It's okay to walk away without explanation...

It's okay to walk away without explanation...

It’s okay to say that’s not in alignment and continue on in the direction that is in alignment without giving a reason why...

You don’t need to explain yourself to anyone - especially those you are leaving in your past. 

You don’t need to explain why or how or anything.

Because usually, they won't hear it anyway. 

It is probably at a point, where you have grown so much that anything you say doesn't register or they aren't even interested in understanding your why. 

"People only understand to the level of their perception." (and it takes a skilled heart centred Healer to help people see another reality without powerful love 😉)

Chrysocolla in The Liquid Crystals is awesome for this. Silence. When you know your whole truth, you come into a place where you don't even need to speak it to anyone. 

Your actions naturally become louder than words. 

You don't even try. 

It just is who you are. 

You will lose people along the way. 

Yet, constant checking in, reassessing of everyone who is in your life is vital if you are to maintain your direction in your Life Purpose calling. 

You've heard the saying, "People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime." 

You may think, sad but true. 

Yet, the truth is: 

"It's not what you're leaving behind, it's not what you're walking away from, but what you're walking towards. What you're aligning to." 

Always, your focus is vital in also keeping you on path. 

There comes a time, where you 'fight to be understood', then you are 'quiet' with what they don't understand, then you... realise you don't even need it around you anymore. 

And you leave. Quietly. Or by voicing. 

Either or - depends on your situation and your Heart's calling to do so. 

And every situation and person you are connecting with is different. 

There is no need for great explanations though. 

You just need to be okay that it’s just not in alignment anymore.

Authenticity is key, when change in relationships happen. 

It doesn't mean you block out any sad feelings that arise when people/you leave certain situations. True letting go - entails authentically feeling the sadness that happens from changes in relationships. 

And that, get's easier and easier as time goes on. 

When you grow fast, your life, also changes fast. 

It just depends if you are ready to let that IN fast. 

Are you?

The clearer you get, the clearer you get. 

In your energy, your mindset, your power, your focus. 

And the clearer you get, when you release all that is not in alignment anymore - you become freer, your energy becomes lighter and you become more acute in noticing when something is just a teeny tiny bit off. 

And you get better and faster at noticing it and doing something about it. 

As those tiny 1% off's - they add up and pull you right off path... 

The clearer you get, the more you let go of - the more space, the Universe has to bring you - what you are really wanting. 

Is there something that comes to mind, you need to clean up, let go of, release? 

What is your Heart calling you to do - that you haven't done yet? 

If you are feeling tired and lethargic - do that thing you've been putting off and I guarantee your energy will come back, alive, fast and you'll have more energy for other things - that your intuition is guiding you to do next. 

"It's not what you're walking away from - but what you're aligning to."

What are you aligning to? 

Love, Hannah 
The Life Purpose Queen 👑

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