watch and write' and watch how your life dramatically shifts fast. One tiny little recalibration to your daily routine, will see you shift course 10x faster than what you could've in your past. 

This rapid fast paced energy, will come at peak times during the year, namely March, April, July, September and December. These are crucial 'tipping' points if you may, that will see waves of new consciousness flood the planet. Expect new insights to be in your consciousness, new waves of inspiration, ideas, change of plans, rapid shifting and moving energy, which will see influxes of natural energies on the planet, create change. Meaning, weather patterns, shift, change and create changes on the Earth. 

March is the first of these big waves and I see a strong surge of energy through the tectonic plate through Indonesia, to Australia. It is like a huge 'wall' of energy is pushing up from under the Earth there. I know there is usually volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis as usual there along that tectonic, however, March will see a rapid surge creating plates of shifting that may see catastrophic physical changes. I see 'fire' - so whether this is the Volcanoes erupting in places that haven't been for a long, long time, the 'dormancy comes to life' and feels like an 'explosion' of 'enough!' and a clear out of restrictions imposed on Humanity across the globe. 

I feel there will be a backlash and a 'depressional' state start to sink in for Humanity. 

Throughout South America - I see a flood of water - like a huge waterfall from the north to the south. Whether this is a rains, floods and hurricanes, which is their wet season anyway, or is that 'waterfall/wave' a flood of consciousness sweeping that continent that 'sends them into darkness' that is like cloud of confusion/restriction/fear or a wave that is a 'pushback' to the restrictions placed upon them from outside sources (the rest of the world) I feel there is a pivotal shift of energy coming in from South America that will have ripple effects on the world. The Serpent of Light has been 'anchored' at the Andes Mountains of Chile and Peru. 

I feel this is 'pulsating' and 'switched on' more than ever throughout 2021, especially in October 2021, when a surge will pulsate through the ethers emanating from this point, and will be felt like a collapsing of all energetic 'thresholds' that we haven't felt before. 

If you have felt like the energetic structures and webs of your life have disintegrated, shifted and that life 'isn't the same' - October 2021 will see another layer of this, that will leave you re-thinking almost every belief system you hold about life, reality and all that is more than ever before. A lot of new beginnings for October for our globe. 

March through to June will see surges of energy coming from Galactic portals I am hearing, Orion, Sirius and the Pleiadian Belt especially and another one I can see, but I am unsure of the name. During this time, it may feel like things come to a standstill, and then move 'left field' fast paced in bursts. However, it is most important to remember, we are riding a cosmic wave right now - that the energy especially through March - June, will be the start of an energy portal we are entering as a Universe/Solar System, that will take us 'on a different voyage' until the end of 2025. Just like a wave in the ocean comes forth, then retreats back - this pulsation is the life force of creation, so if it feels like it has stopped or ended, no, it is about to flow back in again. 

Expect to feel tired and lethargic if you have not been cleaning your body, you may feel foggy and groggy. However, you can utilise these energies, if you are cleaning your body (detoxes), avoiding foods, drinks and other substances that you know are not good for your body and energies, rather than depressionalise (yes, I am creating words here) your body, mind and Soul. Remember - this is the 'two Earths' - the two realities - you literally have a choice which side of the fence you are walking on this year with your conscious choice of what you think, what you do, what you eat and what you are choosing, moment by moment.

You may feel confused or doubt decisions you've made in your past during this time especially. Don't. It is a recalibration time. "You're not lost, you're recalibrating." Remember - confusion makes you tune into what is really true for you, be okay in the space of not knowing, for in here, is all the possibilities of the Universe. It just depends, which one you're going to trust yourself on and choose for you and yours in your life. 

March or May, I heard, "Oprah Winfrey will pass away, along with her legacy." - Now, one could interpret that quite literally and I am unsure why I was given this information, it is a big call to make! And yet, I trust. So, whether that is literally or metaphorically, time will tell. More so May, over March. 

March will be a tumultuous time in the Presidential Elective state. An 'up roar' of energy similar to the end of October, as the election drew near, then a 'repeat' of energy from the election energy - which actually was intense, whilst everyone waited. A 'let down' of energy from the actual 'seeming results' that came about. Now, does this mean 'the truth will surface'? Or a change that no one saw coming? 

I am seeing military in full force, a 'lock down no one has ever seen before' and this, would explain the 'cloud of confusion' I was seeing from previous paragraphs. It comes left field and I feel that many new things arise out of China, or something to do with China comes to light, across the globe. Almost like a big focus there. Is that just energy? Or is that a conscious show of things? 

If you can imagine, this portal of energy (March) gushing in/over the planet from the star systems, I mentioned. People feeling it, 'waking up' even, and then standing up - the 'up roar' - back lash of the ones trying to 'hold onto control'. 

It is interesting, I see this year, a 'gentle' taste. This energy portal (March-June), will continue for the next 4 years, 'getting stronger each time' until 2025 when everyone says ENOUGH and the tables tip and Humanity rises. Yes, not until 2025. 

2029, will 'see the change we all know in our Heart'. That's a long time right? All the more reason to focus on you, your life, your goals, your creation of the reality you choose - for you are, the one leading us all to Unity Consciousness. It always begins with you. 

So those of you getting angry that Humans aren't doing anything and are 'going along with authority' it is so important right now, that you channel your anger, your creative Soul fire passion of truth, into supportive structures and mechanisms that are going to support the rise of Humanity in 2025, rather than throwing the anger and hate on the asleep ones, that only fuels their fear (the energy you spew at them, clouds them like a cloak) into the dark cloud of controlling elite that you are 'trying to save them from' in the first place. They don't need your anger energy, they need your love, compassion and deep understanding of their unconsciousness. 

It is here, that Humanity shifts. 

When a conscious Soul, can hold space for an unconscious Soul, with no need for anything in return - that sends more powerful conscious waves through to the asleep Humans than anything you 'do or say' - ever. Do you truly comprehend that concept? Or are you still asleep on that one? #saidwithlove

2023 will be more rapid energy than ever before - almost like the breaking point before the shift, the fold in time, the ripple in time if you may. It will be a breaking point, a tipping point of energy that can catastrophically tie people down in a solid way, that may see us 'grounded' and a taste of 2024 energy. It will be a let go into 2024, that will see a lot of Humans wake up - if you weren't ready before, now is the time to get ready! Ready for what? For the 'majority' of Humans to wake. Many aha moments, much grief, much rise of the Leaders with Hearts that many once called crazy and turned their backs on. The awakening ones, will be feeling remorse, shame and it is at this time the Lightworkers of the world will need to have their compassion hearts on because THAT is the energy we need then, more than ever before. 

The biggest piece you have to remember throughout 2021 and beyond - is that there is always a way. 

No matter what happens 'out there' solutions are available to those that ask the question and seek to 'make it happen no matter what'. 

You are either in fear of the structures of life, or you think outside the box, even when you don't know how, you figure out a way, choose for it to be so and create it. Remember - these are the options this year - choose your life, or it will be chosen for you - which, is a reality of life you create, no matter what year it is 😉

This will be a year of CHANGE, being the 5 number, however I feel waves of confusion sweep our planet through people as the 'powers to be' say one, thing, change 'left field' do another and then we are forced to change with that... or think and act outside the box with that. 

Remember - the bandwidth has and is still increasing. That means, for every 'block' there is a solution at hand - you just have to seek it. 

For those who choose - this will be a year of many positive changes, many experiences in life, they haven't felt before, some will be creating the best year of their life ever and others will be falling down in a heap - these people are awakening and it is up to us, to be the guiding light to support them, not judge them. This is why you are where you are, compared to where they are so to speak. 

This is a time to 'become the leader of your life'. If you have thought about making changes, but haven't - this is your year. 

If you have been putting off something for fear of retaliation from others - this is your year to do it anyway. 

If you have been waiting for the right time - now is the time. 

If you have had long term visions you've been working on - 2021, will see the grounding of a lot of these coming into physical manifestation. 

This is a 'make or break' year for many relationships and many new relationships will come together - but divine union synchronistic relationships. Whether that is you getting deeply in touch with yourself and doing the work from the hurt you have just endured or stepped away from in 2020 and clearing the slate this year - or if you have been single for over a year to longer, this will be the physical manifestation year of the divine union, that creates the way shower of complete balance on the planet, supporting the rise of 'out of the box' ways of living, that are just a reflection of our natural state - that is the inspiration, hope, joy and happiness that many will seek for the relief of the world they are facing in reality. 

Many technological advances will come to light this year - many still behind the scenes that are trying to be 'turned on' but are failing. Consciousness is the technology and the more Souls that awaken this year, counteract the translation of the communication devices that 'explode in their faces' (is that metaphorically?!) that sees a raging fire well up and 'stricter placing imposed'.

Basically they are getting angry their plans aren't working, Humanity is awakening and you "Can't stop Consciousness Awakening." - Reality Awareness

I feel if there was a word to describe 2021 for people it is 'restriction'. Are we going to see lockdowns like 2020? Yes. However, people are 'getting the hang of this now' and are finding their way with it. People don't like 'this is the new normal' - however, what happens in this, is that new ways are found, that the solutions wouldn't be apparent, had there not been a need for it in the first place.

Everything has a divine position, a divine synchronistic plan, a divine reason. 

These 'out of the box thinkers' are the leaders, rising into the positions that... is creating a new global economy in ways we haven't seen before. 

Come late July and definitely in August - our World will be introduced to a new system that is awaiting confirmation of a green light, to completely transform our manner of behaviours and doing things that we haven't experienced before.

Does this mean the do away of cash like everyone has been talking about? Does this mean the social credit system? Does this mean - a doorway entry to separation of Humans that changes the way we view each other? Does this mean they will TRY it? 

That doesn't necessarily mean it will work or be THE WAY. Remember - there is ALWAYS another way, you just need to find it. 

If this means this, the way to THRIVE through this, (surviving is a choice, so is thriving) - stay in your bubble, stay focused - we have until 2025 to get to the other side of this. Don't buy into the drama of it all. Tune out of the stuff and tune into your Purpose Work as this is what will support Humanities rise to Conscious Awakening. 


No matter how hard they try. 

Always remember this. 

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself, you've all heard that. 

And when you remember: 


The thing that saves us, is Consciousness itself. 

"When all of Humanity awakens, there is no greater force on the planet," - Reality Awareness

Therefore, all you need to do, is continue your expansion into Consciousness. There is nothing to fear - because there is no force, more powerful than your own Conscious Awareness. FULL STOP. 

I personally have been waiting for lockdown in Queensland Australia again - yet, it hasn't happened yet. Is that because it is going to this year? I feel a 6 month lockdown is on it's way from end February/March onwards and yet, is something more coming? 

Remember, world wars last 4-5 years. 

When I tune into the next ten years - I see 2024 as a blank line, a black line - nothing is there. 

I keep getting the message, 'If I couldn't go to the shop for a year, could I survive?' I have been getting organised for this. It sounds crazy, and yet, that 2024? 

When I received the intuitive message back in June 2020 about the shopping trolleys in the abandon supermarkets and heard 'get ready' which was for February 2021, - it is here, in February 2021, I am paying attention to this message and getting ready for a lock down that the world hasn't seen yet. Maybe it is nothing, but my intuition usually isn't incorrect.

It takes time to change the world. And if they are planning on what we all think they are - is that 2024, when/how long it takes to 'enforce' what they are trying to do? That is the year we can't go anywhere nor buy supplies/food etc without having you know what. 

Is that what it is going to come to? 

I feel that that is a tipping point. Where the next few years will continue this confusion, lockdowns, mass changes in the way we function on Earth as we know it and by late 2024-2025 Humans say ENOUGH and the world SHIFTS because ain't no one tolerating that level of chaos that is not in alignment with Heart Centred Kindness to one another. 

Until then, it will be a bit 'Waiting for what is going to happen.' It is important through the changes, that you continue to focus on you, your life and your purpose - for this is what is 'directing' the course of Humanity... and your life. 

Remember how back in April/May, I kept saying, 'The worst hasn't happened yet?' - this, is still current. And this 2024? Well, who knows where we will be at, in that point in time. 

It takes time for a Human to have their buttons pushed enough, to be stopped, told what to do then they wake up and reach their tolerance and say ENOUGH and make changes in their life. Sometimes that tolerance level is quite long due to upbringings, low self worth etc, so, we are in for a bit of a ride and time before everyone joins together, rather than works with the divide that is their plan (only need to look at the US for the divide there right now for what I am talking about). 

When you take away the political energy - all it is, is a bunch of Humans, so lost in their labels, they have forgotten we all have Hearts at our Core. 

And yet, you, with this awareness, take time to prepare, to choose the life you want, no matter what is going on around you and be the inspiration that shows others they can too. Just. Like. That. A simple choice that changes your entire day, your entire week, your entire month, your entire year, your entire next ten years!  Just. Like. That. 

I feel a deep rumbling under South Africa. Deep in the centre. However, there are no tectonic plate connections in the centre of Africa, so I am unsure what this rumbling is there. March and August will be 'peak' of this energy - that almost 'counteracts' the galactic waves coming through from the atmospheres with that. Interesting. 

Overall, there is a 'shaking' going on, on our Planet and I feel this is 'shaking' up natural energies, from storms, floods, fires, ice and heat. I even noticed my strawberries had another round of fruiting 4 months out of normal season, due to a cold snap we had 'out of the blue' last year. It is things like this - changing - nothing is normal anymore. 

The 'Air' times, bring unpredictability, compared to the stable 'Earth' energies that we have experienced for quite some time. 

We can take our power back, by remembering that when it is windy, we can close the window and resume our task at hand, in the comfort and environment we create around us. We are not influenced by outside energies, unless we give power to them to do so. 

You are creating your future - NOTHING is set in stone, we have the power to influence and create and nothing and no one can take that away from us. 


Here's to Humanity Awakening, You Rising and our Planet Evolving to support the Rising Consciousness of Humanity. 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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P.P.S. Whenever, any psychic, any visionary, any intuitive, receives a vision - the interpretation of that person deciphering the accuracy of that vision - depends on the psychic themselves, their skills in interpretation, their own relationship with their own intuition, their fear levels on the planet and so much more. Any visionary that gives a prediction - please, always, tune into your own intuition to see what messages you get along side it. Like anything that I always say, teach and preach - Trust Your Intuition over anything you see on the internet, books, what someone says. 


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